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Area Photographers — 2013 DCist Exposed Contest is Still Open

January 7, 2013


If photography is your thing and you haven’t yet entered the 2013 DCist Exposed Photo Contest, do it now!

Now in its 7th year, DCist features the best Washington, D.C. photography through the eyes of the people who live, work and play here. They put up a new website this year where people can find all the past winners, links to their photo publications, and the application. It’s just $10 to submit 3 entries by January 9, 2013. The winning images will be displayed at Long View Gallery in late March — DCist hosts two opening nights, typically attended by well over 1,000 visitors and celebrating D.C. with local brews and other surprises.

I know we have some very talented people living in Park View, and hope to see the neighborhood represented among the winners!


Community Holiday Lights Constest — Who’s In?

November 25, 2011

Decorations at 608 Rock Creek Church Road from last year

Here’s something fun to kick off the Yuletide season.

The Park View, Petworth, and Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH) communities are in the early stages of organizing a holiday lights competition. Everyone involved thus far thinks this is a good opportunity to have the communities get to know each other better. It’s also an opportunity to have some good, old-fashioned competition.

As I mentioned, this event is still in the very early stages of organization with full details yet to be worked out. The general idea is to identify households that want to participate. Then, select a night that the AFRH seniors can view the decorations and vote on the decorations they like best.

As details are nailed down, I’ll post an update here. Of course, you can always send me an email as well.

So, who wants to participate?


Anyone Interested in a Gardening Competition?

March 24, 2010

Now that spring is here and plants are sprouting and blooming, I was wondering if neighborhood gardeners would be interested in a little friendly competition this year.

In reading the article below which briefly describes a “best lawn” competition held in Park View in 1916, it made me think that perhaps residents of the neighborhood would be interested in doing something similar with gardens and flower beds.

I particularly liked that lawns were judged three times a year — June 10, July 15, and September 10. Adopting this schedule — which gives everyone August off — would certainly accommodate Washington’s traditional vacation season.

So, does Park View have any green thumbs that would like to show off their talent and see how they compare with their neighbors efforts? If nothing else, you might get to at least meet your area gardeners.

(My gratitude to 3674 Park Place for providing the garden to photograph for this post)

From the Washington Post, May 21, 1916


3656 Park Place 2009 Halloween Decorated House Winner

November 2, 2009

Halloween Decorations: 3656 Park PlaceComing in with 60% of the vote, 3656 Park Place won this year’s Halloween Decorated House contest. Congratulations!!!

One thing I liked in particular was how each entry seemed to have a different approach in their decorating styles.

… AND … don’t put away that competitive spirit! There will be a contest for homes decorated for Christmas, too. So start thinking and planning.

Time to Vote for Park View Halloween Entries

October 26, 2009

Voting commences today for the Park View home with the most Halloween spirit. Based on how the homes are decoration, who do you think wins this years Halloween decoration contest? The five leading entries are below.

  1. 632 Quebec Place (it appears the spiderweb lights up at night, so I’ll post that image when I’m able to get one)
  2. 600 Irving Street
  3. 3656 Park Place
  4. 730 Rock Crek Church Road, or,
  5. 718 Rock Creek Church Road.

Images of these five homes are in order below (click on an image for a larger view). Voting will continue through October 31st. The winner will be announced on November 2nd.

Halloween Decorations: 632 Quebec Place
Halloween Decorations at 600 Irving Street, NW
Halloween Decorations: 3656 Park Place
730 Rock Creek Church Road @ Halloween
718 Rock Creek Church Road
718 Rock Creek Church Road


Halloween Decorations at 730 Rock Creek Church Road, NW

October 20, 2009

730 Rock Creek Church Road @ Halloween

Halloween Decorations at 3656 Park Place

October 19, 2009

3656 Park Place

Here’s another Park View home sporting some Halloween spirit. You can see some details below.

3656 Park Place
3656 Park Place


Remember to Enter the Halloween House Decoration Contest

October 16, 2009

October 25th is fast approaching, so if you will be decorating your home for Halloween and you live in Park View, give me a heads up and enter the Park View Halloween Decoration Contest. Voting will begin on October 26th.

Below is another entry I found at 718 Rock Creek Church Road. It looks truly promising.

718 Rock Creek Church Road
718 Rock Creek Church Road
718 Rock Creek Church Road


Park View Halloween Decoration Contest

October 9, 2009

600 Irving HalloweenAfter seeing this house at 600 Irving Street earlier this week, I decided that Park View was long overdue for some fun.  So, to that end — and since Halloween is my favorite holiday — I will be having a Halloween Decoration Contest.


The rules are simple, you merely need to,

  1. Decorate your house for Halloween,
  2. Be located within the borders of Park View outlined at the upper right of this blog,
  3. Have a picture of your house submitted to this blog before October 25 (if you don’t have a camera and want to be entered, send me an email and I’ll take the photographs myself).

All entries will be posted on October 26th and voting will be open to all from October 26th through the 31st. A winner will be announced on November 2nd. The winner will receive a $20 gift card to either the Rock Creek Market, Giant, or Safeway … whichever is most convenient to the winner.

So, send in your photos or alert your neighbors to send in theirs. May the best decorated house win!


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