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Market 77 Opening New Location at 3653 Georgia Avenue

March 23, 2011

Market 77 opening at 3653 Georgia Avenue

A short while ago, Hair Plus and Gifts moved a few doors down to 3659 Georgia Avenue leaving 3653 Georgia vacant. After some speculation on what might be moving into the space, the mystery is over.

The awning has been switched over for Market 77. Residents familiar with the neighborhood may recall that Market 77 first opened a location in July 2010 at the former National Guard location at Irving and Georgia Avenue.

I find it interesting that Market 77 will be located next to King’s Deli and somewhat wonder how the two businesses will compete with each other. Perhaps their services are different enough where they’ll actually complement each other. Either way, we’ll have to wait and see.


77 Market Gets Permanent Sign

August 24, 2010

Thanks to a reader for sending in the following photo. 77 Market — located across from the Bruce Monroe Park at Georgia and Irving — finally has a permanent sign. More importantly, it lists some of the goods they carry and that they are open 24 hours. Area residents may recall that this was formerly home to the National Guard.


Petworth Safeway Talks Underway

August 23, 2010

Safeway on Georgia AveDCist reports this morning that development, after long wait, may finally be coming to the Petworth Safeway located at 3830 Georgia Avenue, NW.

This would be a great asset to the area. According to their posting, talks are currently underway to build a “new 50,000 square-foot anchor store [that would include] 210 housing units  … on top of the supermarket.”


Glimpse of Irving & Georgia Ave. Market’s Name

July 23, 2010

The following photo was sent in by a loyal reader (& Park View resident) who happened to witness an attempt to install a sign at the new market on the corner of Irving & Georgia Avenue. This event was on Tuesday, July 20th, around 10:00 p.m. Apparently the installation didn’t go as planned since the business was still without a sign when I walked past it last night … although there was a ladder out front.

Does anyone know if a sign is on the building this morning, or even what the name of the market is? There isn’t enough sign visible for me to make it out.


Corner Market Opens in Former National Guard Site

July 8, 2010

A new neighborhood market has opened on the southeast corner of Georgia Ave. and Irving St., NW, in the building formerly housing the National Guard. While it didn’t have signs up earlier this week, it had at least taken the old signs down.

This is a plum location situated directly across from the former Bruce-Monroe site. That location is currently being developed for recreational use.

The old National Guard sign down and out at Irving & Georgia


Coffee Now Available at Rock Creek Market

June 30, 2010

For those that might not have stopped by Rock Creek Market recently, there is one more reason not to pass it by … coffee!

The market obtained its deli license and will now carry coffee.  This is a process that they started last October and is now finally approved. They expect to start selling it either Saturday or Sunday of this week, but in the mean time you might just be able to get a complimentary cup.

From the conversation I had when I was in the market, they plan to have coffee available from opening until it lasts.


Could Park View Support a Grocery Store?

March 1, 2010

The Park View Market when it opening in 1923

Many discussions that focus on the future of Georgia Avenue tend to ask the question: “What do you want the avenue to be?” Its a fair enough question. For answers to questions like this, I tend to look backward to see what was there in hopes to get ideas of what a good mix of development might be for the future.

Park View Market interior, 1923

Among the things I’ve found are grocery stores. The Park View Market was located north of Park Road on the west side of Georgia Avenue. It was developed by Morris Cafritz and opened on January 10, 1923.

In reviewing an earlier article in the Washington Post, the market was designed to have 180 stalls, refrigerating compartments, covered an area of 200,000 sq. ft., and according to a boast of Mr. Cafritz, was the only market completed on the east coast at that time to be filled with daylight.

By 1949, the Park View Market had become an A&P Super Market. Also by 1949, the community had a Safeway that was just north of Princeton Place on the west side of Georgia Avenue (on part of the land now under construction for CVS).

Currently, the community is served by Murry’s on the 3400 block of Georgia Avenue and a handful of small markets.

In looking at the decennial censuses, 1950 records that there were 8,367 residents in the neighborhood. This is the most people recorded for living in Park View. From 1950 there was a steady decline with the 2000 census recording 4,480. With the opening of the Metro in 1999, Park View is poised to show its first population increase in over 50 years.

Taking all that into account:

  1. Should Park View have a grocery store?; and,
  2. Can Park View support a grocery store?


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