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Area ANCs Begin to Weigh In on the Bruce-Monroe Site

March 4, 2011

The Former Bruce-Monroe site located west of Georgia Avenue, between Columbia Road and Irving Street, NW.

The future of the Bruce-Monroe site continues to wend through the greater community. Earlier this year, the Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force (GACDTF) drafted a letter to the City seeking hard data relevant to the area’s demographics, school projections, and educational needs and demanding that the District halt all development at the Bruce-Monroe site until this information is shared with the impacted neighborhoods.

Among those the GACDTF hoped to include as signers of the letter were the  ANCs 1A, 1B, and 4C. While the issue has not come before ANC 4C yet, last night ANC 1B weighed in on the issue. After some discussion, the 1B Commissioners decided to support the letter by a vote of 5 Yes, 1 No, and 5 Abstentions.

During its February meeting, ANC 1A decided to pass its own resolution urging that the Bruce-Monroe site remain public land rather than sign onto the GACDTF letter.


Sweet Mango Fence Retroactively Getting Approved

November 10, 2010

The fence at Sweet Mango was erected in May, 2010

Back in May, Sweet Mango erected a fence on the public space along Rock Creek Church Road without permits. After receiving a stop work order, DCRA issued a permit that allowed them to finish. However, DCRA inappropriately issued that permit without the approval of DDOT, which has authority over public space.

Last night, ANC4C took up the issue of voting on the public space permit application for the fence that has already been built. As expected, the discussion centered on the lack of process and the oddity of seeking approval for something that has already been done.

Chief among the concerns discussed were the fence’s compliance with DDOT regulations and how much sidewalk currently exists between the fence and the loading bay. Several residents expressed concern that the sidewalk currently is so narrow that it is difficult for strollers to pass and may even be too narrow for wheelchairs.

After a significant amount of discussion, the commissioners voted to approve the application with the provisions that the fence meet with DDOT guidelines and the sidewalk be deemed compliant with ADA guidelines.


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