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Sidewalk Pavers by Georgia Avenue CVS Getting Repaired Soon

January 20, 2016

New Hampshire Avenue(Sidewalk along the New Hampshire Avenue side of the Georgia Avenue CVS.)

I’m happy to report that DDOT is planning to repair the sidewalk pavers along New Hampshire Avenue to the southwest of Georgia Avenue. Work may begin as early as next week depending upon the winter weather and snow in the forecast.

I first noticed that the sinking pavers were caused by a rat infestation in January 2015. At that time, the Department of Health began a rat abatement program. By July 2015, I’d alerted DDOT but received no response. This was followed by an exchange with DDOT on January 6th, followed up by an ANC 1A resolution on January 13, 2016, requesting immediate attention. These efforts all helped set the current priority to restore this section of sidewalk.

Armed Forces Retirement Home Repairing Its Fence

July 9, 2015

The old Soldiers’ Home is in the process of repairing its fence along Rock Creek Church Road again. There are currently two areas with damage. I recall that down trees caused this round of repairs, although it has been more common for damage to the fence to occur from car accidents that trees.




D.C.’s Flaking Sidewalks, and How DDOT is Working to Fix Them

March 31, 2015

scaling sidewalk(Flaking sidewalk on the 600 block of Rock Creek Church Road, NW.)

Each spring, I’ve noticed that the sidewalks that have been replaced in the last couple of years are in a state of disrepair. Large sections of them show flaking and crumbling. Knowing that we are scheduled to get some new sidewalks in the neighborhood this year, I asked DDOT for more information on the scaling issue and if our new sidewalks would continue to deteriorate.

I was impressed with the thoroughness of DDOT’s response, and that they have a plan for correcting the problem. What follows is DDOT’s response:

The District maintains over 1,600 centerline miles of roadway. Many of these roadways have sidewalks on both sides. We noticed that some sidewalks in the district had shown flaking and delamination. This sidewalk concrete issue is not restricted to the District and is in fact regional.

Literature review indicates the factors known to aggravate scaling in a cyclic freezing and thawing environment are:

  • (a) improper construction practices (improper finishing and inadequate curing);
  • (b) exposure to corrosive salts (such as magnesium or ammonium);
  • (c) exposure to sodium or calcium chloride salts at an early age prior to maturity; and
  • (d) exposure of an inherently poor quality and/or poorly constructed concrete to deicing salts.

Following the extensive sidewalk damage on DDOT’s Riggs Road, NE project, we took two approaches to the problem:

  • (a) To protect the flaked sidewalk concrete from further damage, we applied a product to seal and resurface segments of the sidewalk and to monitor it overtime to evaluate the performance; and
  • (b) Took concrete cores and performed petrographic analysis.

The resurfacing with the product to seal and resurface segments of the sidewalk was conducted in August 2014 and its performance will be evaluated this summer. The sidewalk concrete cores from Riggs Road were evaluated at the federal Turner Fairbanks Research Center in Virginia. The finding from the report indicates that the cause of scaling of the sidewalk was most likely related to poor-air void system in conjunction with improper finishing (premature finishing of the surface before bleeding was completed) of the surface. This surface was then exposed to winter conditions (freezing and thawing in presence of deicing salts, and accumulations of snow and ice), particularly the severe winter of 2013-2014.

DDOT has initiated a citywide survey of the condition of sidewalk concrete and if the trial at Riggs Road, NE, is successful, a city wide repair task will be planned and scheduled. In order to minimize such issues in the future, we have assigned an experienced engineer to vigorously inspect all constructions sites on a daily basis and enforce the Standard Specifications requirements, and any non-complying concrete, asphalt and other construction materials are rejected and replaced with approved materials. Furthermore, quality control managers of concrete producers are required to test and document concrete for slump and air content before it leaves the plants.

Park View Rec Getting New Otis Place Fence

March 6, 2013
The rec center's fence along Otis Place as it was on February 15th.

The rec center’s fence along Otis Place as it was on February 15th.

In mid-February, the fence along Otis Place at the Park View Recreation Center gave out. Upon examination, it seems likely that the primary cause was deterioration of the concrete retaining wall which supported it. Even the sections still in place show cracks where the fence posts are sunk into the wall.

I’m happy to see that DPR has chosen to replace the fence with a higher fence along Otis Place set back and anchored into the earth. Last year during the field renovations several residents had raised the concern that the fence along Otis Place was too low — but there wasn’t any money in the budget to address it at that time. The primary concern was the relocation of the basketball court and the increased possibility of stray balls bouncing into the street.

The new, taller fence being installed along Otis Place.

The new, taller fence being installed along Otis Place.


Continued Infrastructure Improvement on Rock Creek Church Road, NW

August 2, 2010

The resurfacing of Rock Creek Church Road, NW, continued last week with the 700 and 800 blocks. By the end of the week, the entire length of the street between Georgia Avenue and Park Place had been completed.

Based on the orange netting around the trees and the marks on the sidewalk along the 700 block, I’m guessing that sidewalk repair will commence this week.


DDOT Continuing to Repave Rock Creek Church Road, NW

July 28, 2010

DDOT is continuing to repave Rock Creek Church Road. They finished the 500/600 block of the street on July 21st and moved along to the 700 block.

While they started this stretch by removing the surface on Monday, I suspect that — like the 600 block — repair and replacement of bad sections of sidewalk will also be included in the effort.

This seems particularly likely since the sidewalks have red arrow markings indicating the bad sections needed replacement.


Pool at Rec Center Receiving Repairs

April 20, 2010

I was a little surprised to discover that the deck around the pool at the Rec Center was being redone. It’s a project that I’d heard absolutely nothing about despite having had multiple conversations with DPR this month. I haven’t been able to get many details beyond that the goal is to be done before the pool opens for the season.


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