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Vandal Strikes Street Sweeping Signs at Monroe and New Hampshire Ave, NW

January 31, 2012

Defaced No Parking/Street Cleaning sign on New Hampshire Avenue

This is one of the oddest things I’ve seen recently. It appears a resident near the intersection of New Hampshire Avenue and Monroe Street, NW, is against street cleaning. As you can see to the right and below, the No Parking Street Sweeping signs have had their cleaning times and days information painted out.

The sign to the right, located just north of Monroe on New Hampshire, has since become a location for vandals to add stickers to as well. I have to wonder what the purpose is behind defacing these signs. If the street sweeping information has been blocked out, does it actually prevent a parked car from getting a ticket? I’d like to think not … but if not, then this actually increases the probability that an unfamiliar driver will get a ticket since they can’t read the sign.

Below is one of the signs from Monroe Street, between New Hampshire and 10th Street.

Vandalized Street Cleaning sign on Monroe Street, looking toward 10th Street


Community Meeting Tonight on Future of Columbia Heights/Park View/Pleasant Plains Sign

August 1, 2011

This neighborhood gateway sign at Irving and Georgia Avenue dates to ca. 2006

Tonight, Monday August 1, 2011, at 8 p.m. there will be a community meeting to discuss the future of the neighborhood sign at the corner of Georgia and Irving Streets. The meeting will be at the sign. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the future of the sign — particularly the wording — as Irving Street residents make preparations to replace the sign.

All members of the community are invited to participate as are Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners. If there are too many participants for the Irving Street location the meeting will move across the street to Bruce Monroe Park.

In recent years, the residents of the 400, 500, & 600 blocks of Irving Street, NW, have become increasingly active in taking ownership and responsibility for keeping their street beautiful and clean. They have organized regular trash and little clean ups as well as actively partnering with MPD and other city services to remove area graffiti. As part of their Irving Street beautification effort they would like to replace the gateway sign located on the southeast corner of Irving and Georgia.

Since the sign is located on public space DDOT requires a public space permit. As part of that process the ANC weighs in on the use of the space. When members of the community first brought this issue before ANC 1A at the June 8, 2011, meeting it resulted in a split vote that ultimately failed to support the proposal. This was due largely to the item being added to the agenda at the last-minute which did not permit the commissioners the opportunity to discuss the proposal in advance. Additionally there was concern over the wording of the sign. The outcome of the June ANC meeting was that there needed to be a broader community meeting inclusive of Commissioner Lenwood Johnson to better determine the final sign design.

The current sign contains the neighborhood names of “Columbia Heights,” “Parkview,” [SIC] and “Pleasant Plains.” According to Irving Street resident Tommy Duren, it was erected to replace an earlier sign that had the same names on it and a smaller sign below it with text similar to: This grove dedicated to Van McCoy by Earl & Marion Douglas and the neighbors.” The earlier sign ceased to be on the site sometime in the late 1970s or early 1980s.

To help provide guidance to the community, Commissioner Boese — as Chair of the Historic Preservation, Development, & Design Review Committee — authored a report on the boundaries of the Columbia Heights, Park View, and Pleasant Plains neighborhoods. The report was accepted and filed at the ANC 1A July meeting but has not yet been discussed by the commissioners.

The goal of tonight’s meeting is to achieve consensus on the sign’s wording so that the public space permitting/ANC review process can move forward.

The sign at Georgia and Irving Street has seen better days. Residents would like to replace it with a more durable sign to help beautify the community


“No Littering, No Loitering” Signs Recent Addition to 600 Block of Quebec Place

August 27, 2009

Signs on Quebec PlaceWithin the last two weeks — no one I’ve talked to is exactly sure when — “No Loitering, No Littering” signs were installed the length of the 600 block of Quebec Place. This is the same area where the June 22nd homicide occurred.

After contacting both MPD and DDOT, these signs seem to be in response to that shooting. I wasn’t able to speak with anyone directly related to this particular request to install these signs, but was told that any resident can request signs from DDOT at any time if they feel their street has a loitering problem.

As far as what the signs mean, the most significant impact is that it gives people on the block clear warning that no loitering is allowed. This way, when MPD is notified by a resident that a loud or disruptive gathering is occurring they have more options at their disposal to disperse a crowd.

If anyone has more information connected to these signs, please share.

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