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Nuisance Property at 805 Rock Creek Church Road is Evicted

December 6, 2016

I’m happy to report that the nuisance property located at 805 Rock Creek Church Road was evicted yesterday. This property has long-been a know problem due to its use as a drug marketplace. Back in March MPD executed a search warrant at the place which resulted in MPD seizing multiple quantities of controlled substances as well as a loaded firearm.  Three adult males were also arrested inside of the location. In September a judge finally granted an eviction for those using the property, and that was carried out yesterday.


MPD Action on Rock Creek Church Road Leads to Arrests, Closes Nuisance Property

March 15, 2016
805 Rock Creek Church Road, NW

805 Rock Creek Church Road, NW

According to the MPD4D listserv, on Thursday, March 10th, at approximately 4:30 pm, members of the Narcotics and Special Investigations Division, executed a search warrant on the 800 b/o Rock Creek Church Road NW. It was later learned that the property in question was 805 Rock Creek Church Road, a rowhouse type building next to the daycare at 8th and Rock Creek Church Road.

The additional details are from the 4D listserv posting:

“This search warrant was a result of multiple community complaints along with an ongoing MPD investigation.

“This police and community partnership is a classic example of how things get done when we all work together.

“As a result of the warrant,  MPD seized multiple quantities of controlled substances as well as a load firearm.  Three adult males were arrested inside of the location.

“MPD will be working closely with the Office of the Attorney General to further abate this nuisance property.

I wanted to post about this as this is not the first, or likely the last, nuisance property we’ve had in the greater community. A few years ago there was one on the 600 b/o Park Road that was also resolved after collaboration with community members, MPD, and the Office of the Attorney General (OAG). I was aware of the Rock Creek Church Road issue and am also aware of a problem site in Columbia Heights. After talking with those involved with nuisance properties, one thing that was relayed to me is that since MPD’s reorganization of the vice squads last year it is talking longer to gather intelligence, build a case, and address nuisance properties.

I firmly believe that intelligence gathering is a critical component in addressing crime. Certainly, jump out squads were not the answer, but a network of plain clothes officers who know their beats, develop contacts and networks, and have first hand knowledge of the communities they are in seems like a no brainier to me. It would also go a long way in addressing nuisance properties in a more timely manner.

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