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Notes from the January PSA 302/409 Crime Meeting

January 18, 2018

The January PSA 302/409 meeting at the 4Th District Substation on Park Road included some changes and case updates.

The biggest change was that PSA 409 now has a new Lieutenants, Sean Connors, who will be working the evening tour of duty. Prior to his assignment at the Fourth District, he was a sergeant at the Second District for a little over 3 years and an officer assigned to the Sixth District for almost 5 years. Lieutenant Jonathan Munk, who has been serving PSA 409 will be moving to PSA 408 in the Mount Pleasant area.

The meeting began with officers for both the 3rd and 4th Districts reviewing crime statistics and stating that crime is largely down across the board in comparison to last year. While this may be true when considering events in the overall areas represented by the reports, a good amount of time was spent discussing how that isn’t necessarily true for the Park View area which straddles both the Third and Fourth districts along Georgia Avenue.

Residents at the meeting focused the discussion largely on problem properties on the 600 block of Newton Place, NW, and asked about the process for getting a property recognized as a nuisance property. It is the Office of the Attorney General that determines when a property is a nuisance, and the process does take some time, but the officers at the meeting confirmed that they are aware of the properties, working to address them, and patrolling the area regularly.

Regarding the shootings in December, 3D Commander Emerman was at the meeting and shared that an arrest has been made in the double shooting at Georgia and Fairmont that occurred on December 29th. The charge is assault with intent to kill.

Commander Emerman also shared that a second arrest has been made in the shooting that occurred on December 20th on the 600 block of Morton Street.

With regards to shooting cases in the area, the 3rd District Prosecutor of the United States Attorney Office for the District of Columbia asked residents to consider writing community impact statements related to the arrest following the August 25th incident where an individual fired shots down the escalators at the Columbia Heights Metro Station.

At the end of the meeting, Commissioner Boese noted that the 14th Street businesses Jimmy Johns, Jenkins BBQ, Gussini, and Children’s Place are all closed or closing, and asked if the increase in vacant store fronts would impact MPDs police deployment. In response, Commander Emerman stated that this section of 14th Street is already a focus area with high call volume, and the store closings wouldn’t impact their deployment or patrols.

The meeting wrapped up shortly after 8 pm.

Joint Community Police Meeting Tonight at 4th District Substation

August 19, 2015

mpdc-logoIf you are interested in crime and engaging the police to make the community safer, the PSA 302/409 Community Meeting is tonight, August 19, 2015. It begins at 7pm and is scheduled until 8pm. The meeting will be held at the Fourth District Substation located at 750 Park Road, NW. According to the MPD 4D listserv, the DC Housing Authority Police will be in attendance to address and answer questions concerning the Park Morton Housing Complex.

Neighborhood Police Service Area 409/302 Meeting Tonight

February 18, 2015

The quarterly Police Service Area 409/302 meeting is tonight, February 18, at the Fourth District Substation at 750 Park Road. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. The map below shows where the dividing line is between the two PSA’s. PSA meetings are good opportunities to engaged with the police officers charged with serving the Park View community. Inspector Vendette T. Parker will also be at this meeting. She is taking over from Inspector Alisa C. Petty, who is retiring.

psa 409

Fourth District Substation Sports New Signage, Will Host PSA 409 Meetings

February 8, 2012

MPD 4D Substation at 750 Park Road NW

I noticed over the weekend that the former Third District Police Substation, at 750 Park Road, is sporting updated signage reflecting its move to the Fourth District. I think its very nicely done, too, as you can see by the close up below.

Which leads me to the Police Service Areas that now serve the Park View neighborhood and details about their monthly meetings.

The area north of Park Rd. is served by PSA 409 (map and details here)

The next 409 meeting will be on February 15th at 7:oo p.m. The meeting will be held at the 750 Park Road substation.

PSA 409 Leadership
Lieutenant Jonathan Munk (576-8221)
Captain Brian Grogan (576-8228)

The area south of Park Rd. is served by PSA 302 (map and details here)

PSA 302 meetings are on the second Thursday of the month (next one tomorrow, February 9) at 7:oo p.m. The meeting will be held at the Third District HQ / 1620 V Street, NW

PSA 302 Leadership
Lieutenant Stuart Emerman (673-7404)
Captain Charles Morris (671-6777)


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