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New Tavern, Smitty’s, Now Open in Park View

May 1, 2019

Yesterday, Smitty’s soft opened in Park View at 3549 Georgia Avenue. I was able to pop in and welcome them to the neighborhood.

Smitty’s is small but inviting. Inside there is seating for 20, and eventually there are plans for a rear summer garden. Based on my conversation, they plan to be closed on Monday’s.

A new Tavern is in the Works for 3549 Georgia Avenue

August 8, 2018

(3549 Georgia Avenue is located on the east side of Georgia between Newton and Otis)

According to a notice I’ve received from ABRA, placards will go up on August 10th for a new tavern to be located Georgia Avenue. Below are the relevant details from the notice.

Notice is hereby given that this licensee has applied for a new license under the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Act and that the objectors are entitled to be heard before the granting of such on the Roll Call Hearing date on October 9, 2018 at 10 a.m., 4th Floor, 2000 14th Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20009.  Petition and/or request to appear before the Board must be filed on or before the Petition Date. The Protest Hearing date is scheduled on December 5, 2018 at 1:30 p.m.


A tavern that is requesting a Summer Garden with seating for 13 patrons.  Interior seating for 20, with a Total Occupancy Load of 24.


Sunday through Thursday 7am – 2am, Friday and Saturday 7am – 3am


Sunday through Thursday 10am – 2am, Friday and Saturday 10am – 3am

The Good Silver Opens Tonight!

May 9, 2017

(The Good Silver, located at 3410 11th Street, NW)

I’m happy to report that Columbia Height’s newest 11th Street destination — The Good Silver — is opening tonight at 5 pm. I got a chance to check them out last week and liked what I saw. For those that haven’t been following this transformation, The Good Silver is the next chapter in the story from the group that brought us Kangaroo Boxing Club (aka KBC). Check out the new menu here.

For full details, below is their press announcement:

The Good Silver, from Ivy and Coney Team, Opening Tuesday, May 9th

The team behind Ivy and Coney (Josh Saltzman, Chris Powers, and Adam Fry) and new partner, Carrie Dzwil, are excited to announce The Good Silver, at 3410 11th St. NW in Columbia Heights, will open Tuesday, May 9th at 5pm.

Remember when you were a kid, and mom would break out the “good” plates? It pays homage to a time when the everyday was elevated, simply by caring a little bit more. Don’t expect the finest forks or vintage China, but instead, a focus on quality food and drink in a casual atmosphere.

On the drinks side, Dzwil has incorporated some of her favorite seasonal flavors into a variety of shrub-based cocktails which bring out the best of local produce for some refreshing, tart and not too sweet offerings. A spring highlight is her Lemongrass Ice Pick, which combines lemongrass-infused Civic Vodka from local distillery Republic Restoratives, honey-ginger syrup, iced tea and fresh sage. It has kept everyone sane and hydrated after (or during) long, hot days of construction. The drink menu also includes a sparkling shrub punch for four, and a concise but excellent liquor and craft beer list that includes local distilleries and breweries.

Rounding out the team is Remi Gottheil, a graduate of Dartmouth, who ran off to join the circus (seriously, he taught trapeze classes) and worked under chef Danny Boylen. Gottheil has created a highly seasonal menu combining the best currently available produce (from farms such as Pleitez Farms and 76 Acres) with pickles, preserves and locally sourced proteins. Guests can choose from a selection of “handhelds,” starters and charcuterie. Highlights include the organic buttermilk-brined fried chicken sandwiches and a half smoke burger with pickled radish and sweet, tangy tomato jam. (more…)

Reliable Tavern Opens Tonight in Park View

May 5, 2017

Making new friends at Reliable Tavern.

After much anticipation, Reliable Tavern officially opens tonight. Reliable Tavern is the result of a collaboration between longtime barmen Joe Englert and Kyle Remissong as well as Langdon Hample, a local commercial real estate broker/investor — and is located just south of the Georgia Avenue Metro station at 3655 Georgia Avenue, NW. Longtime residents may recall that this is not Englert’s first enterprise in Park View,  having been involved in the old Temperance Hall (today’s Looking Glass Lounge).

Last night, I had the pleasure of checking out their months of hard work, which turned the former Capitol Locksmith into another great addition to Park View’s growing tavern community. The space features 15-foot ceilings on the first level and a well appointed basement level that includes two pools tables and a unique bar backdrop that showcases vintage 1920’s central boiler and steam pipes.

In exploring the spaces last night, I found the entire tavern to be attractive and inviting. Personally, I really like the addition to pool to the community. I also appreciated the incorporation of the old hardware cabinets into the first floor’s bar area.

As for food, it will be provided during operating hours from Chris Svetlik’s Republic Kolache. According to Reliable Tavern’s press release, “The ‘National Pastry of Texas’ will be served alongside a selection of Tex-Mex inspired bar snacks. In future months, Republic Kolache will expand its offerings to include a brunch on the weekends.”

Below are a few photos from last night:

(Above: Photos of Reliable Tavern’s main floor.)

(Below: Photos of the basement level’s bar back and one of the pool tables.)

Progress at Union Drinkery

September 15, 2015

At the end of December I posted details and plans about Union Drinkery, a new tavern that was in the works for 3214-3216 Georgia Avenue. Earlier this summer there were a number of questions about if this establishment was still planning to come to the neighborhood. As I understand it, the snag was with getting permits from DCRA. This hurdle has been cleared and anyone walking past the place will clearly see that work has commenced (see photos below).

Union Drinkery is planned to have capacity for 86 patrons inside on the first and second levels and a rear summer garden with capacity for 63 patrons. A separate but complimentary fast casual type of business will be located next door.



New Tavern Coming to Park View

April 24, 2015

According to a liquor license application filed with ABRA in February, a new tavern is in the works called Reliable Tavern & Hardware, which will be occupying the former hardware store space at 3655 Georgia Avenue in the future. The application also describes the nature of the business as one that will service food and drinks with various activities including comedy, trivia, and televised sports.

It is too early to know many more details about the business, but updates will follow as they become available.

3655 Georgia(A new tavern is in the works at 3655 Georgia Avenue, located between Rock Creek Church Road and Quebec Place, NW. The store was most recently a hardware store.)

More Details About Union Drinkery, Coming to 3216 Georgia Avenue

December 31, 2014
Three new businesses are coming to 3212-3216 Georgia Avenue

Three new businesses are coming to 3212-3216 Georgia Avenue

Last week I posted that a new tavern was in the works for 3216 Georgia Avenue and that the ABRA license placard had been posted. The name of the business is Union Drinkery and is planned to have capacity for 86 patrons inside and a rear summer garden with capacity for 63 patrons. I now have a few more details about the property that I’m able to share.

The building in question is three storefronts at 3212-3216 Georgia Avenue. Union Drinkery will be located on the first floor of the northernmost building (3216) and on the second floor of 3214 and 3216 Georgia Avenue. The first floor of the other two storefronts will contain fast casual eating establishments, but will not serve alcohol — explaining why they are not part of the ABRA application. The photo below outlines where Union Drinkery will be located.

Union Drinkery outline(Union Drinkery will be located on both levels of 3216 Georgia and the second floor of 3214 Georgia — outlined above)

Below are floor plans that will also give an idea of what to expect.

Union Drinkery first floor(First floor plan showing location of Union Drinkery (outlined in red) and areas where fast casual dining will be located (outlined in green))

Union Drinkery second floor(Second floor plan showing area to be part of Union Drinkery, outlined in red).

I’ll continue to post more details as I learn more about Union Drinkery, and the two other businesses.

Park View’s Blue Banana to Become York Patio

September 30, 2013
York Patio is already seeking staff for their relaunching.

York Patio is already seeking staff for their relaunching.

Changes are afoot at the former Blue Banana at 3632 Georgia Avenue. Perhaps the change of most interest is the name, which has finally been chosen. The new establishment will be called the York Patio (not the Petworth patio) — paying homage to former Park View businesses that have been located along the 3600 block of Georgia. Most notably, these include the York Theater, the York Haberdasher, York Barber shop, and York Auto Supply.

Renovations have already begun, and I’ll post more about those once they get further along. But, things are clearly moving quickly. As anyone who has walked past the business lately will have noticed, signs are already posted for those wanting to apply for the positions of bar manager, bartenders, and servers.

I’m looking forward to seeing the final reveal and hopeful that this time the business will be embraced by the community.

Additional Lunch Options In the Works for Georgia Avenue

August 28, 2013
The west side of the 3600 block of Georgia Avenue.

The west side of the 3600 block of Georgia Avenue.

Here’s some promising news for Georgia Avenue — Looking Glass Lounge is hoping to expand their hours to include lunch service. While there is no definite date for when this could happen, they hope it will be soon. The only hurdle I’m aware of is their hours of operation and alcohol service that are in their Settlement Agreement. To that end, I’ve already drafted an amendment to that agreement that would increase their hours to include lunch and allow them to operate during the same hours as DC Reynolds.

I’ll introduce the amendment during the September 11 ANC 1A meeting. Presuming all goes well, Looking Glass Lounge will be free to pursue their plans when the timing is right.

What’s Next for the Former Blue Banana

August 20, 2013
The former Blue Banana space at 3632 Georgia Ave., NW.

The former Blue Banana space at 3632 Georgia Ave., NW.

For the past few days, I’ve been having neighbor’s ask me if I was aware of the scuttlebutt that the Blue Banana was going to reopen as the Petworth Patio.  The short answer is yes. The longer answer is this:

I was first alerted on August 8th that a rumor was circulating in the area that a new “K Street Lounge”-type of establishment under the name Petworth Patio might be opening at 3632 Georgia Avenue. As nothing was definite — I chose not to post anything until I’d had a chance to meet with the new business operators and separate fact from fiction. I’m happy to report that I have met with the interested parties and have some actual facts.

Let’s start with the name. While Petworth Patio was an early contender for a relaunch, I can genuinely report that the operators are open to suggestions and have not settled on a name at this time. In fact, if you have an idea for a name post it below. I have to admit coming up with a good business name is hard.

Within the building, they are planning a significant remodel — something more low key and comfortable. Based on the (draft) plans I’ve seen, it appears that they may be increasing their seating. They also hope to increase their patio space (hence the initial thought of including Patio in a new name).

We also spent a good deal of time discussing food and the new team realizes that Blue Banana’s lack of food was a key flaw in the business plan. They are currently investigating multiple options to provide food in the new business — options that include possibly adding a kitchen to the space or providing a dedicated parking pad in the rear of the property for food truck service. There is also the possibility that the front of the building might get a facelift. I’m hopeful this will happen as the building has often struck me as being plain.

While there are still many details that are far from final, I can confirm that the people behind this space are the same folks behind Georgetown’s George and Glover Park’s Mason Inn.

I’ll post updates as details become available.

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