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Latest Scuttlebutt — Petworth Liquors Seeking New Location

May 29, 2013
Petworth Liquor, located at 3910 Georgia.

Petworth Liquor, located at 3210 Georgia.

I’ve been hearing scuttlebutt lately that Petworth Liquors is looking to relocate to a new location. This seems to be in response to the recent sale of the property where they are located, or so I’ve been told. This will not be the first time that Petworth Liquors has sought a new location. Prior to being located at 3210 Georgia, Petworth Liquor was located on Georgia Avenue just north of its intersection with New Hampshire. The photo below dates to ca. 1993, and shows both Petworth Liquor and old Engine No. 24 before they were displaced by construction of the Georgia Avenue Metro station.

Prior to locating at 3910 Georgia, Petworth Liquors was located just north of the Georgia/New Hamphire Ave. intersection.

Prior to locating at 3210 Georgia, Petworth Liquors was located just north of the Georgia/New Hamphire Ave. intersection.

Lion’s Gets City’s Paper’s Staff Pick for Best Liquor Store in DC — 2013

April 11, 2013

Kudos to Lion’s Fine Wine & Spirits for getting the City Paper’s 2013 Staff Pick for Best Liquor Store.

Lion's, at 3614 Georgia.

Lion’s, at 3614 Georgia.

Lion’s Fine Wine & Spirits Now Open on Sundays

March 19, 2013

Lion's Fine WinesIn case you didn’t notice over the weekend, Lion’s Fine Wine & Spirits began Sunday hours on St. Patrick’s Day. Lion’s interest in Sunday hours first came to my attention in mid-January when the list of businesses filing applications was published by DCist. Anticipating that the application would conflict with an old Voluntary Agreement signed with the previous owner, ANC 1A voted to amend the agreement at their February 13, 2013, meeting.

The turn around at Lion’s after the change in ownership has been amazing. I especially appreciate the owner’s attention to customer services.

Lion's, at 3614 Georgia, began Sunday hours on March 17th.

Lion’s, at 3614 Georgia, began Sunday hours on March 17th.


Park View Liquor Businesses Among Those Applying for Sunday Alcohol Sales

January 31, 2013
The renovated Lion's at 3614 Georgia Avenue

Lion’s at 3614 Georgia Avenue has applied to sell alcohol on Sundays

If you follow DCist, you will have noticed that a few days ago they published the list of liquor establishments that have applied to sell alcohol on Sundays. Of the fifty-nine applications filed so far, two locations are in Park View — Lion’s Fine Wines & Spirits at 3614 Georgia and King’s Deli & Grocery at 3651 Georgia (though DCist has the address as 2561 Georgia). So far, these are the only two applications in all of ANC 1A. Other nearby locations outside ANC 1A include Irving Liquor at  3100 Mount Pleasant Street, JB Liquors at 3914 14th Street, and M & S Market at 213 Upshur Street.

According to DCist:

“The board will be evaluating these applications on a case-by-case basis,” said [ABRA’s Bill] Hager. “The basic standard at this point is that a license must not have a Voluntary/Settlement Agreement; or if one does exist, that the terms do not preclude Sunday hours of operation.”

While you can read the full January 16th ABRA Press Release, the following is what will be of most interest to readers:

Of significance, the Bill allows Sunday alcoholic beverage sales by liquor stores. The District of Columbia now joins 37 other states that permit liquor stores to be open on Sundays. Liquor stores are currently permitted to remain open on Sundays in Virginia and Montgomery County, Maryland. ABRA Director Fred Moosally stated, “ABRA will begin accepting applications from liquor stores to sell and deliver alcoholic beverages on Sundays starting on Wednesday, January 16, 2013.”

Growlers, which are reusable containers holding up to 64 fluid ounces of beer, may now be sold for off-premise consumption at brew pubs, liquor stores, and full service grocery stores. The sale of growlers of beer for off-premise consumption was previously limited to the District’s three licensed breweries.

UPDATE: I’ve since learned that D’Vines at 3103 14th Street has also applied to sell on Sunday.


Lion’s Has Grand Opening Today

March 9, 2012

Lion’s Fine Wines and Spirits, at 3614 Georgia Avenue, is having their grand opening today. While they had a soft opening last Saturday, I’m sure that not everyone who’s wanted to check it out has had the time yet.


Lion’s Fine Wines & Spirits Set to Open This Week

February 27, 2012

The renovated Lion's at 3614 Georgia is set to open at the beginning of March 2012

After being closed for nearly eight months,the renovated Lion’s Fine Wine & Spirits is set to open this week. I had an opportunity to stop by over the weekend and learned that Lion’s may have a soft opening on either Wednesday or Thursday. They are aiming at having a more official opening on Friday. However it plays out, they have all their paperwork in place and can open as soon as they are finished stocking their shelves.

Below are are some interior shots giving an idea of what to expect if you decide to shop there. The paper on the floor will be removed. It is currently protecting the hardwood floors, which you can see here.


Renovation Preview: The New Lion’s Fine Wine & Spirits

February 2, 2012

I was lucky enough to get a preview of the renovations going on at Lion’s Fine Wine & Spirits (3614 Georgia Avenue, NW) and I wanted to share the following images with the community. Owner Yuni Yi not only gave me a tour of the soon-to-open liquor store, but also showed me the space behind the store and the basement which are not yet renovated. Based on our conversation, Mr. Yi informed me that once the liquor store is open he plans to turn his attention to the unrenovated area and create a wine bar in the rear. It would have a separate entrance (also off of Georgia) and would incorporate both an area that could be reserved for small groups and a lower level that would have more of a lounge feel to it.

While the wine bar idea is still a ways off, the photos below show that the renovated liquor store is quickly nearing completion.

View of the southern wall

View toward the back of the store from the Georgia Avenue entrance


Glimpse of Renovations at Lion’s Liquor

January 4, 2012

I was sent the following from reader Keith D. yesterday:

I stopped into the old Lion’s Liquor on Georgia Ave. last night as one of the owners invited me in to take a peak. They plan on opening up a much more upscale store called “Lion’s Fine Wine” as I believe you have already reported.

The interior is really coming together with hardwood flooring and built-in shelves. They also plan on having a wine tasting area in the rear of the store. They anticipate to re-open the doors at the end of the month and are very excited for this new direction.

I for one am super pumped to have a well-kept store to serve the NE Columbia Heights,  Park View and Petworth neighborhoods. I think it fits nicely in the new entertainment strip emerging on GA consisting of Looking Glass, Blue Banana, and DC Reynolds (opening soon)!

I have to agree that this block of Georgia Avenue is really building some momentum. While Keith was unable to send a photograph, I was able to take the one below on my way home.

A glimpse at the renovation work in progress at Lion's

The photo above gives some idea of how the renovations are going. The blue shelves in the rear of the room are also along the northern wall of the store (to the right). I’ll be sure to post more images as I get them. Lion’s is located at 3614 Georgia Avenue.


Lion’s Liquor Renovations Looking Good

December 9, 2011

Facade improvements in progress at 3614 Georgia Avenue

Renovations at the former Lion’s Liquor store are proving to be promising. From what I’ve been able to see of the interior, the original tin ceiling has been saved and reused as well as the original hardwood floors.  As you can see from these photographs, improvements are also beginning to take shape on the exterior.

While time will tell if Lion’s has truly turned the corner to become a community asset, indications thus far seem promising. The concept of the new and improved Lion’s is to be more of a high-end store. You can read my initial report here.

The 9,518 sq. ft. building closedaround the first of July.

Detail of facade improvement


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