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Despite Growing Neighborhood, Area Children Still Decreasing

March 28, 2011

Map showing the number of children per census tract in relation to the Park View School (in gold)

Last week the numbers from the 2010 census were released and we learned that the Park View area grew by about 9.7% to 4,913. Yet, in looking at the data it also shows that the number of children in the community continue to decrease, with the largest concentrations in Park View and Petworth. The map to the right shows that the two census tracts with the most children are tract 32, which has 933 children, and tract 25.02, which has 1,135 children. Still, in both cases these numbers indicate a decrease of  20% and 17% respectively.

As school modernization, and in the case of Park View whether or not a new Bruce-Monroe school should be built or not, are important to the community, I thought it would be a good idea to see where the concentrations of children are and what the trends have been between 1980 and 2010. Below is a chart that shows the trends for each census tract in the last 40 years.

Despite the universal loss in all area tracts in the last census, Park View and tract 25.02 (north of Spring Road and west of Georgia) continue to have populations with hundreds more children than the other tracts examined. Perhaps the most interesting thing I noticed is that tracts 31 and 35 were the only two tracts that have continued to show a loss in population during each of the last four censuses. All other tracts showed an increase in the 2000 census. Another interesting thing of note was that Tracts 31, 34 and 35 all had losses between 30%-35%, whereas the other tracts had far more modest decreases that were between 17%-20% … with the exception of census tract 29 which showed a staggering 44% loss of children in the community.

What will be interesting to see is if the growth in the area’s populations will eventually show a growth in area youth. This will depend largely upon how the area grows and the quality of education available in our public schools.

Below are the numbers and the gain/loss percentages per tract.

  Tract 25.02 Tract 24 Tract 23.01 Tract 29 Tract 31 Tract 32 Tract 34 Tract 35
1980 973 931 876 1057 703 1321 644 766
1990 1034 (3.3%) 777
2000 1372 (34%) 823 (7.5%) 658 (12%) 1047 (12%) 647
1209 (7.1%) 552 (13%) 490
2010 1135


Children’s Kite Festival Planned for Saturday

March 24, 2011

April 4, 1943, was too windy for kites in Park View

The Park View Kids Zone is planning to have a kite festival in the afternoon on Saturday, March 26th. It will be the first such festival in quite a while to be organized on the grounds of the old Park View playground.

There was a time when kite festivals and contests were commonplace at District recreation facilities and playgrounds, particularly in the late 1930s and 1940s. Of course, that was also a time when children would spend hours planning and building the kites themselves. I suspect that many of the Kids Zone children will also be learning to build their own kites.

Let’s hope this year’s children have a better time of it than those of the 1943 season had. During that year the kite contest had to be postponed a week when winds reaching 41 miles per hour disrupted the Park View event … snapping kite frames and ripping the paper. Not to be defeated, 13-year-old Joe Friedman of 721 Princeton Place simply stated that he’d spend the week building a bigger kite. At nearby Macfarland Junior High, District Recreation Department director Clint Price stated that “one little boy about 9 years old was still crying long after the others had left, the wind freezing the tears as they rolled down his cheeks.”

In looking at the forecast, it looks like colder weather and rain could be in store for Saturday. Let’s hope the kids get in some fun before the weather turns rather than having to postpone the event.


Little League Returns to Ward 1

March 8, 2011

Signs, like this one outside the Park View Recreation Center, are showing up around the community to announce the Banneker Little League

Last week, Supreme H. Aquil, President of the Banneker City Little League, announced to the community via area listservs that after more than 10 years of no active Little League in Ward 1, there would again be a league forming to serve the community. Older residents may recall that the District once had a very active youth baseball program in the mid-Twentieth Century.

In addition to a first rate baseball program, the league will also have an all-girls softball program in addition to offering free year round after-school tutoring and test prep. It also has intramural swimming, kickball, and wiffleball teams in the winter. You can find out more at their Web site ( If you are interested in volunteering there is also information there for that as well.

Interested parents and children can still register. Late registration began on Tuesday, March 1, 2011. Registration for the Spring 2011 season is $75.00 and the League offers scholarships for those who cannot otherwise afford it, as well as a $5.00 discount for each player a registrant refers and they sign-up. No child will be turned away.

The 2011 schedule is below:


Morning Curfew

January 12, 2011

Door sign on the 400 block of Irving St

This sign, hanging from the entrance of a  house on the 400 block of Irving Street, clearly states — “NO CHILDREN ARE ACCEPTED AFTER 8:45 AM.”

Out of context, the sign just seems funny. But what the casual observer might not know is that it is at the Woodbridge Day Care Center III.

According to their Web site, Woodbridge Day Care Center has “over 5 years of experience, … and is dedicated to providing the area with the best quality day care services.”


Follow Park View Kids Zone on Facebook

December 29, 2010

The Park View Kids Zone (PVKZ), spearheaded by Angela Strange, has been operating out of the old field house at the Park View Recreation Center for a little over a year now, and during that time they’ve been working hard to set themselves up as a non-profit so that they are in a better position to provide programming to our neighborhood’s youth.

As they work their way through the process, they have done incredible work in the community during their first year. Some of what has been accomplished can be seen on their recently launched Facebook page. Readers may also recall that the PVKZ had an open house on December 16th that included singing and dancing. The YouTube clip below is from that event.

The Park View Kids Zone returns to full programming after the New Year’s holiday. Their January calendar of events is below:

  • Thursdays nights from 6 to 8 p.m. they are starting a “Teens Art Night” at PVKZ. Park View teens will come together with other teens to learn to express themselves through art. PVKZ will turn into an artist studio to give teens a focused creative time. We will also incorporate spoken word and music as we learn to express ourselves in a positive way. If you are a local artist that would like to help or you would like to donate art supplies please contact Mrs. Angela at PVKZ.
  • They will be celebrating MLK day with a day of service in Park View. PVKZ Volunteers and children will be doing a clean-up day around Park View  as their day of service in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Monday the 17th. Participants will be picking up trash, cleaning out closets, and general cleaning at PVKZ. If you would like to volunteer please contact Mrs. Angela at PVKZ.
  • Friday the 28th from 7-9 p.m. PVKZ will be hosting a 1980’s themed Winter Dance! Come dressed in 80’s attire and dance to old-school! The kids love to dance and it should be fun teaching them about the 80’s! If you would like more information contact Mrs. Angela at PVKZ
  • After-school is M-F, 3-6 p.m. FUN Saturday’s are 11 a.m.-4 p.m. every Saturday with lots of fun events planned! Reading Circle is every Wednesday from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.


Park View Kids Zone/Greater DC Cares Celebrates Year Anniversary with Open House

December 17, 2010

Last night, the Park View Kids Zone and Greater DC Cares celebrated their one year anniversary of providing programs at the Park View Recreation Center’s Field House with an open house. In keeping with the spirit of the season, there was food, hot chocolate, singing, and even dancing. Below are some photos of the event.

The north wall displayed photos showing accomplishments from the past year

Angela Strange introducing Park View youth prior to singing


Park View Kids Zone Holiday Open House & December Calendar

December 2, 2010

Just over a year ago, Angela Strange and Greater D.C. Cares partnered with the Park View Recreation Center to create the Park View Kids Zone (PVKZ). The PVKZ provides after school, weekend, and summer programming for neighborhood children.

In honor of their first successful year, they will host an open house on Thursday, December 16th. Full details, and a calendar for the PVKZ’s December activities, are below.


Park View Rec Center has Full Day of Halloween Fun — Saturday, 10/30!

October 29, 2010

Park View Rec has a full day of Halloween programming

You’ve seen early signs of Halloween approaching, now partake in a full afternoon of events organized by Greater DC Cares and the Park View Kids Zone at the Park View Recreation Center (693 Otis Place, NW). Click on the flier at the right for details and contact information.

Hosted by FUN Saturdays and Park View Kids Zone, Greater DC Cares will have children’s games, a costume contest, Halloween arts & crafts, and maybe even a group dance of ‘Thriller’. Volunteers will staff games, help kids with arts & crafts, and give out prizes and candy. Please sign up online and email Katie Delaney with questions.

This will be followed at 6 p.m. by a MPD/Park View Rec Center haunted house in the main building, which will last until 9 p.m..

Come out and enjoy the fun.


Fun Saturday Programs at the Park View Rec Center: this Week, AGAPE Dance Crew

September 23, 2010

The FUN SATURDAY program at the Park View Rec Center is going strong and has a season of events in store for area children.You can check out the entire fall schedule here.

This Saturday they will be hosting a professional dance crew who will be performing and giving free dance workshops to the kids. Weather permitting they will perform on the basketball courts starting at 1 pm.

This will be followed on October 2nd with a program that includes a scientist who will be doing some  fascinating experiments for the kids. If you haven’t participated in the programs before, you might want to check them out.


Kiddie Parade Brings Out the Smiles

July 6, 2010

Participants from Saturday's kiddie parade

Saturday’s kiddie parade may not have had the numbers hoped for, but it certainly had the July fourth spirit. Many children weren’t able to participate due to family cook-outs and other obligations, but those that attended had fun!

According to one of the events organizers, they put a lot of smiles on neighbor’s faces, too. Several older residents mentioned that a really long time ago Park View had a 4th of July parade and were thrilled to see the kids participating.

The children gave out candy and beads to all the neighbors who were out and about.


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