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Guest Editorial: D.C. Churches Beware!

July 29, 2013

As members of the community are aware, New Commandment Baptist Church recently sold their building at 625 Park Road to relocate outside Washington. I’ve been following this development as information has become available.

Today, I am including a guest editorial from Rev. Stephen Tucker of the New Commandment Baptist Church in which he addresses the difficulties churches face if they remain in Washington, including parking stresses which have been noted by others. He also addresses a snag the church discovered that was attached to a District grant that was later cancelled.

Below is Rev. Tucker’s editorial (click on image for larger, printable version):

D.C. churches beware

Can We Do a Better Job of Keeping Our Lampposts Clutter Free?

December 1, 2011

Some lampposts in Park View still have bumper stickers campaigning for Frank Smith, who last represented Ward 1 on the DC Council over 13 years ago

Here’s one of the smaller things in life that annoys me. Posters, flyers, and placards that are posted to lampposts (and other surfaces) and don’t get removed after their usefulness has passed. While the  D.C. Municipal Regulations 24-108 provide clear guidelines for posting and removing posters, I don’t get a sense that anyone knows the regulations, follows the regulations, or enforces the regulations.

The rule for taking down posters is very generous, giving people a month to remove postings (24-108.6).  Still, I would like to see a bit more follow through with flyers that have expired, especially for those seeking assistance with lost pets which are move prevalent on the residential side streets than other types of flyers.

Bottom line — If you put them up, please take them down.


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