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Pandora Sphinx Moth Visits Neighborhood

August 22, 2017

Pandora sphinx moth hanging out by the mail box, which also gives an indication of size.

I was excited to see a new moth at my home yesterday. It was hanging out on the wall by our mail box from just before 11 a.m. to after 6:30 pm. It was large and green, which actually made it easy relatively easy to identify.

According to Wikipedia, it is a “Pandora sphinx moth (Eumorpha pandorus), also called the pandorus sphinx moth, [and] is a North American moth in the family Sphingidae. It is a large, greenish gray moth with darker patches and pink edges and small pink eyespots. The underside is usually pale yellow-green or brown. It has a wingspan of 3¼–4½ inches (8.2–11.5 cm), females being slightly larger than males. Pandora sphinx moths fly during dusk. Some places see only one generation a year, while others see two.”

This isn’t the first cool moth that I’ve seen in or around our garden. In May 2014 a hummingbirdmoth visited the garden and I was able to take a few short videos of the guest.

Below is a larger image of the Pandora sphinx moth.

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