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Help Keep Catch Basins Clear of Debris

January 10, 2012

Clogged catch basin at 6th and Newton Place, NW

Did you know you can help DC Water keep streets from flooding and keep trash out of our waterways?

According to them … “the District has more than 25,000 storm drains that direct stormwater off roads and into sewers. A catch basin is the part of the storm drain that catches litter before it can enter the system. DC Water cleans and maintains catch basins regularly, removing 23 tons of debris every day.”

In order to help DC Water with their regular cleaning … which ultimately helps prevent flooding in the neighborhood … residents can report clogged catch basins for service. This can be done by either calling (202) 612-3400 or sending a tweet to @dcwater. Be sure to identify the location as specifically as possible.

I’ve recently reported two clogged catch basins via Twitter and look forward to seeing how well it works.


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