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DC Water Ward 1 Town Hall Scheduled for April 7

April 3, 2015

Throughout the month of April, DC Water is partnering with District of Columbia councilmembers to host town hall meetings across the District. In these meetings, DC Water C.E.O. and General Manager George S. Hawkins will discuss how rates are set and what is funded by ratepayer dollars. He will also address DC Water’s environmental programs, future water and sewer projects and issues facing local communities.

These town hall meetings will feature information on water quality, construction projects, employment, and customer service. Specific discussion topics will include water and sewer rates, drinking water, infrastructure, job opportunities and efforts to help clean local rivers.

The Ward 1 meeting is scheduled to occur at Harriet Tubman Elementary School (see flier below).  If you’ve ever wanted to know more about DC Water and what they do, this is a great opportunity.

DC Water Ward 1 Town Hall

Notes From March ANC 1C Meeting

March 5, 2015

ANC1C(ANC1C preparing to get started before a packed house.)

Last night’s meeting of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C was well attended, primarily due to the Commission’s consideration of the proposed development at Meridian International  (more below). In addition, the Commission also voted to approve a letter of support for the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon, unanimously supported a resolution calling for a Moratorium on Pop-Up Development (noting that ANC 1A passed an identical resolution in February), voted to join residents on a BZA Appeal for 2305-2307 Ontario Road, NW, and unanimously approved a resolution calling upon  DCRA to stop using the perimeter wall method when calculating Gross Floor Area/Floor Area Ratio and calling for an administrative review of DCRA operations.

Site plan of proposed development (from ANC 1C Web site).

Site plan of proposed development (from ANC 1C Website).

The agenda item of most interest to the community was the proposed development at Meridian International. Attendance was high at the meeting with attendees — many from Beekman Place and Crescent Place — overflowing into the hallway. The development  in question would face 16th Street between Belmont Street and Crescent Place, include approximately 130 units of residential housing, and include a conference center for Meridian International (connecting to the White Meyer House beneath a terrace). The development team gave a brief overview of the plans and spoke about how the building’s design is compatible with other apartment buildings on 16th Street.

After their presentation, members of the community spoke. There was acknowledgment that the development team has been responsive during the process and that Meridian International has been a good neighbor. But with regards to the proposal thus far, there was board consensus that the plan isn’t there yet. The chief concerns were:

  • The building is too high, especially in relationship to Beekman Place to the south, where the grade of 16th Street results in the building towering over the residential community;
  • The building’s massing;
  • How the development will impact traffic;
  • How the conference center will impact local parking, and what the impact will be due to catering and delivery services;
  • Architectural compatibility — a spokesperson from Crescent place described how each structure on that short street was an architectural “jewel”, with nearly all of them being on the National Register of Historic Places. When adding a new building to this “jewel box”, they argued that it should also be a “jewel” and a noteworthy architectural endeavor. Following up on this, another resident noted that the design for the addition to the former Italian Embassy successfully integrated with the historic character of its surroundings illustrating that a more compatible design at Meridian International was possible.

Added to the list of community concerns, Chairman Billy Simpson introduced an amendment to the resolution under consideration that the design relate better to 16th Street. It was noted that other large apartment buildings on 16th Street have central entrances but that the design for this building did not, disconnecting it from the thoroughfare.

After hearing from the community, the Commission voted in support of the recommendations of its Planning, Zoning, and Transportation Committee — the recommendations being that the Commission call on the Historic Preservation Review Board to:

  1. Require that the height of the building be reduced;
  2. Require that the scale and massing be reduced;
  3. Require that the materials be revised and enhanced; and,
  4. Require a central entrance on 16th Street.

Meridian International proposal 16th Street(Rendering showing current design’s relationship to 16th Street (from ANC 1C Website).)

Community Meeting on 3619 Georgia Avenue Development Scheduled for September 26th

September 24, 2014

As I reported on August 11th, a new building has been proposed for the southeast corner of Georgia Avenue and Princeton Place. This project will need to go before ANC 1A as the developer is requesting to be exempted from the parking requirement, noting that the site creates a practical difficulty. In the case of this development, zoning would require 14 spaces for the proposed 27 unit building (see plans for building here).

Parking, perhaps more so than any other type of variance request, is of great concern to residents. In order to fully understand the project being proposed, and to understand what potential impact this development will have on the community, a community meeting has been scheduled for Friday, September 26th, at the Park View Recreation Center. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. See flyer below.

Note: This meeting was originally schedule for Thursday, Sept. 25th. Please note change in date.

Warrenton Group flyer

Fourth District Substation Sports New Signage, Will Host PSA 409 Meetings

February 8, 2012

MPD 4D Substation at 750 Park Road NW

I noticed over the weekend that the former Third District Police Substation, at 750 Park Road, is sporting updated signage reflecting its move to the Fourth District. I think its very nicely done, too, as you can see by the close up below.

Which leads me to the Police Service Areas that now serve the Park View neighborhood and details about their monthly meetings.

The area north of Park Rd. is served by PSA 409 (map and details here)

The next 409 meeting will be on February 15th at 7:oo p.m. The meeting will be held at the 750 Park Road substation.

PSA 409 Leadership
Lieutenant Jonathan Munk (576-8221)
Captain Brian Grogan (576-8228)

The area south of Park Rd. is served by PSA 302 (map and details here)

PSA 302 meetings are on the second Thursday of the month (next one tomorrow, February 9) at 7:oo p.m. The meeting will be held at the Third District HQ / 1620 V Street, NW

PSA 302 Leadership
Lieutenant Stuart Emerman (673-7404)
Captain Charles Morris (671-6777)


Community Public Forum with ANC1A Candidates, Monday, October 18.

October 15, 2010


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