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Be Alert: Theft From Autos Still a Huge Problem

August 27, 2012

Location of cars broken into on Saturday afternoon

Theft from autos is still a very real problem in the neighborhood. Due to this, I wanted to remind residents to be vigilant about not leaving things in their cars and — just as importantly — alerting out to town visitors to do the same.

Late Saturday afternoon, August 25th, in broad daylight three cars with out of District plates were broken into and contents removed within an hour of each other. They  were on the 600 block of Rock Creek Church Road, the 3670 block of Park Place, and the 3620 block of Warder Street. In two of those instances, back packs had been locked in the car and were visible. The above map shows the approximate location of these incidents — and others may have occurred as well.

According to the DC Crime Map, during the period between July 20-August 19, 2012, there were 19 thefts from automobiles within 1,500 feet of 600 Morton Street compared to 9 during the same period in 2011. This is an increase of 111%.

There are things residents can do to minimize the risk of becoming a statistic. Below is a list from MPD that I posted at the beginning of this year, but the most important thing one can do is to not leave valuables unattended and visible in your car.


Area Thefts from Autos Spike as Year Ends

December 30, 2011

While area homicides and assaults with deadly weapons were lower in the neighborhood in 2011 than they were in 2010,  that does not mean that Park View was without crime this year. Though violent crimes tended to be down, property crimes rose, particularly where thefts from autos were concerned.

In August 2011 there was a noticeable increase in area thefts from autos that continues to be excessive. November spiked with a total of 61 thefts compared to 16 during the same period in 2010. While the number decreased in December to 27, that is still up 142% over thefts from autos in December 2010.

The graph below provides a comparison between the theft from auto events from last year and this, as well as what each year’s trends were.(Comparison by month between 2010 and 2011 thefts from autos)

As you can see from the graph, whereas thefts decreased between January and December in 2010, they have generally trended higher since February 2011.

The map below, showing the distribution of thefts from autos in November 2011 north of Kenyon, gives an idea of where such crimes are occurring.


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