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Time to Report Potholes, Getting Ready for Potholepalooza

March 18, 2019

Pothole on Warder Street in front of the school.

If the streets in Park View are any indicator, it looks like the extreme swings in temperature this winter have resulted in a bumper crop of potholes for the 2019 season. New Hampshire Avenue has a good number and the section of Warder Street in front of the school and recreation center are particularly bad.

This weekend, I took some time to walk the streets, photograph potholes, and report them to the DC 311 system. As potholepalooza hasn’t kicked off yet, this seems like the perfect time to get these requests in so that our streets will be in good repair until next winter.

Many may think of potholes as a nuisance to drivers, but more than that, they can slow down bus service and significantly impact bicycle and pedestrian safety. Potholes in crosswalks, for example, become trip hazards. As noted above, we have some severe potholes in front of the Park View School building and these  need to be a priority on the repair list.

Commissioner Boese out documenting potholes to report to 311 for service.

The map below shows the areas where I found potholes thus far. I haven’t been able to walk every street yet, so if you see one on your street please add it to the 311 system.

Several Area Streets to be Repaved in 2018

July 26, 2018

While we are over halfway through 2018 and haven’t seen any significant street improvements in the neighborhood, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have several that are still planned for calendar 2018. These include Quebec Place from Park Place to Georgia, Newton Place from Park Place to Warder, and Columbia Road from Warder to Georgia AND from 13th Street to 16th Street. You can see these areas on the map below as well as review the status of all current DDOT alley and street paving projects at the DDOT Paving Plan Web site.

I’m particularly please by the inclusion of Columbia Road in the 2018 plan, as ANC1A supported other community efforts by unanimously passing a resolution asking for Columbia Road to be repaved in September 2017. The resolution was introduced by Commissioner Boese and co-sponsored by Commissioners Wade, Brown, and Rybarczyk.

All of the streets in the 2018 plan are still expected to be completed this calendar year. However, weather like the rain we’ve been having recently and any unexpected delays on other streets can put DDOT’s teams behind schedule. A good indicator for those living on the streets listed above about pending work will be the advanced posting of No Parking signs for the construction, which will give neighbors a heads up that the construction will begin soon.

(Streets shown in red are scheduled to be repaved in 2018, though work has not yet begun)

DC Water Repairs Kenyon

November 13, 2017

On November 6th I reported that DC Water had permits to repair the temporary patch in the area of 513 Kenyon by December 2, 2017. In reaching out to DC Water for a follow up, I learned that they were scheduling the work to commence around November 9th. I’m happy to share that the were was completed last week before the Veterans Day holiday.

North Capitol Street Resurfacing Begins, Work Duration Expected to be Four Weeks

May 17, 2017

For anyone who uses North Capitol Street, here is a heads up that was released yesterday stating that work to resurface North Capitol has begun and is expected to take 4 weeks. The impacted area is from Florida Avenue (south) to New Hampshire Avenue (north). North Capitol is a convenient way to or leave the neighborhood to many points south, so this is sure to impact area drivers during this period.

Text of the DDOT news release can be found here or below:

(Washington, DC) – The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) will begin roadway resurfacing on North Capitol Street today, May 16, weather permitting.

The work, to be conducted from New Hampshire Avenue NW to Florida Avenue NW, is expected to take 4 weeks to complete.

Work will generally be conducted from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday; and 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Saturday; however, certain sections will be worked on from 9:00 pm to 5:00am, Monday through Friday.

During construction, at least one lane will be open in each direction. Curbside parking will not be available on some sections of North Capitol Street during work times. Parking restriction signs will be posted 72 hours in advance at locations where parking will not be allowed. Each sign will list the duration of the restriction and the engineer-in-charge’s contact information.

Variable message signs will be in place to guide motorists. DDOT encourages all motorists traveling through the work zone to stay alert.

More Neighborhood Alleys To Be Repaired in AlleyPalooza 3

April 28, 2016

In this year’s AlleyPalooza 3, at least two more alley’s in the neighborhood have been identified for renovation.  AlleyPalooza 3’s goal is to provide construction, improvement and repairs to 8 alleys in each of the 8 wards in 12 weeks for a total of 64 alleys. The cost to do this is approximately $10.5 million. The alley repair campaign is Mayor Bowser’s summer program to reconstruct and repair alleys in all eight wards across the city.

I know that there are a lot of factors that go into selecting the alleys for inclusion each year, but want to give a shout out to Commissioner Rashida Brown, the Luray-Warder Neighborhood Association’s Audra Grant, and Ward 1 MOCR Gabriel Rojo (and I’m sure there are others) for taking the time to walk alleys in the southern part of the neighborhood, identify alleys, and advocate on behalf of their repair.

The slides below are from the slide deck listing the alleys to be repaired in Ward 1.

alleyPalooza map 2016

AlleyPalooza chart 2016

alleyPalooza photos 2016



Mayor Bowser’s AlleyPalooza Nets Fast Results on Manor Place

July 10, 2015

On July 8, 2015, Mayor Bowser announced the launch of  “the first-ever AlleyPalooza to improve 64 alleys across the city in just two months.” In Ward 1, most of the alleys that will be repaired are in Columbia Heights, though there is one in Mt. Pleasant and appears to be one on T Street on the Ward 1/2 border. There was also one on Manor Place in Park View.

AlleyPalooza map(Map showing location of Ward 1 alleys to be repaired.)

In checking out the Manor Place alley, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the work was well underway on July 8th and appeared to be finished on July 9th (Photos below.)

According to the full press release:

Alleys represent a vital, but often unseen, part of our city’s infrastructure. The District has more than 350 miles of alleys. These backyard lanes are important for transit, parking and services like trash pickup – and increasingly, they also serve as places for families to hang out, neighbors to catch up with neighbors, and kids to ride their bikes.

We’ve heard from the community that we can do a better job of updating our alleys. With input from residents through 311, my team has identified 64 alleys – eight alleys in all eight wards – that will be repaired or renovated by mid-September. You can stay up to speed on our progress by checking out the following map. Bear with us during the construction process – we promise the end result will be worth it.

AlleyPalooza comes on the heels of our successful PotholePalooza – the District’s annual effort to fill in those pesky potholes that plague our streets every spring. This year, the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) used new technologies and strategies to effectively identify and repair potholes across all eight wards. I’m pleased to report that DDOT has already filled nearly 32,000 potholes across the District, and they’ve hired more crews to get the job done.

We want our streets and alleys to reflect the quality and strength of our neighborhoods. With AlleyPalooza and PotholePalooza, we are two steps closer to making that a reality.

Photos of Manor Place alley:

Manor Place alley




The District Needs a Long Term Solution for Clean & Safe Bike Lanes

July 6, 2015
Beginning to clean up the gravel in the Warder Street bike lane.

Beginning to clean up the gravel in the Warder Street bike lane.

On June 1st I was alerted to loose gravel in the bike lane at the south end of Warder Street, NW. I presumed this would be an easy issue to resolve and reported it to 311. As it turns out, this was not an easy issue to resolve. After reporting the issue to 311 and then escalating the issue with the Mayor’s Ward 1 representatives in the Office of Community Relations and Services (MOCRS), a month later the loose gravel was still there.

As I’ve dug into this problem, it is my understanding that keeping bike lanes clean of minor but often dangerous debris is a citywide issue. Not being one to let a problem with a simple solution linger, I took it upon myself to clean up the gravel myself. While Warder Street is now clean, there are other bike lanes elsewhere that still need attention. With this in mind, I will continue to work with the city to find a lasting citywide solution to this problem.

In short, I believe that if Washington is going to invest in bike infrastructure, we also need to invest in bike lane safety and maintenance to ensure that these resources are in good repair and safe.

Boese cleanning bike lane(Commissioner Boese removing gravel from Warder Street bike lane.)

Warder bike lane(Warder Street bike lane with gravel removed.)

Pavement Restoration on Irving Street

May 2, 2012

A Pavement Restoration project [Contract#DCKA-2011-C-0059] began April 30th on Irving Street between Georgia Avenue and Warder Street. Per the posted ‘No Parking’ signs, contact: Jamal Anwar (202-497-9044) with questions. The south side of Irving Street is the focus for Monday – Wednesday; north side for Wednesday – Friday.


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