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Has D.C. Declared War on the Black Community?

December 6, 2010

Keep DC a Chocolate City poster

Saturday, lower Georgia Avenue south of Park Road was plastered with Keep DC a Chocolate City! posters (example at the right). While it lists many legitimate issues that the City and residents need to address — such as poverty, crime, the impact of development, HIV/AIDS, and displacement — it saddens me that these issues have all been presented as the Black community vs. the White community.

Washington is much more complex than that. D.C. has a rich culturally diverse population that continues to diversify. Ward 1 is home to significant Latino communities as well as persons of other ethnic backgrounds. In addition to historically Black neighborhoods changing demographically, there are also parts of the city that many would consider to be historically Black neighborhoods that were originally historically White neighborhoods . As one researches the City’s demography, the only thing that can be said for sure it that populations change over time and are continuing to change.

Vince Gray ran on a platform of “One City.” While a noble goal, is it achievable in a climate that is racially charged? Furthermore, can any of the serious issues facing our City be solved when our communities are pitted against each other?

The rally is scheduled for December 18th at 2928 Georgia Avenue.


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