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Christmas at the White House

December 23, 2010

Tree in the White House visitor's entrance

I’ve always heard how nice it is to go to the White House and go on a tour … especially at Christmas. Yet, I hadn’t been there since a school trip back in 1982. With the advent of the additional security measures over the years, I’ve also not given any serious thought to attempting to go on a tour for quite some time.

So, when Councilmember Graham’s office contacted me last week to see if I would be interested in going to see the holiday decorations, I jumped at the chance. I also owe Graham and his staff a huge thank you for thinking of me among the many Ward 1 residents they reached out to. I think it’s nice that councilmembers are able to organize tours such as this one for their constituents.

Since I know there are many people who probably won’t see the decorations for themselves this year, I’m sharing the photos I took here so that we can all enjoy the decorations together.

First dog, Bo, was also recreated in the visitor's entrance decorations

Decorations in the library

More photos after the jump (more…)

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