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Great Streets Project Brings New Street Lights to Northern Park View

May 17, 2011

The Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets project is finally beginning to show a positive impact on the portion of Park View that is included in the project. New street light bases and poles have been installed between Princeton Place and New Hampshire Avenue. Hopefully it won’t be too long before they can continue them down to Otis Place, the projects southern terminus.

The length of the project is between Webster Street to the north and Otis Place to the south. DDOT estimates that it is approximately 58% completed with an end date of November 2011. The construction contract amount for the project is $7,906,624.05.


Construction Notice for Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets Project

April 5, 2011

Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets Project

Otis Place to Webster Street, NW

CONSTRUCTION NOTICE: 4/4/11 through 4/9/11

Work hours, including parking and sidewalk closures, are from 7:00am-5:00pm Monday – Saturday

Travel lane closures occur from 9:30am-3:30pm Monday – Saturday

Georgia Avenue between Taylor Street and Upshur Street:
TYPE OF WORK: Streetlight installation.
CLOSURES: SIDEWALK – Temporary closures and detours. PARKING LANE- Temporary closures.

Access to residences and businesses will continue to be maintained while sidewalks are temporarily closed or pedestrian traffic is detoured.

Georgia Avenue between Kansas Avenue and Varnum Street:
TYPE OF WORK: Streetlight installation and traffic signal pole installation at the island.
CLOSURES: SIDEWALK- Temporary closures and detours.

Access to residences and businesses will continue to be maintained while sidewalks are temporarily closed or pedestrian traffic is detoured.

Upshur Street between 8th Street & 9th Street:
TYPE OF WORK: Milling and Paving. Install laterals to all pendant poles and repair any broken laterals. Splices on all manholes.
CLOSURES: TRAVEL LANES: Temporary closures on Upshur Street. PARKING LANE – All.

9th Street between Taylor & Kansas Avenue:
TYPE OF WORK: Milling and Paving.
CLOSURES: TRAVEL LANE– Temporary closures on 9th Street. PARKING LANE – All.

Georgia Avenue between Randolph Street to Shepherd Street:
TYPE OF WORK: Install permeable pavers, granite curb and gutter. Install Light Pole foundations. Install streetlights at Shepherd Street.
CLOSURES: TRAVEL LANE – Temporary closures Georgia Avenue. PARKING LANE – All

Advanced door-to-door notices have been distributed and “Emergency No-Parking Signs” have been posted. Please be advised that any cars parked during construction hours along the streets with planned milling and paving activities will be towed.


Middle Georgia Avenue Construction Nears Park View, DDOT to Give Presentation at ANC 1A Meeting

February 9, 2011

Construction on Georgia Avenue just north of New Hampshire Avenue

The Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets construction has finally reached the proverbial gates of the Park View section of the project (as can be seen to the right). The project is approximately 30% completed and DDOT’s goals with the project are:

  1. Improve the quality of life in neighborhoods along the corridors, including public safety, physical appearance, and personal opportunity;
  2. Support local demand for goods and services through economic development;
  3. Expand mobility choices and improve safety and efficiency of all modes of travel; and,
  4. Attract private investment through the demonstration of a public commitment to Great Streets communities.

As construction will soon become a reality for residents between the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro station and Otis Place, DDOT has agreed to come to the ANC 1A meeting tonight (February 9th), give an overview of the project, and answer community questions. You can see the full agenda for the ANC 1A meeting by going to its Web site.


Sherman Avenue Streetscaping to Begin October 18th

October 8, 2010

Sherman Avenue at Park Road

Yesterday, Councilmember Graham sent out the following message about the streetscaping of Sherman Avenue and its imminent start:

Dear Friends: I am pleased to announce that DDOT has informed me that the contract for the reconstruction of Sherman Avenue has been awarded. As you may know, I had worked with the Mayor to insure funding for this important project in this fiscal year.

There was a pre-construction meeting with the contractor this week. The contractor is scheduled to start construction on October 18th.

There have been ongoing community meetings culminating in a final design of the streetscape. Thanks for that essential contribution!

This will provide further substantial revitalization for Ward 1, here in our east side neighborhoods.

Please pass this along to others. Bests, CM Jim Graham

You can follow the progress of the project  and learn more information on the DDOT Web page, which you can access here.


3577 Warder Street Update

July 26, 2010

The new condo building going up at 3577 Warder Street is mostly framed out. When I compare it to the rendering of its facade, there still appears to be a little more to go before it tops out.

I know I’ve been concerned about the parking the facility plans to offer, but after looking at the rear of the building, I’m somewhat baffled. I thought the rear of the building included carports, but I’ve become decidedly undecided on this possibility now. While the promo of the building clearly offers  parking, I just can’t figure out where there’s space for it. From my estimation, there isn’t room for vehicles to both park beneath the rear of the building and drive to the rear of the property.


Rock Creek Church Rd Work Done, Looks Great!

July 21, 2010

The 600 block of Rock Creek Church Road is newly paved and looking good. Once the crew got around to working on the street itself, it only took two days. I don’t know if this is standard or not, but this was a great crew.


Road Work Commencing on Rock Creek Church Road, NW, 7/19/10

July 19, 2010

After a few weeks of repairing and replacing most of the sidewalks and all of the crosswalk ramps, road work is finally beginning along Rock Creek Church Road between Warder and 5th/Park Place.

No parking along the road will be in effect through July 24th. Work started on June 28th and was estimated to take about three weeks. DDOT hasn’t been able to keep to that schedule, though it seems largely due to this summer’s heat.

Thus far, the crew has been great. The work they’ve done on the sidewalks has exceeded my exceptions. The only complaint I have has nothing to do DDOT, but rather the individual who has taken it upon themselves to inscribe “FLEX” along with other words in some sections of the concrete before it has completely set.

Dump trucks on Rock Creek Church Rd awaiting the start of road construction


Rock Creek Church Work Has Begun

June 29, 2010

Crews were out early to remove the old sidewalk at Reserve 321-A

Around 7 a.m. Monday morning, June 28, 2010, the work crew showed up to begin the reconstruction of the 500/600 block of Rock Creek Church Road, NW. They cordoned off the trees along the south side of the street and began by removing the sidewalks on the north and east side of the reserve at Rock Creek Church and Park Place. In less than an hour, the crew had the old sidewalk removed and forms in place along the north side of the reserve.

New sidewalks in place

Considering the heat of the day and the intense storm that hit in the afternoon, considerable progress was made. By the end of the day the new sidewalks were in place along the north and part of the east sides of the property. The crosswalk sections had not been touched.

From the notice that was distributed to residents it was clear that the roads were a major part of the project. This leads me to wonder if the crosswalk ramps need to wait until the streets have been started or if there is some other reason why they couldn’t be included in the rest of the sidewalk work. Either way, I’m sure there will be an answer in short order as work progresses.

A sea of orange greets pedestrians as they walk along Rock Creek Church Rd, NW. The project is estimated to take 3 weeks


Reminder: Rock Creek Church Road Work to Begin 6/28/10

June 25, 2010

The 500 & 600 blocks of Rock Creek Church Road are scheduled to be rebuilt over the next three weeks. You can read the earlier post here. In addition to the construction, residential curbside parking will not be permitted while construction is underway.

Yesterday afternoon, supplies started to arrive at Park Place and Rock Creek Church Road as you can see below.


Sweet Mango Fence Saga Continues

May 21, 2010

The fence at Sweet Mango was allowed to be finished

It was with much dismay that is saw that the fence along the Rock Creek Church Road side of Sweet Mango was allowed to be completed on Wednesday. It was even more appalling to see that the stop work order issued by DCRA on May 12, 2010, had been replaced by a work permit for a fence along the back of the building.

Upon digging into this issue, and after talking to a few neighbors, I understand that inspectors were at Sweet Mango again on May 20th. Sweet Mango was also able to obtain a permit for the fence, but I believe they also need to obtain a permit to use public space.

 Clearly, the book is not closed on this issue and I think concerned residents need to keep a watchful eye on this as details unfold.

Based on how this business has operated in the past, I’d like to know if permits had been obtained for any of the construction that has occurred there over the past 10 years.

809 Rock Creek Church Road is also used by Sweet Mango. There is a strong likelihood that the structure in front was constructed without permits


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