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Graffiti/Tagging on Georgia Avenue Finally Getting Under Control

April 27, 2011

While it’s going to take a little while to remove all of the recent tagging that hit the neighborhood, the offenders of the recent spat of 640/3500/RCC tagging was identified to MPD and known to them. Upon walking the northern part of the corridor, all of the tagging at the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro had been removed as well as a significant amount of the tagging down to Park Road. Of course, there’s still Nero and Beks to worry about.

One thing I’m encouraged by is the amount of community activism I’ve seen assisting the City try to get on top of this issue. I’ve been documenting as much tagging as possible and passing along information to assist with removal and there is a very active group of neighbors on Irving Street doing much the same along that part of the community. In several cases, residents have taken it upon themselves to remove tagging after they’ve documented it.

One victim, if you will, of the recent graffiti removal efforts was the more artistic graphic below which didn’t quite survive a day before it was removed. Sadly, it was actually the one I liked the best.

This happy bulldog skull graphic was found at the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro shortly before its removal


Area Tagging Continues to be a Blight Along Georgia Avenue

April 12, 2011

On the evening of April 11/12, NERO tagged over the 640 tag that occurred over the weekend. This is at 3663 Georgia Avenue.

Last night was another busy night for graffiti/tagging on Georgia Avenue. While “640” hit the neighborhood this past weekend, the persistent “nero” apparently felt the need to reclaim their turf. Below are the locations of the current tagging between Rock Creek Church Road (north) and Park Road (south), with an additional location thrown in to boot.

  • Ace Cash Express 3663 Georgia Avenue (last night’s tagging on top of the weekend’s tagging)
  • Fisherman of Men Church #1 3641 Georgia Avenue Northwest (old tagging)
  • Fisherman of Men Church #2 3641 Georgia Avenue Northwest (new tagging)
  • Elegance Nails 3619 Georgia Avenue Northwest
  • Utility box NW corner of Princeton and Georgia (old tagging)
  • General Services, Inc 3613 Georgia Avenue Northwest
  • Lion’s Liquor & Spirits 3614 Georgia Avenue (tagging: RCC, 3500, & 640)
  • International Hair Salon 701 Newton Place (NW Corner of Newton and Georgia)
  • Park Road BP 3426 Georgia Ave. (SW Corner of Park Rd & Georgia Ave)
  • Park Road Community Church 1019 Park Road Northwest

Images of these locations are after the jump (more…)

Warder Street Gets Tagged Over the Weekend

March 14, 2011

The balustrade at the Park View School with tagging by Bucktooth

Over the weekend, Warder Street north of Newton Place was tagged. The balustrade at the Park View School, along with the school’s wall, the wall at the Rec Center, and a few street lights were all defaced. You can see an example to the right of the tagging at the entrance to the school.

This tagging seems to be new to the area, or at least new to me. The symbol is apparently a pictogram of the tagger Bucktooth. In addition to Bucktooth, the new tagging in yellow seems to belong to “Zipe.” While less artistic, Zipe seems to have a sense of humor as he was willing to tag a chair that was on the curb awaiting trash pick up, which you can see below.

Tagged chair on Rock Creek Church Road

I wasn’t able to walk the entire neighborhood to see if there was new graffiti elsewhere. I’ve reported the new tagging on Warder, but for new tagging elsewhere it can be reported to the citywide call center @ 311. As a reminder, if it is located on private property it will require a waiver form. More information can be found at  the DPW Web site which includes copies of the waiver form in English or Spanish.


While Area Graffiti is Getting Bad, There are a Few Gems

February 17, 2011

This drawing was in the alley behind 3119 Georgia Avenue, just south of Kenyon

Anyone walking along lower Georgia Avenue lately may have noticed that a lot of graffiti has occurred recently … especially from area tagger NERO. The vast majority of it is on private property and is going to require signed waivers before the District will take action. Those seeking information or assistance can read more a the DPW Web site and can get a copy of the Waiver form in English or Spanish there as well.

Still, as much as I don’t approve of defacing public property, there were a few instances of graffiti and street art that were more interesting than most, which I’m sharing here.

This example is located at the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro, but can be found in a couple of places

This satellite is on the north side of Giant Liquor, 3504 Georgia Avenue, NW


Ask, er, Request and You Shall … (Graffiti Removal Follow Up)

October 21, 2010

Intersection of Irving & Warder Streets, NW

…Receive immediate results.

Within a few days of submitting an online request to City Services for graffiti removal, the spray painted tag has since been covered up.

I found DC’s Service Request Center [Call 311] to be easy to navigate and you receive a tracking number for each request, so you can monitor  the status of your request.  Registration is not required to submit a request, but is required if you seek to check on the status of your request.

Tagging at Park View Rec Center

Still, even with the ease of getting most graffiti removed, once in a while there is a case that takes a little more effort. Up the street at the Park View Recreation Center, there has been a “7-N-Tayor” tag on the Princeton Place side of the field house for about a year. This tag has been reported on a few occasions already.

Escalating the issue, its now been reported to both Councilmember Jim Graham and Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR) Director Jesús Aguirre. According to Aguirre, the Department of Public Works does graffiti removal for DPR and he has asked for their immediate help. We’ll see.


Tag! YOU’RE graffITi

October 14, 2010

Recent tag at Warder & Irving Streets, NW

No matter how ‘interesting’ a tag – a form of signature used by graffiti artists –  may look, graffiti is unlawful in DC (D.C. Code §  22-3312.01). This tag was recently seen at Warder & Irving Streets, NW.  Citizens can use the DC Service Request Center to submit Graffiti Removal request online, or, call 3-1-1.

(BTW, I see a morphed PV [Park View] in this tag; regardless, I seek its Permanent remoVal!)


CVS Falls Victim to Graffiti

June 16, 2010

Over the weekend the soon to open CVS was “initiated” into the neighborhood in the form of graffiti/tagging. Graffiti continues to be a problem in the area.

The area defaced in this instance was along New Hampshire Avenue near the rear of the building. People may recall that Rock Creek Market also had tagging problems when they were renovating for their opening. You can see the extend of the tagging in the images below.


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