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Marrakech Restaurant Coming to Georgia Avenue

September 13, 2018

(Marrakech Restaurant will be moving into the old Waters space at 3632 Georgia Avenue, NW)

According to an ABRA notice that will be placed at 3632 Georgia Avenue on September 14th, a new tavern called Marrakech is planning to open in the old Walters space between Looking Glass Lounge and DC Reynolds. The description of the tavern is that it will be specializing in Moroccan cuisine with 62 seats inside and a 20 seat Summer Garden, for a total of 82 seats and a Total Occupancy of 100. The licensee is requesting an Entertainment Endorsement to include Live Entertainment, Dancing, and Cover Charge.

Trouble Brewing at Kraken Axes

August 3, 2018

Kraken Axes is located in the former Murray’s at 3400 Georgia Avenue.

Kraken Axes hasn’t even gotten into full swing and it appears that trouble is already brewing. Kraken Axes opened in mid-December 2017 and is centered on the the sport of axe throwing in which the competitors throw an axe at a target, attempting to hit the bulls eye as near as possible, much like darts, but with axes.

In April, Kraken applied for a license to serve alcohol, both inside the establishment and on the parking lot, which they explained would be reconfigured as a Summer Garden. This drew a lot of concern from nearby neighbors leading to a negotiated Settlement Agreement with ANC1A which the Commission approved in May and the ABRA Board approved in June 2018.

Unknown to the ANC or community at the time of negotiation, ABRA was investigating Kraken Axes following ecomplaints they had received, leading to a hearing on June 27th before the ABRA Board (transcript here). The ABRA Board issued an ORDER REQUIRING APPLICANT TO DEMONSTRATE FITNESS FOR LICENSURE UNDER§ 25-301 AND ORDER on August 1, 2018, as a result of June hearing (full order here). In that order, Kraken Axes and D.C. Field House (both operated by the same owners), are directed to appear before the ABRA Board to demonstrate their qualifications for licensure. The hearing is scheduled for August 15, 2018, at 1:30 p.m. at ABRA in the Reeves Building.

A review of the ABC Board order states that “The Board seeks the DENIAL of the applications filed by Kraken and D.C. Field House based on 23 DCMR § 401.1, and the Board’s determination that the Applicant, Anna Veloro, is unfit for licensure under D.C. Official Code§ 25-301(a)(l).”

The order lists the following three counts for their action with supporting information listed in their Order:

COUNT I: Denial of the application filed by Kraken Axes is warranted where the Applicant allowed, permitted, or engaged in various violations of the law that merit denial of the application under 23 DCMR § 401.1.

COUNT II: Denial of the application filed by D.C. Field House is warranted where the Applicant allowed, permitted, or engaged in various violations of the law that merit denial of the application under 23 DCMR § 401.1.

COUNT III: The Board may deem the Applicant unfit for licensure pursuant to D.C. Official Code§§ 25-301(a)(l) and 25-301(a-1) based on the Applicant’s conduct, or if any of the violations identified above are sustained.

The findings of fact are serious, indeed, and this is a case of great concern to ANC1A and the community. We’ll need to see the outcome of the August hearing to determine what, if any, next steps need to be taken.

Breaking: Fire at Fish in the Hood Today, No Injuries

April 14, 2017

UPDATE: As reported by the Washington Post, the fire was rule accidental with two injuries, one a civilian with minor injuries treated on site and one by a fire fighter.

A short time ago it was reported that there was a fire at Fish in the Hood, aka Bill’s Seafood Kitchen, at Otis and Georgia Avenue. According to DC Fire and EMS there were no injuries.

I don’t know the extent of the fire at this time. I wish Bill all the best and hope that the damage is minor so that this great Park View business can reopen soon!

Main Street Recommended for Georgia Avenue

October 20, 2015
3600 block of Georgia Avenue, looking north from Lion's Fine Wines and

3600 block of Georgia Avenue, looking north from Lion’s Fine Wines and Spirits.

Earlier this year, the Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD) initiated a process to hire a consulting team to study to see if lower Georgia Avenue would benefit from a Main Street Program. DC Main Streets is a comprehensive program that promotes the revitalization of traditional business districts in the District of Columbia.

At the October 12th meeting of the Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force a member of the consulting team, Jon Stover, was in attendance and gave an update of the Main Street Feasibility Study. In short, the study will recommend to DSLBD to initiate a Main Streets program on Georgia Avenue. At the meeting, Stover gave an overview of the highlights, and also cautioned that even though a Main Streets is recommended, DSLBD will still have to make a determination themselves.

The area recommended for the Main Streets is Georgia Avenue with Florida Avenue as the southern boundary and Upshur as the northern boundary. This is a 24-block stretch of Georgia Avenue, which is longer than what is normally taken on as a Main Streets, but not excessively so. But, because of this in part, it is also recommended that this area be organized as two smaller areas that wrap up to one central head. In this case, Kenyon Street would be the dividing line between the northern half and the southern half.

Main Streets are typically funded with DSLBD providing 50% of the funds and the remainder coming from the organizing efforts and management that takes charge. In this regard, Stover indicated that there is one significant risk factor for Georgia Avenue, which is that currently there is no preexisting entity or organization that has a history of fundraising for the community. That doesn’t mean that there can’t be one, and we surely need one, but one doesn’t exist at this time. Because of this, part of the recommendation is that the funding for the initial year be $75,000 instead of the normal $200,000, with subsequent annual funding amounts increased as the organization gets up and running. This approach isn’t typical, but there is precedent for it and it has been one successful way to get this up and running.

The one risk factor aside, the other indicators strongly suggested that Georgia Avenue was ready for a Main Streets program. There is support from the community and local businesses and everyone wants to see Georgia Avenue thrive.

More Details About Union Drinkery, Coming to 3216 Georgia Avenue

December 31, 2014
Three new businesses are coming to 3212-3216 Georgia Avenue

Three new businesses are coming to 3212-3216 Georgia Avenue

Last week I posted that a new tavern was in the works for 3216 Georgia Avenue and that the ABRA license placard had been posted. The name of the business is Union Drinkery and is planned to have capacity for 86 patrons inside and a rear summer garden with capacity for 63 patrons. I now have a few more details about the property that I’m able to share.

The building in question is three storefronts at 3212-3216 Georgia Avenue. Union Drinkery will be located on the first floor of the northernmost building (3216) and on the second floor of 3214 and 3216 Georgia Avenue. The first floor of the other two storefronts will contain fast casual eating establishments, but will not serve alcohol — explaining why they are not part of the ABRA application. The photo below outlines where Union Drinkery will be located.

Union Drinkery outline(Union Drinkery will be located on both levels of 3216 Georgia and the second floor of 3214 Georgia — outlined above)

Below are floor plans that will also give an idea of what to expect.

Union Drinkery first floor(First floor plan showing location of Union Drinkery (outlined in red) and areas where fast casual dining will be located (outlined in green))

Union Drinkery second floor(Second floor plan showing area to be part of Union Drinkery, outlined in red).

I’ll continue to post more details as I learn more about Union Drinkery, and the two other businesses.

Park View Business Closings

July 3, 2013

As exciting as new businesses opening in the neighborhood can be, sometimes I sadly have to report business closings. Today, I have two to report.

After X months of operation, the Tibet Shop

After a little more than 7 months of operation, the Tibet Shop will close its Georgia Avenue location.

The first is the Tibet Shop which opened on November 20th of last year. In reaching out to the owner, I have confirmed that they will be closing their store at 3213 Georgia Avenue. Last week I reported that Petworth Liquors has applied to transfer their ABRA license to this location (I’ll be following up on where things stand with Petworth Liquors on Friday).

Another business that recently closed is the Georgia Avenue Market (3128 Georgia Ave — southwest corner with Kenyon). From what I understand the issue here was an increase in the rent that was unacceptable to the market operator. If you pass the property you’ll notice that the parking lot is chained off. Hopefully it won’t remain empty for long since its on such a prominent corner.

Georgia Avenue Market, on the southwest corner of Georgia and Kenyon, recently closed.

Georgia Avenue Market, on the southwest corner of Georgia and Kenyon, recently closed.

Park View’s Fish in the Hood Get’s Nod from Washington Post

April 11, 2012

(Image from Fish in the Hood Website)

Thanks go out to a reader for giving me the heads up that our very own Fish in the Hood has a very nice review in the Washington Post. So much so that I can almost forgive the Post for, yet again, having no clue which neighborhood they were in when they visited the restaurant.

It’s a great local eatery that has been located at the same location for over 14 years. To get a sense of the food options you can visit their Website to see the menu.


Great New Murals at Annie’s Hardware

January 16, 2012

I just visited the Annie’s Hardware site — located at 1240 Upshur and shooting for a February 7 opening — and discovered that they’ve painted murals in the windows at the front of the store. I have to say that I think they look great. I especially love the nod to the surrounding communities of Park View, Brightwood, and Crestwood.

The murals were created by Petworth resident Torie Partridge and you can contact her via email or visit her Website to learn more about her work.

(Center mural with name of the store and some of the products Annie’s will carry)

(The mural at the east end of the store is devoted to Petworth)

(The western mural maps out the surrounding neighborhoods of Park View, Crestwood, Brightwood, and North Petworth)


Sneak Peak at Annie’s Ace Hardware

December 27, 2011

Right before the Christmas holiday many residents in the area were pleased to see the signs installed at the future Annie’s Ace Hardware at 1240 Upshur Street, NW. After talking to owner Anne Stom, I was able to learn the additional details.

In advance of the projected February 7th opening, shelving and merchandise will begin to arrive and get installed on the second week of January. The store will have two cash registers, a paint department, the ability to cut glass and make keys, and an outdoor garden section. The patio for the garden section has not yet been poured but should begin soon.

The photo below shows the interior ready for everything that will make the building a business.

Everything that will turn this space into a hardware store will begin to arrived in January

To further illustrate what shoppers may expect at Annie’s, the plan below provides a good indication of the products that will be available.

While the entryway has changed since this map was drawn, the aisle configuration is largely the same and the labels give a strong indication of the products that will be available


Lion’s Liquor Renovations Looking Good

December 9, 2011

Facade improvements in progress at 3614 Georgia Avenue

Renovations at the former Lion’s Liquor store are proving to be promising. From what I’ve been able to see of the interior, the original tin ceiling has been saved and reused as well as the original hardwood floors.  As you can see from these photographs, improvements are also beginning to take shape on the exterior.

While time will tell if Lion’s has truly turned the corner to become a community asset, indications thus far seem promising. The concept of the new and improved Lion’s is to be more of a high-end store. You can read my initial report here.

The 9,518 sq. ft. building closedaround the first of July.

Detail of facade improvement


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