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Report on MLK, Jr. Day of Service at Bruce-Monroe @ Park View School

January 18, 2012

volunteers painting a mural at the school

I have a good deal of school news to share this week. So, before I move forward with information on the efforts to modernize the Park View School, I’m going to play catch-up and give a report on the Martin Luther King, Jr., Day of Service that occurred there this past Monday.

From what I’ve learned, there was a good turnout and things went well. They had about 50 volunteers through DC Cares as well as local neighbors who came to the school to participate.

Among the activities volunteers participated in were painting a César Chávez mural in the entrance hallway to the auditorium, painting flags of different countries from around the world on canvasses to be hung around the school, and a group went around and touched up all the existing murals that were in need of repair. A group of Park View residents washed all the windows and cleaned the doors and moldings throughout the school.

DC Cares also gave some pointers on fire safety and passed out flyers in the community about fire safety. In the spirit of the day, a group of local youth from Park View Kids Zone picked up trash along Warder Street to do their part in giving back to the neighborhood.

I’d like to express my gratitude to all those who became involved and donated their time and energy to make both the school and community a better place for all who are here.

David Do and another volunteer cleaning doors at the school


Park View Kids Zone & DC Cares Hosting Clean-Up at Bruce Monroe @ Park View, Monday 1/16/12

January 13, 2012

For those of you who have the Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday off, here is an opportunity for you to get involved in the community and serve. On Monday, January 16th, the Park View Kids zone and DC Cares will be participating in the National Day of Service in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. They will be hosting a clean-up day at Bruce Monroe @ Park View Elementary School (3560 Warder St NW) on Monday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Activities will include painting murals and doing some much needed clean-up projects at the school. All volunteers, parents, children, teens and neighbors are invited to join and serve our school in honor of Dr. King!

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

For more information, contact Angela Strange. Ang.Strange(at), 615-496-0834,


What’s the Best Way to Address Snow Removal at Public Spaces?

January 31, 2011

The sidewalks at Reserve 321-A as a snowy mess

While I know the city doesn’t officially clear sidewalks and leaves it to residents to shovel the walks in front of their homes, there must be exceptions to this rule. Not all property in the district is in front of a residence or business (and even those that are don’t all get shoveled).

For instance, Reserve 321-A on the south side of Rock Creek Church Road just west of the old Soldiers’ Home is a small park. It has a Metro bus stop on the property, the District paid to put in new sidewalks this past summer, and the city also mows the grounds. Is snow removal at this location something the city should take responsibility for, or is this something we residents should take ownership of?

Crews clearing sidewalks along the Soldiers' Home (Photo courtesy of ANC 4C10 Commissioner Rob Mandle)

A similar situation exists along the south side of Rock Creek Church Road east of Park Place. Here, after the Ward 4 representatives from the Mayor’s Office of Community Relations and Services were contacted, crews cleaned the sidewalks along the Armed Forces Retirement Homes.

I took a different approach with Reserve 321-A. Seeing that the temperature and sun had softened a lot of the snow on Sunday afternoon, I chose to shovel the sidewalk along Rock Creek Church Road. While I was fortunate to have some help, I didn’t have it in me to shovel the sidewalk along Park Place.

While it would be nice if the city could take care of this property during snow events, my sense is that they have all they can handle just trying to keep the streets clear. The most direct method I can think of would be if members of the community would be willing to adopt the park and share the responsibility of clearing the sidewalks. Living next door to this green space, I see children and a lot of dog walkers enjoy the benefits of the park … is anyone willing to help me keep the sidewalks clear?

Sidewalk at Reservation 321-A after my snow removal attempt on Sunday


MLK, Jr., Holiday Honored With Service in Park View

January 18, 2011

Park View Kids Zone's Angela Strange talking about the importance of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Park View Kids Zone, in partnership with Greater D.C. Cares, hosted a day of service at the Rec Center’s field house yesterday in honor of the Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday. A good number of volunteers turned out to assist neighborhood children learn about Dr. King, do a neighborhood clean-up, and enjoy fellowship. Starting around 10:00 a.m., the day began with a couple of videos focused on the importance of Dr. King and why service is an important way to honor his legacy. After the videos, the assembly sang We Shall Overcome before breaking up into groups to do a community clean-up.

Some of the bags with trash collection from the neighborhood

The clean up teams were largely focused between Rock Creek Church Road in the north and Otis Place on the south, and between Georgia Avenue and Park Place. The group I was with focused on the area between Warder and Georgia north of Quebec Place.

I was actually surprised by the amount to trash we picked up and know we didn’t get it all. It’s just impossible to pick up every cigarette butt and gum wrapper, but we were able to make a huge dent by getting a good amount of the trash — especially the vodka and Wild Irish Rose bottles.

Clean-up groups started returning to the field house around noon. Awaiting their return was a lunch of macaroni and cheese, chips, pudding, juice, and king cake.  You can see images of the volunteers and children enjoying lunch below.

lunch at the rec centerlunch at rec center


Park View Rec Center Service Day Honor’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on Monday

January 14, 2011

The Park View Kids Zone (PVKZ) is hosting a Service Day in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday, January 17th from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. They will have a short presentation about Dr. King and then will be picking up trash around Park View. They will also clean out closets and do some much-needed organizing at the PVKZ! If you would like to join them you can click on the DC Cares link here to register.


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