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Gussini Moving Into DC USA

February 16, 2017

gussini(Gussini signs are up at the former Staples location in the DC USA Mall.)

Signage has gone up at the DC USA Mall for Gussini in the  old Staples location on 14th Street. I looking at the Gussini Website, I not only got an idea about what the store will be like, but found the following description about them —

GUSSINI FASHION was founded With a vision of becoming a neighborhood boutique. GUSSINI FASHION grew to over 10 stores. We have over 10 locations and are one of the fastest-growing retailers in the U.S.

GUSSINI FASHION offers a wide assortment of clothing for juniors and plus sizes, as well as an extensive shoe collection. GUSSINI FASHION is about bringing you the very latest in new fashions and styles and our assortment is constantly changing. So, if you see something you like you better grab it quick or you may miss out!

GUSSINI FASHION has also been a pioneer in attractive, well-fitting apparel for plus sizes. We firmly believe that every woman, regardless of shape or size, should enjoy fun, fashionable, and feminine clothing at an affordable price.

GUSSINI FASHION is headquartered in Bladensburg, MD.

Walls of Books ‘Officially’ Opens in Park View with Ribbon Cutting & More

February 8, 2016

One of Park View’s newest businesses celebrated their opening at 3325 Georgia Avenue with a ribbon cutting; coffee, donuts, & a cake among other treats; and singing and book readings for the kids. The video below captured the ribbon cutting.

I was particularly happy to see a warm reception for Pablo Sierra, the force behind this venture. When I was there he had a good amount of help allowing him to greet visitors and spend some time talking to them.

IMG_0147(Visitors to Walls of Books shortly before the ribbon cutting.)

… and it appears that there was a steady stream of shoppers throughout the day, as the Tweet below shows.

Below are a few more photos and Tweets for those that weren’t able to attend on Saturday. I certainly wasn’t able to leave without a couple of purchases and know I’ll be back soon.

IMG_0149(Some of the treats available for visitors on Saturday.)

IMG_0159(A very fun and impressive cake welcoming Walls of Books.)

Visiting DC Treasure on Upshur Street

November 6, 2015
205 Upsur Street, now home to DC Treasure.

205 Upsur Street, now home to DC Treasure.

I finally had a chance to check out DC Treasure, which opened recently at 205 Upshur Street just to the west of Slash Run in Petworth. DC Treasure styles itself as a vintage and antique furniture/accessory shop. Currently, the hours appear to be by appointment or chance.

Based on my visit, I feel that the shop has a lot of potential.

DC Treasure interior(Some of the items currently offered at DC Treasure.0

New Coffee Shop Is Moving Forward at Georgia and Keefer

August 4, 2014

Nearly a year ago, after the Tibet Shop had closed, we learned that the building on the southeast corner of Keefer and Georgia Avenue was destined to be a coffee shop. Since then, there has been little activity to suggest that this dream would become a reality. However, that all changed this past weekend. Workmen were busily enlarging the store’s windows along Georgia Avenue and had cut out a large opening facing Keefer to install a doorway into the outdoor sidewalk cafe area (See photo below).

3213 Georgia Avenue(3213 Georgia Avenue — at Keefer Place — with renovations in progress).

More interesting to me is that in reviewing DCRA description of the permit issued in April for this work, it also references a “Deli” in addition to a coffee shop. I hope this comes to pass, as I think the area would respond well to a coffee shop with some food options at this location. Below is the language from the permit:

Selective demolition. Construction of new non-load bearing partitions,electrical, mechanical, plumbing, finishes and all related appurtenances of retail sales to Deli, Coffee shop in 1st floor of a 2 floor building.

Planned DC USA Petco Moving Through BZA Process

January 9, 2013
According to presentation materials, petco is planning to occupy a space near the intersection of Irving Street and Hiatt Place, NW

Petco is planning to occupy a space near the intersection of Irving Street and Hiatt Place, NW

There have been rumblings about a Petco moving into the DC USA shopping center since the end of November 2012. In order for them to move forward, Petco will be presenting at tonight’s ANC 1A meeting and seek the ANC’s support for the necessary zoning vaiances required for them to occupy the space.

According to the Board of Zoning Adjustment’s Website, the following variances have been requested:

Application of Petco Animal Supplies Store Inc., pursuant to 11 DCMR §§ 3104.1 and 3103.2, for a variance from the requirement that a pet grooming establishment not abut a residence district under subsection 736.4, a variance from the requirement that a pet shop not abut a residence district under subsection 737.3, and special exceptions under sections 736 and 737, to allow a pet grooming establishment and a pet shop in an existing retail shopping center in the C-3-A District at premises 3100 14th Street, N.W. (Square 2674, Lot 721).

Petco’s BZA hearing date has been scheduled for January 22, 2013.


Holiday Gift Idea — Knit Hats and Mittens at Tibet Shop

December 19, 2012
Tibet Shop, located at 3213 Georgia Avenue.

Tibet Shop, located at 3213 Georgia Avenue.

I noticed over the weekend that Tibet Shop on Georgia Avenue at Lamont has knit hats and mittens. I know that it’s hard to think about bundling up since we haven’t really had a lot of cold weather yet this season, but I thought they were attractive and could make nice gifts.

In case you can’t tell, I’m seriously behind on my holiday gift shopping. I like to shop local when I can, so does anyone have any other area shops I should check out for interesting gift ideas — preferably in the greater Park View/Columbia Heights/Petworth area. All suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

Knit hats and mittens in an assortment of colors.

Knit hats and mittens in an assortment of colors.

Tibet Shop — New Retail in Park View

November 26, 2012

New retail in Park View. Tibet Shop at 3213 Georgia Avenue.

As I noted last week, Park View’s section of Georgia Avenue now has a new retail option — the Tibet Shop located at 3213 Georgia. When I last wrote about it I did not know when it would open but noted its advanced state of readiness.

As it turned out, it was open on November 23rd — in time for small business Saturday. I stopped in and took a look around (photos below). I’m thrilled to see this business in the community and hope the community will support it. I think it’s significant that a new business has opened on this stretch of Georgia that isn’t more of the same, a liquor store, or a convenience store.

Most importantly, new retail like this can only make it easier to attract businesses to the neighborhood’s empty retail spaces, especially in new developments like The Avenue, The Heights, and other new developments in the planning stages.


Adams Morgan Tibet Shop to Open Location on Georgia Avenue

November 20, 2012

*UPDATE 11/21/2012: According to the shop owners, the business now has a sign and will be open for business on Saturday, Nov. 24.*

3213 Georgia Avenue to become second Tibet Shop location.

As a reader stated in August, the former Van & Frank Barber Shop at 3213 Georgia Avenue will become the second location of the Tibet Shop. Shop number one is located at 2407 18th Street, NW, in Adams Morgan.

According to their Web site, Tibet Shop specializes in “high-end Himalayan arts, crafts, jewelry, clothing, carpet, ritual items and other hand made products.” I wasn’t able to get in touch with the owner yet to see when they plan to open, but judging from what I was able to see through the windows, it must be soon. The store is already stocked full of Tibetan items. The only thing the shop appeared to lack was signage.

I think its great that we’ll soon have a new shop in the neighborhood that broadens the goods and services currently available on Georgia Avenue.

One of several Buddhas currently peering out of the new Tibet Shop windows.


Sneak Peek Inside Petworth’s Annie’s Ace Hardware

February 5, 2012

On Saturday evening, February 4, Annie’s Ace Hardware owner Anne Stom hosted a small pre-opening preview for her investors and supporters at the store (located at 1240 Upshur, NW). The store, which will not officially open until Tuesday, February 7th, received notice in the Washington Post yesterday.

My initial reaction upon walking into Annie’s  last night was WOW! It has a great selection of merchandise and just feels like it’s been there for years. It even smelled like a hardware store — I’m still wondering how Stom pulled that one off.

I believe this store will be a winner right out of the gate. As I walked the aisles and took note of the stock, I couldn’t think of one thing I’ve run to Home Depot for in the last three months that I won’t be able to get at Annie’s!

To give the community both a sense of some of the items they can find at Annie’s and perhaps do a little pre-shopping I’m posting a few photos below and after the jump.

(Looking down the main aisle at the front of the store)

(The paint aisle has a good selection of paint at different price points. Annie’s also has a nice selection of solvents and  paint removers)

(Signs, felt pads, and protectors) (more…)

Annie’s Ace Hardware to Open Tuesday, February 7

February 4, 2012

Ann Stom, owner of Annie's Ace Hardware, assisting with store setup

Thanks to the Washington Post, we now have more details about Annie’s Ace Hardware Store, which will open on Tuesday, February 7th.

According to the Post, owner Anne Stom signed a 10-year lease for the 6,500-square-foot space located in Petworth (1240 Upshur) after searching high and low in the Park View/Petworth area.

For those you have long waited for a well-stocked, full service hardware store in the area, your wait is soon to be over.

Read the full Washington Post article about Stom and our area’s newest local business here.


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