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2011 DC Caribbean Festival & Parade is Tomorrow!

June 24, 2011

Map showing staging area for the 2011 Caribbean Festival parade

Tomorrow, June 25, 2011, marks the 19th annual DC Caribbean Carnival and parade. Those who have lived in the Georgia Avenue communities for a while know that the festival celebrates the many Caribbean cultures represented by the residents that have made this area their home. But along with the fun comes the basic disruptions that must occur to make such an event possible.

Unlike previous years, the Festival will only be on Saturday and the Caribbean Carnival Parade will start at Kansas Avenue, NW, so it will stage and begin in Petworth. The kick off will be at noon on Saturday.

In addition to the parking restrictions that will go into effect on Georgia Avenue starting on the morning of the parade, there will be additional parking restrictions on the streets selected as the staging areas.

Residents and area businesses are advised to be on the watch for the parking restrictions in the staging area and along Georgia Avenue. The temporary, “No Parking” signs should already be in place.

Speaking from experience, if you are a resident you mostly have three options. Embrace the festival and enjoy yourself, honker down and  wait for things to get back to normal, or leave for the day. Forget about crossing Georgia Avenue. Forget about using your car — or if you do, forget about getting home or finding a parking space if you do. All that said, the parade is truly something to see if you haven’t gone before and I encourage everyone to see it at least once.

(Image of DC Caribbean Festival participant, 2007, by IntangibleArts on flickr)


Christmas on Georgia Ave. Once Included Parades, Could it Again?

December 21, 2010

(Image from Washington Post, December 14, 1938)

I’ve found that our section of Georgia Avenue hosted holiday parades in 1937 and 1938 marking the start of the Christmas season. The image above is from the 1938 season. That season the parade route was from Park Road to Rock Creek Church Road and included a reviewing stand at Princeton Place, attracting more than 10,000 viewers.

I wonder what it would take to bring such an event back to Georgia Avenue. Is a vibrant business corridor necessary before a holiday parade can occur, or would such an event draw crowds that would give mom and pop shops a bump in revenue and encourage new businesses to locate here. I would think it would be sustainable considering that the DC Caribbean Carnival Parade happens annually in June. More importantly, would residents even want something like this today?

But, back to the 1938 parade. After the jump you can read the article that accompanied the image above. (more…)

Kiddie Parade Brings Out the Smiles

July 6, 2010

Participants from Saturday's kiddie parade

Saturday’s kiddie parade may not have had the numbers hoped for, but it certainly had the July fourth spirit. Many children weren’t able to participate due to family cook-outs and other obligations, but those that attended had fun!

According to one of the events organizers, they put a lot of smiles on neighbor’s faces, too. Several older residents mentioned that a really long time ago Park View had a 4th of July parade and were thrilled to see the kids participating.

The children gave out candy and beads to all the neighbors who were out and about.


Kiddie July 4th Parade Scheduled for Saturday

July 1, 2010

Fourth of July parade in Takoma Park, 1923

This Saturday, July 3rd, there is going to be an Independence day Parade for area youngsters. It is being organized as part of the Park View Kids Zone’s Fun Saturday program.

They plan is to gather at the little house on Princeton Place around 11 a.m. and decorate bikes, wagons, and participants in red, white, and blue. The parade will start around noon.

After parading around the block and returning to the Rec Center, the afternoon will be filled with hot dogs and swimming.

All are welcome, young and old.  The organizers hope to make this a big family neighborhood event by next year. Parents interested in finding out more can email Angela Strange or call her at 615-496-0834.


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