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Rec Center’s Fences A Gaping Problem

June 17, 2010

Section of fence repaired last week

Last week a resident on Princeton Place alerted readers that there was a huge hole in the Park View Rec Center fence that posed a safety problem to children using the facilities. Early on Friday, 6/11/10, the hole was patched. One would think that that would be the end of the story.

Yet, less than a week later, there are two new gaping holes in the same section of fencing. One resident I talked to reported that they have already seen children using the new openings.

Upon expecting the Rec Center’s fences, it was apparent that the chain link is not the only fence in need of attention. A section of iron fencing along Otis Place is also in need of repair also.

The following images document some of the fence problems needing attention.

One of two new holes in the Rec Center fence

This stretch of iron fence on Otis Place has separated from the retaining wall


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