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Be on the Alert for Two Mischievous & Destructive Neighborhood Youth

October 27, 2014
Stolen, and recovered, holiday decorations.

Stolen, and recovered, holiday decorations.

Yesterday, as I was walking home from Georgia Avenue up Princeton Place, I saw two young African American boys, around the age of 7 or 8, riding bikes south on Warder making a commotion and carrying Halloween tombstone decorations. Upon looking closely, I realized that the tombstones they were carrying were, in fact, from my yard. I followed them onto the Park View Rec Center grounds, confronted them, and recovered the decorations. Initially, they denied stealing them, but finally fessed up when I wouldn’t let it go. They also indicated that other decorations had been stolen and blamed an older youth for that. I had them show me where the youth lived, and along the way I was shown another tombstone that they had destroyed. I also called the police to report the theft. All in all, five tombstones were stolen. One was destroyed, three were recovered, and one is completely gone.

In talking to another neighbor on Princeton Place I was informed that these two boys are trouble and have been riding their bikes around the area recently. The neighbor on Princeton relayed a story on how the boys have been digging around in a construction dumpster on the street and leaving their bikes in the street. He confronted them, made them get out of the dumpster for their safety, and watched them ride away. Later, the boys came back, went onto his property and pulled construction debris off of his yard and dumped it on the sidewalk to get even.

While these may seem like simple issues, in both cases the boys came up into the front yard of the property as far as the house and maliciously destroyed or removed property.

As a word to the wise, be on the look out for these two youth and be mindful of anything you may have in your front yard that is unsecured. Also, don’t hesitate to call the police if you see them destroying private property.

Theft at Rock Creek Cemetery‏

March 17, 2011

This is disturbing news that was shared on various listservs tonight:

Dear Neighbors,

It is a great sadness to share with you that our cemetery has been targeted for theft of bronze. At the end of last week an 11 ft bronze work of art and other pieces were removed. This took quite an effort since the installation required a crane and at least six men to get it in place. You can imagine how the family of the deceased feels.

We believe that we offer the community a beautiful, quiet spot for walking, running and playing with children. However, we need you to help us. The security mantra of “if you see something say something is a good one.” If you are enjoying our space and see persons defacing the property or acting in a suspicious way please notify our office (202) 726-2080.

The Police Department are doing their part. Please help us so we can continue to allow public use of this space.

(Rev.) Rosemari Sullivan

Detail of a bronze from the Heurich family resting place in Rock Creek Cemetery. This bronze was not stolen, but it does give a sense of the highly artistic nature of the monuments on the grounds

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