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Neighborhood Welcome Signs: Are They an Asset?

November 20, 2009

Neighborhood SignOther than signs for historic districts, neighborhood signs don’t generally exist in the City, yet there are some sprinkled about town. No one really seems to know where the Columbia Heights/Park View/Pleasant Plains sign originated, but it is clearly lacking in both quality and its misplaced location (Georgia Ave @ Irving Street).

Crestwood has some very nice ironwork signs when you are at the intersection of Blagden Avenue and Mathewson.

And, if you are in the vicinity of South Dakota Avenue, 26th and Irving Streets, NE, Woodridge has erected some nice signs there.Woodridge community signAs I ponder neighborhood signs, it seems to me that they would be a good idea. Not only would they demystify just where neighborhoods are, the Crestwood sign shows that they can also add beauty to a neighborhood.

If Park View were to have neighborhood welcome signs, three locations readily come to mind.

  1. The reserve at Rock Creek Church Road, Park Place, and 5th Street, NW;
  2. The entrance to Park View where Kenyon crosses Park Place; and,
  3. The intersection of Columbia Road where Warder begins.

What do you think? Are neighborhood welcome signs an asset to an area that not only helps identify an area but also adds beauty, or, are they useless and arbitrary?

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