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Expanded UPS Service in Park View

September 4, 2015
UPS Access Point Sign at Rock Creek Market.

UPS Access Point Sign at Rock Creek Market.

A couple weeks ago, I noticed that there was a new UPS Access Point sign at the Rock Creek Market, located on the corner of Rock Creek Church Road and Warder. In chatting with the owner, he confirmed that this was a recent service they’ve added. In checking around, I’ve also noticed that there are other nearby UPS Access Points in the community, including one at the Lamont Market (Lamont & Warder) and also at the 77 Market (Irving and Georgia Avenue). (You can locate UPS service locations via this Web site).

According to the UPS Access Point Web site, UPS describes the service this way:

UPS Access Point locations are convenient places–such as The UPS Store®, local grocery stores, or other local businesses–that offer easy package drop-off or collection. With locations offering weekend and evening hours, UPS Access Point locations are designed to make your life easier.

Here’s how you can take advantage of our network of delivery locations:

  • Collect packages from locations in our network, so you don’t have to worry about being home to receive your shipments. Note: We may redirect your packages to a nearby location if you’re not home at the time of delivery.*
  • Redirect your packages to your preferred location before or after we make a first delivery attempt to your home with a UPS My Choice® Membership.*
  • Drop off pre-paid UPS packages at any UPS Access Point location.

We preapprove all UPS Access Point locations and fully equip them with the latest technology, so you can be sure your package is safe and your pickup will be fast. Make sure you have an official form of identification or government-issued ID; you’ll need it to pick up your package.

Has anyone used one of these UPS access points? If so, what was your experience?

Yoga House Closing (Moving)

July 22, 2010

Looking Glass LoungeIt was brought to my attention by a reader today that Yoga House, currently above Looking Glass, is planning to close with their last day being August 29th. It’ll be sad to see them go. An exerpt from the announcement is below:

“Our 5 year lease is ending at our current space at the end of August, and we have decided to vacate these premises. We love our beautiful Yoga House – but we know that it is not the building we love, it is the sweetness of all the amrit velas, all the yoga and meditation that we have done there that have created the beauty of this space – and we are not attached to this one building no matter how much we have enjoyed it.

So many great moments – from snowy morning yoga to hot hot sweaty classes, too. All of these are with me now, in my continuum of time and space and I will forever smile thinking of many of you transformed through meditation and practice there.

Yes we are planning to re-locate and re-open, but it won’t happen before 2011.”

Full announcement afte the jump>> (more…)

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