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ANC4C Votes to Support ANC1A Resolution to Add Park View to Metro Station

July 13, 2011

Should Park View be added to this station's name?

According to a couple of people that were able to attend the July 13, 2011, ANC 4C Meeting, the Commissioners took up the issue of ANC 1A’s Resolution Urging Renaming of Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro Station. With an unanimous vote (Commissioners Shanel Anthony and Jean Badalamenti being absent) the Commission voted to support the ANC 1A Resolution with the provision that Georgia Avenue remain in the main title.

Commissioner Joseph Martin stated it thusly in an email sent out shortly after the meeting:

“Voted in favor of a resolution to … change the name of the nearby Metro Station to Petworth/Park View with a reference to Georgia Avenue in the title.”

After WMATA released their July 7th press release stating that Metro riders preferred short distinctive station names, ANC 1A08 Commissioner Boese contacted the 4C Commissioners stating a clear preference for the neighborhood names taking top billing and having Georgia Avenue listed as the subheading rather than the other way around. The reasoning behind this preference was that residents frequently shorten the current station name to Petworth rather than Georgia Avenue now, and that Petworth/Park View is phonetically only four syllables, which puts it on par with other successful station names including Metro Center, Union Station, and Dupont Circle. ANC4C apparently did not agree.

As could be expected, discussion on the issue was passionate at times. One Park View resident I spoke with afterward relayed to me that several of the people who spoke out against the change were uninformed that Park View is a solid neighborhood located adjacent to the station. According to her, one gentleman expressed to her in a private conversation afterward that he couldn’t understand why Georgia Avenue would be removed from a sign and replaced by the street Park View. While some may have Others viewed this as an attempt by Ward 1 residents to take something away from Ward 4, mostly people inferred that nobody  knew where or what Park View was [updated].  (more…)

Shooting Incident Outside Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro Last Night

May 6, 2011

The following is from WUSA 9 News:

WASHINGTON (WUSA) — A man was shot in the leg outside the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro station on Thursday night [May 5, 2011].

Officials say his injuries are non life-threatening.

The station entrance at New Hampshire Ave. and Georgia Ave. was closed but the station remained open.

DC police are investigating the shooting. A police spokesperson says there is no motive or suspect information at this time.


Man Stabbed in Neck Leaving Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro Station

November 28, 2010

The following news was reported Sunday evening (11/28/10) via TBD:

ABC7’s Kris Van Cleave reports that a Metro train rider leaving the Georgia Avenue/Petworth station was stabbed in the neck at turnstile.

D.C. Fire transported the victim priority one, and a suspect is unknown so far. Check back for any updates.


WTOP provided the following details:

Metro spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein says the victim was approached by another man at about 4:15 p.m. after passing through the fare gate at the station in Northwest. The suspect then stabbed the man in the neck area.

The man was taken to an area hospital as a Priority 1 transport. D.C. Fire spokesman Pete Piringer said the victim’s condition was unknown. Metro Transit Police were investigating the incident.


Georgia Avenue Metro Extra (Metrobus Route #79)

November 5, 2010

For some, the bus is something you never want to get stuck behind; for others, it’s something you never want to get stuck on.

For me, I enjoy the scenic nature of the bus, compared to the underground METRO rail. Plus, what’s not to appreciate about an efficient bus line. A what? Yes, METRO’s Georgia Avenue Metro Extra (GAME) bus line (Route #79) has limited stops along the same route as Metrobus 70 or 71 and serves as a great transportation option.

GAME Stops along Georgia Ave in Park View —
South-bound: GA Ave-Petworth Metro, then Columbia Road
North-bound: Irving Street, then GA Ave-Petworth Metro

❚ Service every 10-12 minutes, weekdays 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
❚ Same fare as a regular Metrobus.

Download the Georgia Avenue Metro Extra Bus Line Timetable [PDF]
Use the NEXTBUS for GPS-based arrival times. Select the Route: 79 Georgia Ave Rapid.


Apparently, Not All Neighborhoods Are Equal in Metro’s Eyes

October 13, 2010

Metro arbitrarily lists neighborhoods on their station maps

Regardless of where one stands on the issue of existing Metro station names, there should be no argument on the need for accuracy in the station maps that are supposed to assist riders when they are unfamiliar with a station they don’t use frequently.

Being a frequent rider at the Georgia Ave.-Petworth station, and knowing the neighborhoods around the station well, I’ve passed by the maps for years without ever looking at them. That changed recently when I was using one of the illuminated station maps to give a fellow rider directions.

Imagine my surprise when I was looking at the map and saw that it listed some neighborhoods but not others. There is either 1) no rhyme or reason to which neighborhoods are included on the maps, or, 2) Metro considers some neighborhoods as being more important than others.

Regardless of how Metro creates its station maps, it seems clear to me that all neighborhoods surrounding a station should be listed if the map is to maximize its usefulness. In the case of the maps at the Georgia Ave.-Petworth station, the neighborhoods to the north and south of the station are Petworth (included on the map) and Park View (not included). Due to its proximity to the station, the inclusion of Columbia Heights on the maps is reasonable. However, I fail to see how Mt. Pleasant is helpful to anyone using the station as a terminus, though I will acknowledge that a rider can transfer to Metrobus and continue their commute there that way.

The bottom line is that Metro needs to do better with its signage. If they are going to include neighborhood names at all on their station maps they need to include all the neighborhoods in the immediate vicinity, not just the ones Metro deems significant.


Should the Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro be Renamed to Include Park View?

April 28, 2010

Should Park View be added to this station's name?

While having a Metro station at the intersection of Georgia and New Hampshire Avenues is a boon to the area, one of the unfortunate oversights of the station is that it was allowed to be named honoring Petworth while ignoring the neighborhood of Park View.

Since the naming of Metro stations is left to the neighborhoods they are located in, it’s no surprise that the station has its current naming convention. Technically, it is in Ward 4’s Petworth … though barely. As the names of Metro stations are intended to be meaningful, the inclusion of Petworth in the name gives the false impression that the station is located in the heart of that neighborhood. Nothing could be further from the truth as Park View’s border is mere feet from the station.

The 750 foot long Duke Ellington Bridge separates Adams Morgan from the station that bears its name

Is there a precedent for renaming a station to be more inclusive of the communities around it? Yes. In 1999 the Woodley Park—Zoo station was renamed to Woodley Park—Zoo/Adams Morgan to help identify that Adams Morgan is served by this station. However, whereas Adams Morgan’s western border is 0.3 miles away from the station that now includes its name – and this is over the 750 foot long Duke Ellington Bridge – Park View is only about 247 feet south of the station that ignores its existence.

Answering an inquiry on why this intersection was chosen for a station in the first place, Metro cites the location’s long association with mass transit among the reasons that lead to its selection. If this is the case, Park View certainly played its part in helping to permanently establish Rock Creek Church Road, Georgia, and New Hampshire Avenues as a permanent stop for streetcars, then buses, and now Metro.

While there are numerous examples of the Park View Citizens’ Association fighting for better streetcar service along Georgia Avenue, their most relevant accomplishment to this discussion occurred in 1914. It was in that year that the Citizens’ Association took on the Utilities Commission to insist on a stop at Rock Creek Church Road for southbound trains. Prior to their plea to the Commissioners, streetcars only stopped at this location during their northbound journey. Initially, the Commission rejected Park View’s request. Not taking no for an answer, residents pressed their case and ultimately won in September of that year, causing the Commission to authorized the Washington Railway and Electric Company to establish a far-side stop at Georgia and Rock Creek Church Rd. That was the beginning of the intersection becoming the significant transportation hub that it is today.


Metro’s Proposed Service Cuts to Yellow Line Opposed by CM Graham

March 30, 2010

As many of you may know by now, Metro is facing serious financial challenges and seeking ways to balance service with limited financial means. Among the proposed changes to face these challenges is to cut yellow line off peak service to Fort Totten. This is not supported by Councilmember Graham, who issued the following statement related Metro’s proposal.

Dear Friends:

I am opposed to the elimination of Metrorail Yellow Line service from the Convention Center through Ward 1 to Fort Totten. As a Metro Board member I voted against the proposal that includes this cut and I will do everything possible to keep the Yellow Line service.

I was the original author of this Yellow Line extension and led the successful effort to make it part of the permanent regional system.

This has been a tremendously successful service. As of February 2009, Columbia Heights had the fastest ridership growth of any Metro station, and U Street Cardozo was the 5th fastest. This is no time to cut service.

Make no mistake, Metro has a large budget gap and must consider some service adjustments and fare increases — but the proposals at public hearings this week include many options (such as the yellow line cut) that I do not support. I don’t see any reason for bringing options for public comment when I know, from years on the Metro Board, and from years as a Councilmember, that the DC residents stand firmly against these ideas. That is why I voted against the proposals being discussed at public hearings week.

You can find details about options for balancing metro’s budget here:

I encourage you to attend the final DC public hearing this week at All Souls Church, 1500 Harvard Street NW, Thursday, April 1, beginning at 6:30 pm.


Councilmember Jim Graham


Metro Will Move Undergroung With 8″ of Snow

February 5, 2010

Metro has already announced that it will reduce service to underground stations only when snow accumulation reaches 8″. You can read more about using Metro during a snowstorm here>>


Columbus Day Weekend Work to Close Two Metrorail Stations and Part of a Third

October 7, 2009

Metro Reports that Green line service will be disrupted this Columbus Day Weekend between Chinatown/Gallery Place and the Navy Yard stations. The full WMATA Press Release can be found here>>

Below is an except:

The Waterfront-SEU and Archives-Navy Mem’l-Penn Quarter Metrorail stations will be closed, and the Green Line also will be closed at the L’Enfant Plaza Metrorail station from 10:30 p.m., on Friday, Oct. 9, through Monday, Oct. 12, with no service at these stations for three consecutive days. The Blue and Orange Line at the L’Enfant Plaza Metrorail station will not be affected. Service will resume at all Metrorail stations on Tuesday, Oct. 13.

To help people get around the closures, the Yellow Line will be rerouted and will follow the Blue Line route between the Pentagon and Stadium-Armory Metrorail stations with a stop at the L’Enfant Plaza Metrorail station on the lower level. Shuttle buses also will be available.

Some Items of Note from the ANC 4C Meeting Last Night

September 9, 2009

Metro bus at Rock Creek Church Rd and Warder St.There were two items of interest to northern Park View at last night’s ANC 4C meeting.

The first was when Dana Baker of WMATA address the room to respond to recent complaints about Metro buses speeding down Rock Creek Church Road. This has been a constant problem. Ms. Baker stated that WMATA is addressing this issue by taking the following preventative measures:

  • They will increase supervisory monitoring;
  • They will conduct regular radar checks;
  • They will discuss the issue of speeding buses in bi-weekly safety meeting with drivers; and,
  • There will be severe disciplinary action to any operator involved in the unsafe operation of a Metro bus.

Time will tell if these measures are successful.

Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro stationThe second item of interest was when Capt. Brian Heanue, the Evening Watch Commander of the Metro Transit Police, addressed the room to talk about crime at the Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro station. Some residents spoke to the issue of litter and loitering which will be looked into.

Capt. Heanue, speaking specifically on criminal behavior at the station, stated that for the period of June and July, 2009, there were 21 crimes reported at this station. While he did not have hard comparative information at hand, he estimates that this is about a 50% increase in criminal activity. Of the 21 cases, there were still 4 open cases for robbery.

Lastly, Capt. Heanue informed the group that in addition to the general Metro numbers and email options available to contact Metro with problems and concerns, the direct line for Metro’s Transit Police is 202-962-2121.

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