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Want to Know Your Neighborhood Better?: DC Reynolds Hosting Meeting to Talk About Community

June 25, 2012

Ward 1 map showing proposed 2012 ANC and SMD boundaries

Do you want to get involved in your neighborhood but don’t know where to start? Do you find acronyms like ANC, SMD, and PSA confusing? Have you ever wondered if there is a neighborhood civic organization in your area?

If you live on or near Georgia Avenue, or just want to learn more, here’s an opportunity to find out more about where you live, better understand how to get involved in your community, and more effectively communicate with the city and your representatives.

DC Reynolds is hosting an informal evening with Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners Kent Boese (1A08) and Lauren McKenzie (1B09) and Juan Camilo Barragan (Ward 1 Liaison, Office of Neighborhood Engagement (ONE), Executive Office of the Mayor) to help demystify the different opportunities available to learn more about your community and get involved.

Where: DC Reynolds, 3628 Georgia Avenue

Date: Tuesday June 26, 2012

Time: 7:00 p.m.


Park View Rec Center Hosts Welcome Back Cookout

June 21, 2012

To welcome the community back to the newly reopened and renovated grounds of the Park View Recreation Center, DPR and the rec center staff are hosting a day of fun this Saturday, June 23, from Noon to dusk.

As you can read from the flyer below, the event will feature a BBQ, flag football, basketball, kickball, and other community events to welcome the community back to their community park.


Newly Reopened Park View Rec Refocusing on Community

May 18, 2012

Last evening’s community meeting at the Park View Recreation Center focused primarily on exploring larger, community events to be held there. The annual Ty Hop Basketball Tournament is still on schedule and represents one such event, but not everyone enjoys basketball or participates in the event. So, last night’s meeting focused on brainstorming other options to pursue that would be of interest to other members of the neighborhood.

One idea that took root was to organize a Park View Family Day to coincide with the ribbon cutting ceremony reopening the renovated field. The idea is to create a day of games, music, and food to begin after the ceremonies are over.If successful, there is no reason why this event couldn’t become an annual event.

With the field project on schedule to be completed at the end of June, this is clearly going to be an event that needs a lot of planning and participation in a short period of time. A follow-up meeting to focus on pulling it together is scheduled for next Thursday, May 24th. Residents willing to roll up their sleeves and help make this happen are encouraged to come to the next meeting or contact DPR’s Ward 1&2 Manager, Gayle Ward (gayle.ward (at)


Portable Park View Pride Lets You Show Your Community Spirit

March 23, 2011

I thought it was about time for folks who love the neighborhood to be able to show it and take it with them … so I’ve had some PV oval stickers created.

I completely recognizing that the oval sticker is predominately placed on automobiles and that the neighborhood has easy access to Metro bus and rail making a car unnecessary. Still, I also recognize that many people own cars (the streets aren’t empty). So, if you want a sticker look at the upper right of this blog for details … or just send me an email.


News Bits — Area Openings and NPR Notice

February 28, 2011

There are two major services that are opening to the public today. I mentioned last week that the Ward One Senior Wellness Center will be opening today with an open house. This commitment to area seniors has been a long time coming and is a great asset to the community.

The other is the opening of the newly renovated Petworth Library. The ribbon cutting ceremony is today at 10:30 a.m.

The library received a $12.4 million dollar renovation, which included:

  • exterior renovation:
  • window and door restoration:
  • masonry repointing and cleaning;
  • roof repairs;
  • new exterior lighting;
  • improved ADA access; and,
  • a new cupola and balustrade on the roof according to the original design intent.

Other improvements include new mechanical and HVAC systems, better lighting, improved use of space, restoration of original interior finishes and furniture, new furniture, elevator improvements, new floors, updated bathrooms, electrical and fire alarm upgrades, landscape enhancements, and a new outdoor area for programs and activities.

The library will also host an Open House on Saturday, March 12, from 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. at 4200 Kansas Avenue, NW.

The last new item is another follow up from last week. Readers may recall that I posted about the NPR series Metro Connections highlighting the Door to Door segment. As predicted, the Park View neighborhood was featured on Friday’s Door to Door portion of the show along with the Hillcrest neighborhood.

The Petworth Library is located at the intersections of Upshur Street and Kansas Avenue, just off of Georgia Avenue


ANC 1A Commissioner Boese Speaks Before Class at Howard University

February 7, 2011

Commissioner Boese speaking before a class at Howard University

On Friday, February 4th, ANC 1A Commissioner Boese (1a08) was invited to speak before Dr. Ernest Quimby’s sociology class, “Deviance and the Community.” One of Dr. Quimby’s objectives of the class is the include community participation. One way he does this is by having members of the community speak to his students about neighborhood issues, culture, and history. Another way is through his assignments which require off-campus fieldwork.

Though invited to inform the student’s about the Park View community, Boese began by describing the broader historical framework of the District to set the stage for talking about how and why Columbia Heights, Pleasant Plains, and Park View developed. He also touched upon social forces that contributed to neighborhood development such as segregation, restrictive housing covenants, government interaction, and changing demographics. He additionally shared his views on the differences between Neighborhoods, Civic groups, and Communities and how each of these words can mean different things to different people.

One of the things Boese mentioned when speaking about Park View was the lack of official records or documentation in traditional archives and library collections. He offered that much of that history is available but is in the memories and experiences of our oldest residents. He suggested that an interesting future class assignment would be for students to conduct interviews with the most established members of the community and record oral histories. He furthered that there is a rich history in the communities around Howard, but that much of it has yet to be documented.

Unfortunately, time did not allow for many student questions or in-depth conversations on gentrification and other community issues. As a solution, Dr. Quimby will hold a class discussion to identify areas where further discussion is desired and Commissioner Boese will be invited back to continue the conversation.


Park View Kids Zone/Greater DC Cares Celebrates Year Anniversary with Open House

December 17, 2010

Last night, the Park View Kids Zone and Greater DC Cares celebrated their one year anniversary of providing programs at the Park View Recreation Center’s Field House with an open house. In keeping with the spirit of the season, there was food, hot chocolate, singing, and even dancing. Below are some photos of the event.

The north wall displayed photos showing accomplishments from the past year

Angela Strange introducing Park View youth prior to singing


Annual Community Potluck Dinner Scheduled for Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November 30, 2010

Each December, in lieu of an actual meeting, the Park View United Neighborhood Coalition devotes its time to a community potluck dinner. This year’s community dinner will be held at the Park View Recreation Center on Wednesday, December 1, at 7:00 p.m. All members of the community are invited to attend, bring a dish, and enjoy some relaxed camaraderie.

You can bring a dish as suggested in this month’s UNC newsletter (click on image to the right), or just bring your favorite. This year, in addition to the potluck, the winners of the UNC essay contest will be announced.


How-To-Guide: Process for a Block Party

October 18, 2010

In Washington, summer wouldn’t be summer without humidity and block parties. While the same can’t be said of the humidity, who doesn’t enjoy a good block party? On the surface, these community gatherings are a great way to meet neighbors, enjoy tasty food and swap stories. During a political year, they’ve also been known to attract candidates running for office, such as the one held on the 400 block of Columbia Road did earlier this year.

A well organized block party may seem like a day of fun-in-the-sun, but it actually takes a good deal of perseverance to organize.  If you live on a DC block interested in hosting this neighborly event, I’ve put together a step-by-step outline to help make the involved process as easy as possible, plus included additional hints where appropriate, which you can read after the jump (more…)

Pancake Breakfast – Sunday, Oct 17th

October 15, 2010

Cupcakes may grab the headlines, but here’s an event Park View residents can really sink their teeth into…

Neighborhood Pancake Breakfast
No strings attached. Come grab a plate & meet someone new in your community.

: 3230 Park Place, NW

WHEN: Sunday, October 17th

TIME: 8AM – 10AM

COST: $0

Download the Pancake Breakfast Flyer.

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