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Then and Now: The Park View Playground Field House

February 12, 2016

On Wednesday it was brought to my attention that the Department of General Services had posted a nice overview of the neighborhood on their Website as part of Black History Month.  The lead in to their overview began as follows:

In celebration of Black History Month, we are spotlighting recent Department of General Services (DGS) construction projects that are named after significant Black History People & Places in the District of Columbia, our nation. The first project that we will highlight is the Park View Field House in Ward 1.

You can visit the entire profile here, which also highlights from my Historic Park View: A Walking Tour guide. As the reason for the post is to highlight the Park View Playground field house, which was fully renovated in 2015, I’m including before and after photos below for those who may not recall what the field house looked like before renovations.

Park View Rec Center Fieldhouse(The Park View Playground field house in 2009.)

Park View Field House(The field house upon DGS’s completed renovation.)

Eye See It … Bruce Monroe

October 6, 2010

Envisioning how buildings used to look can be fun. Now thanks to Google, we can see satellite views of recent redevelopment. See below for before (2009) & after (9/2010) overhead shots of the Bruce Monroe site.


September 2010:

Reminder: Solicitation of Proposals for the Redevelopment of the Former Bruce Monroe School Site  – DUE 10/14 @ 3pm EDT.


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