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Anticipated Green Line Report Declares Corridor Top-tier Location for Population Growth, Job Creation, and Investment

January 12, 2012

When I first moved to Washington in 1994, the one piece of advice that many, many people gave me was “Avoid the Green Line — there is nothing good on the Green Line.” My how but times have changed.

Today, the Capitol Riverfront BID released the report they commissioned from Robert Charles Lesser & Co. on the economic health and commercial viability of the neighborhoods served by the Green Line stations between and including Georgia Avenue/Petworth and Navy Yard. A read of either the summary report or the full (313 page) report is interesting.

As you read through either report, keep in mind that Petworth is used throughout as shorthand for the 1/4 area around the Georgia Avenue/Petworth Metro, so that data is inclusive of the Park View/Ward 1 area served by the station.

From the report:


During the last decade, the District of Columbia re-emerged as the region’s growth driver. In fact, in 2012, the District had the highest population growth percentage in the nation. During this process, it reversed the historical trend
of lost market share of population and jobs to suburban competitors and has become a destination of choice not only for professionals but increasingly for the companies and organizations for which they work.

Regional real estate and economic observers have long pointed to property located along Metro’s Red Line in Northwest Washington and the Rosslyn-Ballston (R-B) Orange Line Corridor in Northern Virginia as successful investment and development corridors. Development locations and opportunities in these two corridors have been highly sought-after, garnering not only regional, but national, recognition. (more…)

Brief History of the Georgia Ave. Metro Station

November 17, 2011

With as much time and energy that has been focused on Metro Stations this year, particularly with names, I thought it would be interesting to dig into the history of the Georgia Ave-Petworth station. While there are many who feel that there was a missed opportunity by not changing the name of the Georgia Ave-Petworth station name to something better and representative of its location, the WMATA board did approve five other name changes. I’m willing to wager, however, that most residents debating the merits of the station’s name may not be aware that the location of the Georgia Avenue station was not originally to be at New Hampshire Avenue, or there was once a Petworth station planned as well as a Georgia Avenue station.

Metro map as recommended by the National Capital Planning Commission, 1966

As Zachary M. Schrag outlines in his book on the Washington Metro, the Green Line would take more than two decades before the first stations were opened in May 1991 and it would be another decade before it was completed. The delay, Schrag continues, resulted as much from extreme sensitivity to inner-city demands as from official disregard.

The Red line  was authorized in 1965 and remained largely as planned during its construction. The trunk portion of the Blue and Orange lines was approved by Congress in 1967. The Green line was not authorized until December 1969 after substantial work had already been done on the other trunk lines. While the Green line from its conception was scheduled for a late start, late originally meant September 1977.

Metro was not able to hold its original schedule. Metro encountered physical obstacles, lawsuits, and appropriation problems. The Green line itself had its own hurdles. The D.C. government was determined to avoid the top-down planning that had displaced tens of thousands of people in Southwest. All of this further delayed construction of the Green line and left the route open to continual modification and uncertainty. (more…)

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