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Where Did You Shop on Small Business Saturday?

November 28, 2011

Mom-N-Pop Antiques, located at 3534 Georgia Avenue

Friday kicked off the holiday shopping season with Black Friday. Today has become Cyber Monday as online shoppers look for deals … and in between is Small Business Saturday.

I know a lot of people not only tried to shop at small businesses on Saturday, but also placed an importance on shopping locally. My goal was to stay close to Georgia Avenue and my effort was rewarded.

I started out by going to Core Haus in Petworth, followed that with Modern Mobler in Brightwood, and ended up at Mom-N-Pop Antiques in Park View. Pleasantly, I found something at Mom-N-Pops that caught my eye — an old trophy awarded by the Watch Hill Yacht Club to the Sachem Jr. in 1914.

Mom-N-Pop Antiques is located on the corner of Otis Place and Georgia Avenue just south of E.L. Haynes. It is operated by Bill Sims who opened the store in 1986. In visiting the shop over the years, I’ve learned that there is a lot to sort through as it has everything from the proverbial trash to treasure. I’ve also learned that new items arrive weekly with better finds not staying long.

For those that like thrift stores or finding the unexpected, you might want to check it out if you aren’t already familiar with the shop.

1914 Watch Hill Yacht Club trophy


Georgia Avenue Business Association in Early Stages of Organizing

October 28, 2011

The west side of Georgia Avenue, looking south from Princeton Place

Does Georgia Avenue need a Business Association? Ginia Avery, of Ginia L. Avery & Associates, a marketing and advertising firm, certainly thinks so. Avery has been working to organize small businesses on Georgia Avenue north of New Hampshire Avenue for some time. At the March 23, 2011, meeting of the Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force (GACDTF), she came to encourage those in lower Georgia Avenue to join. Avery has continued her involvement in the GACDTF in the hopes a Business Association would take root.

Enter Jeremy Gifford. Gifford is currently renovating the former Huron Pharmacy building at 3628 Georgia Avenue in order to bring a new neighborhood eatery to the area. He, too, believes that a Georgia Avenue Business Association would be an asset for the commercial corridor.

A resident of Bloomingdale, Gifford values communities and understands the importance of being actively engaged in them. These days, you’re likely to bump into him at any number of community meetings, whether they be ANC, civic association, or the GACDTF.

As fate would have it, Avery and Gifford finally connected at the October 26, 2011, GACDTF meeting and Gifford jumped at the chance to become involved. As he sees it, Georgia Avenue is one project and should have a solid master plan from Maryland to Florida Avenue. Recognizing that that is an impossibly long stretch of road, he suggests that perhaps an association could be structured with task forces or subgroups that focus on particular areas of the avenue.

While the new organization is still in the early stages of forming, the idea of a business association is not new. During the first half of the twentieth century much of lower Georgia Avenue was served by the Park View Business Mens’ Association. Neighborhoods further north had similar organizations. Later, the Lower Georgia Avenue Business and Professional Association was an active presence in the 1980s and early 1990s. But such an organization has been absent from lower Georgia Avenue for over a decade.

In following up with Gifford after the meeting, he stated that his “gut tells [him] there will be pockets of business that want to get involved” initially. To keep the momentum going, and to help form the organization, Gifford has offered to be the point of contact for interested business owners, who can reach out to him via email.


Market 77 Opening New Location at 3653 Georgia Avenue

March 23, 2011

Market 77 opening at 3653 Georgia Avenue

A short while ago, Hair Plus and Gifts moved a few doors down to 3659 Georgia Avenue leaving 3653 Georgia vacant. After some speculation on what might be moving into the space, the mystery is over.

The awning has been switched over for Market 77. Residents familiar with the neighborhood may recall that Market 77 first opened a location in July 2010 at the former National Guard location at Irving and Georgia Avenue.

I find it interesting that Market 77 will be located next to King’s Deli and somewhat wonder how the two businesses will compete with each other. Perhaps their services are different enough where they’ll actually complement each other. Either way, we’ll have to wait and see.


Fish in the Hood Featured on Georgia Avenue Blog

July 21, 2010

There was a nice feature on Park View’s Fish in the Hood aka Bill’s Seafood Kitchen on the Georgia Avenue blog July 20th. Fish in the Hood is located at 3601 Georgia Avenue. Anyone that’s a fan of this business, or more importantly those that may not be familiar with it, will definitely want to give it a read. About the only thing I’m scratching my head about is that they identified the business being in Pleasant Plains. I’m still puzzled by that one. (Error corrected)

fish in the hoodPhoto by flickr user stgermh


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