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D.C. Water Ward 1 Town Hall Scheduled for April 5th

March 24, 2016

D.C. Water is gearing up for its 7th annual series of Ward Town Hall meetings. The meeting for Ward 1 is currently scheduled for Tuesday, April 5th. A location has yet to be announced. I will post an update once a location has been confirmed. In the meantime, I’m sharing the content of an email that was sent to ANC Commissioners:

DC Water releaseAs many of you are aware, since 2010, DC Water C.E.O. and General Manager George Hawkins has been co-hosting one Town Hall Meeting per Ward with District Councilmembers each year to discuss issues related to water and sewer with residents. The primary purpose for the Town Hall Meetings is to generate customer feedback regarding the proposed rate increase for water/sewer services for the upcoming fiscal year-this feedback is shared with our Board of Directors prior to our annual Public Rates Hearing, which takes place in early-mid May. Resident feedback is very important, as their comments are heavily considered by our Board while voting on the proposed rate increase in July. In fact, interested residents are encouraged to sign up and testify at the Hearing; our Board Secretary and her team attend each meeting with a sign-up sheet for this purpose. It is now time for the 7th Annual Town Halls to begin!

In addition to a presentation given by Mr. Hawkins covering the proposed rate increase, our Town Hall Meetings follow an open house format, whereupon DC Water staff representing each of our departments will be stationed at tables around the room and prepared to address customer inquiries on a wide array of topics, including the following:

  • Water quality and water conservation
  • Wastewater treatment process
  • New and ongoing construction projects, and coordination efforts with DDOT and fellow utilities
  • Routine water/sewer infrastructure repairs, both scheduled and emergency repairs
  • Status on pending work orders for reported water and sewer emergencies and/or reporting new emergencies
  • Community Outreach program
  • DC Clean Rivers Project updates
  • Catch basins
  • Water mains and fire hydrants
  • Overall DC Water personnel operations
  • Employment opportunities at DC Water
  • Customer Service (Billing)
  • Residents interested in testifying at the annual DC Water Public Rates Hearing

Please see below the list of scheduled meetings:

  • Tuesday, April 5 – Ward 1 Town Hall
  • Wednesday, April 6 – Ward 4 Town Hall
  • Thursday, April 7 – Ward 2 Town Hall
  • Thursday, April 14 – Ward 5 Town Hall
  • Tuesday, April 19 – Ward 6 Town Hall
  • Thursday, April 21 – Ward 3 Town Hall
  • Tuesday, April 26 – Ward 7 Town Hall
  • Wednesday, April 27 – Ward 8 Town Hall

Each meeting will be from 6:30pm – 8:30pm.

We ask that you please mark your respective calendars for the above meeting dates – please don’t miss the opportunity to speak with your water utility about the related concerns or issues you have in your community. We are working to confirm the various meeting locations, and once this has been done we will be providing follow up emails with this additional information, as well as coordinating with Council staff on the creation of meeting flyers that we can provide to you in both electronic and hard copy formats so that you may assist DC Water in spreading the word about the Town Hall Meetings by circulating the flyers throughout your neighborhood. We will also provide up-to-date information regarding the meetings on our website at, which will include electronic copies of each meeting flyer. Please continue to check that space as well.

In closing, we thank you for your interest in our 7th Annual Ward Town Hall Meetings, and please stay tuned for further updates.

Notes from Ward 1 Town Hall Meeting and Its Focus on DCRA

February 27, 2015

Orange Nadeau Town Hall(Councilmembers Orange and Nadeau conferring before the meeting began)

On Thursday, February 26, Councilmembers Brianne Nadeau and Vincent Orange hosted a Ward 1 town hall meeting for community members to ask questions related to their oversight role on the Committee on Business, Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. The agencies present at the town hall were Employment Services, the Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), the Public Service Commission, The Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA), and the Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD). There were roughly 60 people in attendance at the start of the meeting, including Councilmember staff and ANC commissioners.

After opening remarks, Councilmember Nadeau brought the meeting to order. Questions had to be submitted in writing, allowing like questions to be grouped together. No questions were submitted for Employment Services, the Public Service Committee, or the Department of Small and Local Business Development. Residents were primarily interested in DCRA and ABRA.

The questions for DCRA were first — and none of them were positive. Repeatedly residents and ANC Commissioners spoke about DCRA’s unresponsiveness and failure to address issues. ANC 1A06 Commissioner Patrick Flynn stated that he had never had a positive experience with DCRA, whether dealing with them as a resident, small business owner, or Commissioner. He continued by sharing an experience with a problem property in his community which had squatters living in it and frequent calls for service — a situation that in the end resulted in MPD taking charge after the property was set on fire. ANC 1C05 Commissioner Alan Gambrell asked for clarification on how building permits were issued for additions larger than allowed based on square footage requirements, and more importantly for justification on how the square footage was measured and formerly measured areas became areas not measured when calculating additions.

In every instance, DCRA’s response to the community was wanting. Whether responding to the resident who’s house was damaged by the development next door, or the gentlemen wanting to know what protections and assistance exist for residents when their building contractors don’t deliver on the project they’ve been hired to do, DCRA was unable to satisfactorily respond to a single question without redirecting to a phone number or asking the person to stay after the meeting for a personal conversation.

After questions were finished for DCRA, easily half of those in attendance left the meeting. Much less time was devoted to ABRA, and the questions that were asked were more of the type of residents seeking to know more about a process. Unlike the experience with DCRA, ABRA Director Fred Moosally answered questions well and was clearly knowledgeable of his agency and its operations. One of the more interesting questions that was asked of ABRA was why citizens returning to the community after serving a sentence were banned  from applying for a liquor license for 10 years. The concern was that 10 years was excessive, which Director Moosally stated could be revisited to see if the duration was still deemed appropriate to the original concern. Another interesting question was asked by Denis James of the Kalorama Citizens’ Association. James questioned the appropriateness of MPD officers serving on Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), and how that association may bias the ABRA Board  during a hearing.

Overall, the general impression from the meeting is that DCRA has lost the community’s confidence. I also doubt that there will be any concrete improvements that come out of the meeting … but then again, only time will tell.

Town Hall Meeting on Thursday Focusing on DCRA and ABRA

February 23, 2015

Do you have any questions you’d like to ask directly to the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) and the DC Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA)? If so, then Thursday, February 26th is a good opportunity. Councilmembers Nadeau and Orange are hosting a town hall meeting to do just that at the Reeves Municipal Center.

Details from their official announcment below:

Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau invites you to a Town Hall meeting with Councilmember Vincent Orange, Chair of the Council’s Business Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Committee (BCRA), to discuss issues before the committee.

What: Ward 1 Town Hall on Business and Consumer Regulatory Affairs with Councilmember Vincent Orange and Councilmember Brianne Nadeau
When: February 26, 2014 from 6:30pm-8:00pm
Where: Frank D. Reeves Municipal Center (2000 14th Street NW)

Attendees will be invited to submit questions for representatives on hand from both the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and DC Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration. They will cover issues such as permits, inspections, alcohol licensing, noise abatement, landlord violations and construction.

In addition, the town hall meeting will focus on other matters that are before the committee such as wage theft, employment, and the Certified Business Enterprise program.

DCRA Town Hall

Notes from Vincent Gray’s Ward 1 Town Hall Meeting

October 20, 2010

Crowd at Gray's Ward 1 town hall meeting

Last night’s Ward 1 town hall meeting with Vince Gray was packed, to say the least. Not only was the auditorium of the Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School (1100 Harvard St., NW) packed, but there was an overflow space on the second floor and people in the lobby that didn’t even attempt to get in.

After a generous introduction by Councilmember Jim Graham, Gray kicked off his meeting by focusing on education, jobs, and the homeless before he opened the floor to questions.

Regarding the Districts schools, Gray stated emphatically that he believes in continuing education reform. Among his goals is to bring greater parity to education so that the quality of education a child receives is essentially the same whether they attend a public school or charter school. He also strongly advocated for the return of more vocational education within the public school system. He believes that for students that don’t want to go to college, or who intend to wait a year or two before attending college, vocational training is essential to having lower unemployment and a better skilled workforce.

Among the early questions asked once the floor was opened up was what Gray intended to do regarding the Bruce-Monroe school.  This was from the core group of Bruce-Monroe advocates that have continued to keep this issue in the forefront. Gray’s responded that he is aware of the issue and that at present there is $21 Million assigned to the Park View school. He also believes that the area doesn’t need two schools. Going forward, he stated that he will continue to work with Councilmember Graham to determine the best solution to the Bruce-Monroe issue and will then work to get that accomplished.

When asked about the city’s summer jobs program, Gray responded off the bat that first and foremost those in the program should be given real work. He also said that the experience should be like any other work environment where the youth learn how to do a job and work with others.

It was interesting to note that Gray supported the continuation of the streetcar and convention hotel projects when it was suggested that they might be areas to cut to help the District balance its budget. Gray made it clear that these projects were investments in the city’s economic future and part of the capital budget, thereby not freeing up any real money in the short-term. The streetcar, for example, has a $1.5 billion capital budget over 20 years.

Overall, the impression that Gray made was one of supporting education, District statehood, and fiscal responsibility in the District government. There weren’t any real surprises in how he answered participant’s questions or where he stands on issues. The only thing left is to observe how he does in January.


Vincent Gray’s Ward 1 Town Hall Meeting is Tonight

October 19, 2010

For those who want to know more about Vince Gray and where he stands on issues important to Ward 1, you may want to attend his town hall meeting tonight (10/19/10). It is scheduled for 6:30 pm at the Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School, 1100 Harvard St. NW, Washington DC. This is one of eight town hall meetings Gray is having throughout the Wards.

Gray’s Web site gives the following description of the event.

With so many important issues facing our city, it’s critical that we come together to share our ideas. Throughout October, Democratic Mayoral Candidate Vince Gray is hosting meetings in each ward of the District of Columbia to engage citizens in a discussion about the issues that matter most to them. Please bring your ideas, your questions, and your enthusiasm for improving your community and our city. For more information, call 202-682-4729.


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