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DDOT Proves Incredibly Responsive With Sign Corrections

October 7, 2011

Newly installed wayfinding sign with corrected text

What a difference a week makes. Last Thursday I received an email alerting me that the wayfinding sign on the southeast corner of Rock Creek Church Road and Georgia Avenue had the word Soldiers’ misspelled on both sides as “Solider’s”. I immediately contacted DDOT and the Mayor’s Ward 1 Liaison, Office of Neighborhood Engagement, to determine who the correct person was to take this to. Turns out its DDOT … and I have to say, DDOT acted immediately.

As you can see from the photo above, in one week’s time the signs were examined, removed, and reinstalled with corrected text. The responsiveness of DDOT to this relatively minor issue was incredible, and from my perspective, such attention to feedback from the community definitely leads me to believe that DDOT is one of the better agencies the city has.

Well done DDOT!


Two Thumbs Up for DDOT’s Responsiveness

October 5, 2011

The wayfinding signs at Georgia and Rock Creek Church Road have been removed

I really have to give credit to DDOT on how responsive they’ve been on the erroneous wayfinding signs brought to their attention on Friday, 9/30.  By the next business day (10/3), the signs had been removed for correction.

I don’t yet know how long it will take to have corrected replacement, but I’m definitely impressed by DDOT’s response on this.

Area Wayfinding Signs Aren’t Always as Helpful as You’d Think

October 3, 2011

Wayfinding signs, like this one at Georgia Avenue and Rock Creek Church Road, can be found throughout the city

Here’s something to see how observant most of us are. Wayfinding signs, like the one to the right, can be found throughout the city. They are intended to be helpful, especially to those who find themselves looking for something outside of familiar territory. However, it was recently brought to my attention by a resident on Quebec Place (thank you Christine) that they can also be sources of embarrassment.

Many of these signs are riddled with typographical errors … some being quite obvious. Most of us probably don’t notice the errors because we look at the signs quickly in passing, but if you actually read the signs you can occasionally catch an error. Here are some recent examples.

The sign on Upshur at New Hampshire places the apostrophe before the "S"

The sign pictured above has two errors, one major and one common.  If you look closely at the word Soldiers’ you’ll notice that the apostrophe is before the “S” rather than after. I see this a lot when it comes to this word. Another example is on the sign at Upshur and New Hampshire Ave., NW (see above). The major error is with the word “Soldier”. For some reason it is spelled with the “I” before the “D” on both sides of the sign.

The sign on the east side of the wayfinding sign at Uphsur and 2nd has been removed

While I don’t know what circumstances exist that lead to such errors, it does appear that there is hope that we can get them corrected. I’ve contacted DDOT and they indicated that they will send someone out to look at the sign and make a recommendation on how to correct it. I’m not sure what the timeline will be, but I did find one sign of hope from the sign at Upshur and 2nd Street NW. Currently the sign facing the Soldiers’ Home’s Eagle Gate has been removed. This is presumably so that it can be replaced.

If you look at the photograph below of that sign prior to removal, you can see the typos that needed to be addressed — these being that the neighborhood was spelled as “Pentworth” and cemetery was spelled with an “A”.

All of this leads me to wonder if all signs in the area need to be examined. This past weekend I checked out the area from Quebec to Upshur. Next weekend I’ll need to check out the signs to the south. Does anyone know of any signs near them that need to be reported?

This sign, formerly at Upshur and 2nd Street, NW, included the gems Pentworth and Cemetary


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