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Brown’s Caribbean Bakery Building for Sale

November 9, 2011

The building housing Brown's Caribbean Bakery,at 3301 Georgia Avenue, is up for sale

On October 11th, I asked if anyone knew whether or not Brown’s Caribbean Bakery had closed or not. No one was able to help out with that thus far and while the mystery deepens, it doesn’t look good.

Shortly after the business closed, a sign in the window informed the public that Brown’s was “Closed until further notice.” That sign has since been changed to “Temporarily closed for remodeling,” which indicates that the bakery may reopen.

Still, new signs on the building (located at Georgia and Keefer) show that the property is on the market. I’ve been informed by residents who live near the bakery that the building and business owners are one and the same and that their plan was to stay in business until the building sold. If this is true, remodeling strikes me as an odd business move to make prior to selling the property.

I’ll definitely be watching developments closely. I’d hate to see Brown’s leave Georgia Avenue.


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