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District Dogs to Move Into Former Petworth Liquors Space

June 2, 2016
Drawing of District Dogs space at

Drawing of District Dogs space at 3210 Georgia Avenue from their announcement.

Earlier in May we learned that Petworth Liquors closed its doors at 3210 Georgia Avenue, NW. I’m happy to share that it will be replace by District Dogs in the fall of 2016. Founded in 2013, District Dogs currently specializes in mid-day walks primarily serving the Columbia Heights, Logan Circle, Shaw, Park View, U ST/Cardoza and surrounding areas.

With this new space, District Dogs plans to open a dog daycare, boarding, and retail facility. According to their blog announcement the daycare will include multiple play rooms to accommodate dogs of all sizes and activity levels. They also plan to offer fully supervised overnight boarding with open air sleeping accommodations and private suites.

As if this isn’t exciting enough, the new facility also plans to include a specialty shop – stocking everything from one of a kind pet items, to everyday necessities.

In addition to District Dogs Web site, you can also check them out on Facebook.

IMG_0522[1](The former Petworth Liquors at 3210 Georgia Avenue, NW, will reopen as District Dogs in fall 2016.)

Free Dog and Cat Vaccinations For District Residents at Upshur Dog Park Animal Health Fair This Saturday

May 17, 2016

During April, May, and June the Department of Health’s 2016 Animal Health Fairs are traveling throughout the District. In addition to learning about animal laws and getting dog licenses, free vaccinations are provided for dogs and cats belonging to District residents. The Ward 1 fair isn’t until Saturday, June 4th (and will be held at Walter Pierce Dog Park).

However, you don’t have to wait that long. The Ward 4 animal health fair will be held at Upshur Dog Park from 9:00 am to 11:30 am on Saturday May 21st. Upshur Dog Park is located at 4300 Arkansas Avenue making it more convenient for Park View pet owners.

The flyer below contains details and contact information.

2016 Animal Health Fair

Patrick’s Pet Care Opening on 11th Street

May 2, 2016
Good turnout at opening celebration event for Patrick's Pet Care.

Good turnout at opening celebration event for Patrick’s Pet Care.

It’s always great when another quality small business opens in the community, and I’m very pleased share that Patrick’s Pet Care is opening their first brick and mortar location at 3303 11th Street, NW (just north of Lamont Street). Patrick Flynn, owner and general manager (and former ANC 1A Commissioner), began this business in 2011 and has established an excellent reputation.

The opening event included friends, supporters, and employees along with some good food, drink, and conversation. I was impressed by how nice and inviting the interior is, and the exterior (see below) is truly and asset to the community.

I wish Patrick and his staff years of success and look forward to seeing the business grow and expand in the years ahead.

Here are a few photos:

IMG_0443[1](Patrick’s Pet Care now located at 3303 11th Street, just north of Lamont.)

IMG_0442[1](Patrick Flynn (center), owner and general manager of Patrick’s Pet Care.)

Planned DC USA Petco Moving Through BZA Process

January 9, 2013
According to presentation materials, petco is planning to occupy a space near the intersection of Irving Street and Hiatt Place, NW

Petco is planning to occupy a space near the intersection of Irving Street and Hiatt Place, NW

There have been rumblings about a Petco moving into the DC USA shopping center since the end of November 2012. In order for them to move forward, Petco will be presenting at tonight’s ANC 1A meeting and seek the ANC’s support for the necessary zoning vaiances required for them to occupy the space.

According to the Board of Zoning Adjustment’s Website, the following variances have been requested:

Application of Petco Animal Supplies Store Inc., pursuant to 11 DCMR §§ 3104.1 and 3103.2, for a variance from the requirement that a pet grooming establishment not abut a residence district under subsection 736.4, a variance from the requirement that a pet shop not abut a residence district under subsection 737.3, and special exceptions under sections 736 and 737, to allow a pet grooming establishment and a pet shop in an existing retail shopping center in the C-3-A District at premises 3100 14th Street, N.W. (Square 2674, Lot 721).

Petco’s BZA hearing date has been scheduled for January 22, 2013.


Scoop Your Poop!, Another Way to Keep the City Healthy and Beautiful

April 20, 2011
scoop your poop

Neighborhood signage about pet waste

Dog waste that is left on sidewalks and in the parking along streets continues to be a bit of a community problem. While this can be particularly nasty in the winter, now that warmer weather is here the issues of children’s health and providing food for rats become ever-increasing problems.

I’m encouraged that the neighbors I’ve spoken with who tend to be the angriest about unclaimed excrement tend to have dogs themselves and tend to speak out when they witness someone not doing their civic duty.

There are a couple of ways that this issue has been addressed, but I personally wonder how effective any of them are. The area has several locations where signage is posted. The triangle park at Park Place and Rock Creek Church Road has a sign as do several locations in lower Park View — specifically along Irving and Kenyon Streets. The most effective method tends to be just calling a transgressor out when you see it, but even that can sometimes lead to altercations.

Below is a more passive attempt by a resident on Irving Street who decided the posted signage wasn’t enough. Their strategy?:

1) Place homemade “Pick Up After your Dog. It’s the Law” signs at ground-level; and,

2) Provide FREE plastic bags to assist pet owners.

"Pick up after your dog. Take a plastic bag."

The Department of Public Works, on the other hand, created the flier below to address the issue. Clicking on the image will get you both English and Spanish versions. Yet again, I wonder how effective they are since I don’t recall ever seeing them distributed publicly.


Need a Pet Groomer — Why Not Have Them Come to You?

March 2, 2011

When I saw the Sparkle Pupz truck on Princeton Place over the weekend I thought to myself, “What a great idea!” I have a hard enough time getting my own hair cut let alone trying to schedule grooming for a cat or dog.

If you find yourself pressed for time and in need of grooming services, you might want to check out the Sparkle Pupz Web site and see if this option is a possibility for you. In glancing over the price sheet it appears that grooming fees are between $65 and $150 depending upon the breed.


Doggie Swim on September 12th — Mark Your Calendars

September 10, 2009

Considering how many dog owners we have in the neighborhood, this looked like an item of interest. It also isn’t that far away … so if you have a dog(s) that like to swim, you may want to check it out!Doggie Day Swim 2009


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