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The Lamont Street Collective Lands in Park View

July 18, 2016
The Lamont Street Collective's new home on the 400 block of Park Road.

The Lamont Street Collective’s new home on the 400 block of Park Road.

If you’ve been following local news in the past several weeks, you may be aware that the Lamont Street Collective — an affordable housing cooperative & creative community space located in Mt. Pleasant since 1975 — was evicted from the rowhouse in which they were located following a change in ownership last year (You can read more about the collective at the Washington Post or at the Washington City Paper).

As it turns out, Mt. Pleasant’s loss has become Park View’s gain, with the collective’s new home located on the 400 block of Park Road. Collective members are  still in the process of moving into their new digs. Having had the opportunity to sit down and chat with a few of the members, their decision to move to Park View could enhance many of the community efforts currently underway — ranging from treeing up the community to Georgia Avenue Thrive’s efforts to increase safety and establish stronger support for the Georgia Avenue business community, including community events.


Concerted Effort to Address Problem Rental House on Park Road

May 11, 2016

One of the issues I’ve been working on lately is a problem rental property located on the 400 block of Park Road. Fortunately, I’ve been working on this issue with 1A Commissioner Rashida Brown, MPD, and the Office of the Attorney General (OAG). The house is a group house that currently has Howard Students living in it. This isn’t the problem. The problem is this group likes to host parties with some regularity that start late, are advertised on social media with a lot of guests, and involve a lot of public drinking, etc.

This past weekend was worse than the others. In addition to the loud late night partying, it also included an assault and gunshots. The MPD announcement is below:

On May 7, 2016, shortly after midnight, Fourth District officers responded to the 400 block of Park Road, NW, for a shooting inside of a residence.

An adult male victim was located on the sidewalk suffering from serious facial and head injuries. An investigation revealed that the victim had been assaulted during a party inside the residence. The victim was taken to a local area hospital for treatment of his injuries. It was also determined that an unknown suspect had fired a handgun inside of the location, causing all of the individuals in the house to flee. At this time, it does not appear that anyone was struck by the gunshots.

WJLA 7 also picked up the story with the following report:

Howard park rd

Currently, the  OAG is treating this as a nuisance property, and working with ANC 1A, Howard University, MPD, and neighbors to restore harmony back onto the street. Certainly, loud parties that are regular events and involve public drinking … and recently assaults and gunshots … need to be brought under control. This is especially true in residential areas where both newer and long-term residents expect respectful neighbors.

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