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Shaken Up: Additional Earthquake Damage Photos from Southern Warder Street

August 24, 2011

The most noticeable effect of August 23rd’s earthquake in the neighborhood was in southern Park View, chiefly with chimneys in the area around Warder Street’s intersections with Columbia Road and Hobart Street. See examples below.

Impacted Knee Wall

Impacted Chimney + Knee Wall

Chimney Askew


Like Rest of City, Park View Area Only Sustains Minor Earthquake Damage

August 24, 2011

In walking around the neighborhood after yesterday’s 5.9 magnitude earthquake, the only significant damage evident was at 3101 Georgia Avenue (corner of Irving Street). As with other buildings around town, 3101 had a portion of its knee wall collapse and crash to the sidewalk. Below are a few detail images of the damage.

In the broader immediate area, Mt. Rona over at 13th and Monroe sustained significant damage. You can see images of that damage here.

Personally, the only thing I found amiss awaiting me upon my return home was a toppled Santos which was laying face down on the floor.  Did anyone else find earthquake evidence or damage at their house?

Damaged knee wall

Rubble on sidewalk


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