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Images from DDOT’s Library & Archives

September 1, 2017

A friend recently reminded me about the photos on the DDOT Library and Archives tumblr page. Overall, I found many of the images interesting, but only found a few from our area. DDOT has other photo pages as well, including DDOT Back in Time which may be of interest.

Park Road view west toward 14th Street, dated March 20, 1967.

14th Street just north of Park Road with view toward south, dated March 20, 1967.

Early 20th Century Photo of Rock Creek Church Cemetery Gate House

January 6, 2017

Back in August I found this old photo of the Gate House to Rock Creek Church Cemetery. Based on the other photos that were with it, I’m dating the photo to ca. 1915.

St. Pauls Episcopal church gate house

The gate house is still there and anyone familiar with the cemetery should recognize it. There are two things I like about this photo, though. The first is that it also includes a man standing in Rock Creek Church Road set up to take a photograph of the Soldiers’ Home Cemetery to the east. The other is that it shows that the entrance to the cemetery was once at Harewood Road. Today, the entrance has been moved to the west and is now at Rock Creek Church and Webster. This means that the gate house is no longer located right next to the gate.

The map below is a detail from the 1919 edition of the Baist’s real estate atlas of surveys of Washington, on which I’ve included an arrow showing the direction from which the above photo was taken. It also shows that Webster Street had not yet been constructed to connect with Rock Creek Church Road.


May Everyone have a Happy Holiday

December 24, 2014

Pepco has been in the news a lot lately, especially the merger with Exelon. It seemed like an appropriate time to share this photo of the old Pepco Building at 10th and E streets, NW, decked out in holiday cheer.

Pepco Headquarters Christmas

When Marksmanship Was Included as Part of Education

December 4, 2014

I recently found the following photo dated 1922 showing the Central High School girls rifle squad. I find it interesting that marksmanship was something taught in high school … and that there were competitions between schools. This is something I’m definitely going to want to dig into a little deeper.


The location is on the athletic field of Central — now Cardozo — looking east. The buildings in the background are the old Garfield Hospital.

Beautiful Old Stereoview of Soldiers’ Home

September 26, 2014

Here’s an old stereoview of the Soldiers’ Home Scott Building from the 1870s. The card is hand-colored, and I think its a nice image to end the week. Enjoy.

Scott Building Soldiers' Home

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