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Improving Google Maps via Map Maker

May 10, 2012

Google map of Park View showing the before image (in green) and the current image (green and purple)

Very recently I discovered that it is possible to not only alert Google to errors or corrections on their maps, but it is also possible to submit changes and additions directly to Google via their Google Map Maker. With a Google account, you can make changes on Google maps and submit them for review.

The review process may take a few days until a “trusted reviewer” looks at the pending change to make a determination. The reviewer may also contact the submitter for additional documentation to support the proposed change.

In the example above, you can see how I was able to get the boundaries of Park View changed from the green area to the purple area over several days and with more than one email back and forth.Yet, while getting general neighborhood boundaries correct is fun and highly visible, the real benefit to submitting changes directly to Google is in the smaller details.

The map detail below includes three new changes based on recent submissions. The Park View Recreation Center now spells the neighborhood with two words, DC Reynolds has been added, and Lion’s Fine Wine & Spirits has been updated with the status changed from closed to open.

I think that being able to submit changes directly to Google, especially for businesses, is great. With minimal effort and a little patience, anyone can help keep neighborhood information on Google maps accurate, useful, and current.


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