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Now Open: Rock Creek Market

September 22, 2009
Shewangezaw Tilahun , Owner of Rock Creek Market
Shewangezaw Tilahun , Owner of Rock Creek Market

The wait is over, and in my opinion it was worth it. Rock Creek Market opened this morning at 7:30 am. In talking to Shewangezaw Tilahun — owner of the market — there is still a lot to figure out. Chief among the issues are establishing fixed operating hours. These will likely be adjusted over the next couple of weeks to better serve the neighborhood’s needs.

Another thing that still isn’t completely set is what will be carried at the market. While they have a good selection of items already, they have a sign up sheet at the counter so you can tell them what you’d like to have in the store if you don’t see it.

There is still more to come. They have not obtained their license for beer and wine yet, but that should be soon. They are also working on getting a deli license which will allow them to sell coffee and sandwiches.

Stop by and check it out. When you do, you’ll likely meet Shewangezaw’s daughter, Meron, who is managing the store.

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Rock Creek Market, and Other Market News

September 17, 2009

Rock Creek MarketI had the good fortune of running into the owners of the Rock Creek Market on Wednesday night, and took the opportunity to ask if they had an opening date set yet. And … I was told that they intend to open this Saturday. I can’t wait to see what its like stocked. When I was given a tour a few weeks ago it looked great.

In other market news, I’ve heard some scuttlebutt in the neighborhood that Gee’s Market may have been selling beer and wine without a liquor license, but haven’t confirmed this yet or found out if anything’s been done to remedy the situation should it be true.

And, the long closed market on Irving and Warder Streets is  finally being developed. Unfortunately, there is currently a stop work order on the premises, but there is a building permit in the window with two permits to install air conditioning. In reading the stop work order, it looks like most of the items have been addressed. I guess time will tell what the building is ultimately used for. You can see what it looked like prior to development here>>
Corner of Irving and Warder
Stop Work Order

Another Hurdle Cleared for Rock Creek Market

September 2, 2009

Rock Creek MarketI was greeted by a real treat when I returned home from work last night … the sight of Rock Creek Market making real progress. The refrigeration units have arrived and are ready to install!

I was also fortunate enough to meet the future manager of the market who invited me into the space to see the progress for myself. I am very impressed — it really looks like its going to be nice. There were rows of empty shelves waiting to be stocked, a nice checkout counter that was completely free of a cage and safety glass, and cooler parts waiting to be assembled (having just arrived).

If all goes well, the market could be open in as little as two more weeks. One thing that they would like to do but have been unable to get a license for is to operate a deli, which would permit them to sell open cups of coffee. If this is a service that you’d support at Rock Creek Market make sure you attend tonight’s Park View UNC meeting at the Rec Center. There will be a petition you can sign to support the deli license.

Rock Creek Market Refrigeration


Progress Continues at Rock Creek Market

August 29, 2009

ADT @ Rock Creek Market
I noticed this morning that ADT was doing work at Rock Creek Market. While the recent acts of vandalism have delayed the market’s opening, its nice to see that progress is continuing.

Gee’s Market Open for Business

August 24, 2009

Gee's MarketGee’s Market has finally reopened, so I stopped in to check it out.While it seems a bit sparsely stocked, I was informed that its only been open for about a week.

Its located on the southeast corner of Warder Street and Otis Place and is across from the Park View elementary and the Rec Center. I think its great that kids have someplace close to get a snack or a soda.

My only personal concern is that it appears they sell single serve beer.

All that said, its nice to have another of the Warder Street markets open again.

Rock Creek Market Update

August 17, 2009

Rock Creek MarketWhile it doesn’t look like Rock Creek Market will be opening in mid-August as they’d hoped, things are still moving along. I’ve learned that they have received a basic grocery license. I also noticed late last week that security measures have been added in response to the recent vandalism. I also really like the new street numbers that have been added over the door.
Rock Creek Market
Rock Creek Market

Yes! Organic Market Opening Monday

August 14, 2009

According to a press release by DC Counsel Member Muriel Bowser and reported on the Prince of Petworth, the official opening and ribbon cutting for the Yes! Organic Market on Georgia Avenue will be on Monday, August 17th at 3pm. Bowser’s statement is below:

At 3 p.m., on Monday, August 17, the grand opening of Yes! Organic Market will take place. The store is located at 4100 Georgia Avenue NW. Yes! will provide samples of fare available at the store. Police officers from the Fourth District will be on hand to distribute newsletters and other important safety materials. The arrival of Yes! is really a great day for Ward 4 and is just part of the Petworth community’s continued revitalization.

Yes! Coming Soon!(Image by Wayan Vota)

Market News

August 13, 2009

Gee's MarketG's Market Coming Soon

The word on the street is that Gee’s market, which has been closed a for a spell and is located at Warder and Otis across from the Rec Center, may be preparing to open again soon. Does anyone have any more details?

Vandalism of Rock Creek Market Delays Opening

July 27, 2009

P1010003Vandalism of the Rock Creek Market, first with graffiti on June 18th (right), and later with the breaking of two windows (below), has caused concern to the owner and developer of the store. Having to deal with senseless vandalism prior to even being open has fortunately not ended this great addition to the neighborhood before its even begun.

While everything is still on track to open, the date has now been moved to the middle of August. This will allow for the repair of the recent damage and the inclusion of additional precautions against property crime.
Damaged window, corner store

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