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Mapping Historic Segregation in Washington DC Resource Now Available

June 18, 2015

It is impossible to fully understand Washington’s neighborhoods without a good understanding of the housing segregation that once held sway here. It is a legacy that in many ways shaped the city, which in turn still has an impact today. This makes it all the more critical to understand this past.

Historians Sarah Shoenfeld and Mara Cherkasky have begun to document this history in maps. Their Mapping Segregation in Washington DC effort is a public history project documenting the historic segregation of DC’s housing, schools, playgrounds, and other public spaces. To date the project has focused on racially restrictive housing covenants. Racial covenants had a dramatic impact on the development of the nation’s capital decades before government-sanctioned redlining policies were implemented in cities across the country.

The interactive Website is now live, and free to explore here. Shoenfeld and Cherkasky’s work is far from finished, and only reflects information they’ve been able to gather so far.

Restricted Housing DC(Details showing Restrictive Covenants in the Park View area.)

Historic Neighborhood Groups — Park View Citizens’ Association

March 13, 2015

The Park View Citizens’ Association is the second post today from the series on historic neighborhood civic groups from the 1940s. This article was originally published ion the Washington Post on November 11, 1940.

Park View map 1940

Park View banner

Park View article 1940

Historic Neighborhood Groups — Petworth Citizens’ Association

March 13, 2015

Keeping the series on historic neighborhood civic groups from the 1940s going, this is the first of two articles that I’ll post today from the Washington Post. It focuses on Petworth. The original article was published on November 10, 1940.

Petworth Citizens map 1940Petworth Citizens 1940 article

Historic Neighborhood Groups — Bradbury Heights Citizens’ Association

February 23, 2015

The next historic neighborhood civic group featured from the 1940s is Bradbury Heights in SE. The article was originally published in the Washington Post on October 3, 1940.

Bradbury Heights map

Bradbury Heights article

Historic Neighborhood Groups — Anacostia Citizens’ Association

January 30, 2015

Keeping the series on historic neighborhood civic groups from the 1940s going, today’s article from the Washington Post focuses on Anacostia. The original article was published on October 1, 1940.

Anacostia Citizens Association map

Anacostia Citizens article

Historic Neighborhood Groups — American University Park

January 29, 2015

Following up on yesterday’s post on the Columbia Heights Citizens’ Association as it was in 1940, is this window on the American University Park Citizens’ Association. The map and article below were originally published in the Washington Post on September 30, 1940.

American University Park associationAmerican University Park article

Looking at Historic Neighborhoods — Columbia Heights

January 28, 2015

From September to December of 1940, the Washington Post published a series of articles focusing on the Citizens’ and Civic associations of Washington. A review of the articles are interesting for a number of reasons, not the least being that most include maps showing the areas served by the associations which help illustrate neighborhood boundaries. Yet, even with this one needs to keep in mind that some areas were served by more than one association and that there are areas of neighborhood overlap.

As neighborhood boundaries are something that many Washingtonians find interesting, beginning with today’s post on Columbia Heights the series will be reprinted.

Columbia Heights Citizens Association boundaries

The map above and article below were originally published in the Washington Post on October 14, 1940. You’ll noticed that the map goes as far north as Shepherd Street and includes areas today considered part of Pleasant Plains, Park View, and Petworth.

Columbia Heights article


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