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A Garden Visitor — the Hummingbirdmoth

May 12, 2014

Over the weekend, while in the garden, I noticed a visitor to the garden a couple of times — a hummingbirdmoth. This is not the first year I’ve seen one, either.  Last year hummingbirdmoths also frequently visited the garden. The seem to like the creeping phlox in particular.

According to Wikipedia, its official name is Hemaris and it “is a genus of sphinx moths, consisting of about 17 species native to the Holarctic.Four species occur in North and South America and three are found in Europe. Their main host plants are herbs and shrubs of the teasel and honeysuckle families. Moths in genus Hemaris are known collectively as Clearwing Moths or Hummingbird Moths in the United States and Bee Hawk-Moths in Britain.”

… and here’s another one.

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