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Sherman Avenue Streetscaping to Begin October 18th

October 8, 2010

Sherman Avenue at Park Road

Yesterday, Councilmember Graham sent out the following message about the streetscaping of Sherman Avenue and its imminent start:

Dear Friends: I am pleased to announce that DDOT has informed me that the contract for the reconstruction of Sherman Avenue has been awarded. As you may know, I had worked with the Mayor to insure funding for this important project in this fiscal year.

There was a pre-construction meeting with the contractor this week. The contractor is scheduled to start construction on October 18th.

There have been ongoing community meetings culminating in a final design of the streetscape. Thanks for that essential contribution!

This will provide further substantial revitalization for Ward 1, here in our east side neighborhoods.

Please pass this along to others. Bests, CM Jim Graham

You can follow the progress of the project  and learn more information on the DDOT Web page, which you can access here.


Alley Rebuilding Poised to Begin

April 19, 2010

I noticed over the weekend that no parking signs had been  posted along the alley bordered by Georgia Avenue, Rock Creek Church Road, Warder Street, and Quebec Place. From conversations I had with DDOT earlier this year, I know that this alley is scheduled to be re-bricked and was planned to start in April or May so I was fairly certain that’s what this was for. The time frame is from April 19-May 10.

Early this morning, a work crew showed up and I had an opportunity to chat with them. Alley work will begin this morning and be completed in three phases to be the least disruptive as possible. Work will begin on the west end of the alley (closest to Georgia Avenue) since that is the area in the worst condition.

I’ll post instructions for trash collection during this period once I’ve confirmed how it will be handled. Traditionally, trash has been collected from the street side of the properties during alley construction.

Alley between the 700 blks of Rock Creek Church and Quebec. It's long needed attention

The utilities under the alley have been marked -- in this case the lines from Pepco

Heavy equipment started to arrive this morning to begin alley work

Additional equipment that arrived this morning


Fantastic Resource for Mouldings

February 25, 2010

Anyone who lives in an older house can probably relate that over the years, damage happens. It doesn’t matter how well homeowners maintain their property, everything from nicks and dings to major loss caused by kitchen and bathroom renovations can occur.

I’ve been struggling with the need to find a historically accurate casing (moulding) for nearly a year now. I started at Home Depot and Lowes with no luck. I then went to Smoot Lumber in Alexandria — which had great options if I lived on Capitol Hill, but I don’t.

Then I started searching online. I started to find a few things that were close, but I didn’t want to drive to Ohio or pay for a minimum order of $500.  Then, by trying a different search strategy, I found the Web site for Heister House Millworks … which excited me more than I can say.

The casing illustrated here is the same profile as the casings in my 1916 house. It comes in poplar which stains and paints up great. Its $2 a foot and they will ship small quantities for the cost of shipping via UPS. Lastly, when I spoke to a representative I was told that I could order with confidence that I’d be able to get the same moulding ten years from now that I order today.

While I’m still waiting for the total quote on the quantity I need, I’m definitely going to move ahead with this find.


Historic Paint Colors ca. 1916-1917

January 25, 2010

With few exceptions, if you live in Park View, you live in a home that was built prior to 1925. As to updated interiors, there is a wide range of homes from those that are essentially pristine examples with few changes since the day they were built to examples that have been completely gutted and rebuilt.

One of the projects that many home owners go through, and one that is a struggle in my home, is painting — especially in choosing paint colors.

In an attempt to bridge the gap between the historic and modern, I try to refer to popular colors from when my home was built. This worked well two years ago when a color for the porch ceiling was needed. Living in a brown brick house with dark brown trim, traditional porch ceiling blue didn’t cut it. By referring to the Evercote paint samples from 1917, I noticed that the Dark Yellow worked well with the other colors on the home and it swayed me to use a yellow ocher.

So now that its time to paint the pantry — and after struggling with many, many paint samples — I decided once again to look at historic samples to see if I could get some inspiration. Again, there was an Eureka moment. Drawing from the Pea Green (below) and Leaf Green (above) samples, I was able to settle on a color very similar yellow-green hue.

(Aladdin Paint colors, 1916)

Park View Rec Center and School Part of King Holiday of Service

January 12, 2010

Help Paint and Repair the

Park View Recreation Center and

Bruce Monroe at Park View Elementary

Call Nuri at 202-777-4469 or go to to register.

*NOTE: If online seats fill up, call Nuri for information on participation.

Lead Abatement in Progress at 3628 Warder Street

December 22, 2009

I found it interesting to see that 3628 Warder Street is in the process of lead abatement. While I know nothing about this particular project, I understand that lead abatement is a huge task once undertaken and involves meticulous cleanup.

Even though this is the first project I’ve seen in the area undergoing this process, most of these older homes have lead in them to some extent.

To find out more about lead safety, you can visit the Lead Safe DC page.

Our Familiar Stone Retaining Walls … Once Not So Familiar

December 2, 2009

Back in January of this year, I was saddened to see that one of the many familiar decorative stone walls edging a property on Park Place was finally destroyed by water getting into the cracks of the wall and freezing.

Not an enviable position to be in, to be sure. Aside from the cost of the repairs are the modern building techniques and zoning laws that impact such a repair.

Then, this fall, work began to repair the wall. The process was meticulous as each stone was removed and numbered. The finished product looks great, and if you happen to be walking past 3650 Park Place, you may want to check it out for yourself.

If you have a wall in need of repair, you may want to check out FMS Construction, Inc. of Silver Spring, Md. (Contact: Fernando Silva, 202-876-3645), since they are responsible for this repair.

While its hard to imagine Washington neighborhoods without these walls, it will surprise some to learn that they are not original to the neighborhood. In looking at images of Park View taken around 1920, the stone walls are absent.

As you can see from the historic photo of the home on the southeast corner of Warder and Princeton Place to the right (taken ca. 1920),  all yards had when the neighborhood was young were low concrete curbs.

While I don’t know when it became fashionable to build the stone walls, or even if this is something that needed to be done when the streets were paved (the historic image shows an unpaved street that appears to be slightly higher than the current Warder Street), its clear that this improvement happened sometime in the 1920s.

A real estate ad from May 1, 1927 — included below — for a home on Benton Street lists “large front yards inclosed [sic] by decorative stone walls, with vases for flowers and shrubbery” among the amenities of the home.


Alley Restoration Work Continues

October 20, 2009

Alley RestorationThe alley restoration work on the block bordered by Park Place, Princeton Place, Warder Street, and Quebec Place began yesterday.

From the looks of things DDOT has made good progress. For a while it had looked as if all the rain over the weekend might have delayed things by a day.

Happily, I can report that the alley on the block to the north has been completed, as you can see below. All the sand on the brick will eventually be worked into the joints as vehicles travel down the alley.

Alley Restoration

Alley Work Began Yesterday as Promised

October 6, 2009

Alley RestorationAfter several mis starts, alley work on the block bordered by Park Place, Quebec Place, Warder Street, and Rock Creek Church Road began yesterday morning as promised last week.

Upon completion, this will mark the second brick alley in northern Park View to have been restored (last year, the alley on the block bordered by Quebec, Warder, Princeton, and Georgia Avenue was rebuilt).

As you can see from the photos, work is progressing well so they should be able to have it completed within their estimated three week schedule.
Alley Restoration
Alley Restoration


Alley Rebricking to Begin October 5

September 29, 2009

Park View AlleyYesterday, residents living on the block bordered by Quebec Place, Rock Creek Church Road, Warder Street, and Park Place, were notified that their alley would be reconstructed.

Work will begin on or about October 5, and is expected to last until October 23, 2009. Reconstruction will involve replacing the existing alley with brick on cement concrete base.

This alley, along with the alley on the block to the south, has been an ongoing issue since July. Between July and now there have been two attempts by the City to pave these alleys with asphalt. In both instances, residents who have been adamant that they must be rebricked rather than paved over have halted the work.

Its heartening to see that the persistence of Commissioner Valenti and other Park View residents has paid off.

You can read the entire notice here>>

Alley of 600 block RCCR and Quebec


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