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Bruce Monroe Park Finally has Water

July 26, 2011

One of several new water spigots at Bruce Monroe Park

As I suspected at the beginning of July, the city was in the process of bringing water to Bruce Monroe Park. Any visitor to the park will now find several water hookups in the northern and western sections of the grounds. It was particularly important to get water to the community garden and that has been accomplished.

With water now on site, the only major outstanding amenity that was promised to the community is a central structure. I would also hope that the District consider lighting for the basketball and tennis court areas.

As you can see below, the community garden area is already active with some areas being planted. It looks like there are still a few sections that haven’t been built yet and possibly a few open garden beds. I’d be surprised if the uncultivated areas remain open for long, however, now that water is available.

Community garden at Bruce Monroe Park


Progress at Bruce-Monroe Park — Community Gardens & Water

July 1, 2011

New garden community garden beds at Bruce Monroe Park.

While most of the Lower Georgia Avenue communities were focused on the Caribbean Festival and Parade last weekend, some were otherwise occupied with construction of the new community garden at Bruce-Monroe Park. While organizers had hoped to finish the project in two morning blitzes on Saturday (6/25) and Sunday (6/26), it looks like they didn’t quite get there. None-the-less, the project appears to be off to a great start.

According to an email sent out by Bruce-Monroe Community Garden organizer Steve Seuser:

Community gardening is one of the hottest past times sweeping the country and today you have the chance to sign up to be part of it right in your own back yard! By growing you own food you’ll be:

  • getting back to nature,
  • saving money on grocery bills,
  • eating locally,
  • Improving your health,
  • helping the environment,
  • and meeting friends and neighbors!

Contrary to popular belief, summer and fall crops can be planted in throughout the summer, and harvested as early as July and as late as October!

So, whether you have little to no space to garden, or want to expand your existing gardening opportunities come and join the Bruce-Monroe Community Garden TODAY!!!

Use this LINK: to reserve your garden plot, and/or sign up to help.

Copper pipe being laid at Bruce-Monroe Park ... hopefully to bring much-needed water to the site

For more information on the garden, contact Ecolocity’s Steve Seuser: steve.seuser at g mail dot com

Also while looking over the garden beds I noticed that work is being done on the Irving Street side of the property. Judging by the copper pipe this must be in support of bringing water to the site.

Water is among the outstanding issues that the City yet has to provide to the park and its nice to see that there is movement on that front as well.


Build Community Gardens at Bruce Monroe Park

June 13, 2011

The community garden at Bruce Monroe Park is scheduled to be built on Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26. The garden plot, located in the southwest corner of the park seeks volunteers to help with construction of raised beds from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. to avoid the heat of the day.

More specifically, volunteers are needed for either day to construct the raised beds (very basic carpentry skills needed) and haul wheelbarrows full of compost/soil mix into the raised beds. For more info or to volunteer, contact Steve.

For those seeking to start something similar, check out DC’s Field to Fork Network resource Starting a Community Garden in DC [PDF]


Apparently Bruce-Monroe Park Welcomes Everyone but Fenty

May 16, 2011

The Bruce-Monroe Park welcome sign -- with recent modifications

I noticed over the weekend that former Mayor Adrian M. Fenty no longer welcomes visitors to the Bruce-Monroe Park. Apparently, Fenty’s name was removed from the welcome sign sometime in early May as the Brightwoodian noticed this on May 5th. While its possible that the City could have decided that after eight and a half months there was no longer a need to have the former mayor’s name emblazoned on a welcome sign, I’m inclined to believe that the City would have removed the sign entirely or merely painted over the Mayor’s name with a matching blue paint instead.

When the sign originally went up in August 2010, it was noted that it did double duty by campaigning for Mayor Fenty

No, I genuinely believe this was the result of a local resident that just couldn’t stand seeing Fenty’s name any longer. The main reason I believe this is because it is such a sloppy job. The ink blotch on both CM Graham’s name and that of the park were unnecessary, as was the big black square painted on the lower left of the sign — which covered up nothing. I’ve also been in a couple of local meetings where at least one individual has mentioned that the name needed to be removed now that the election is over and the City has a new mayor.


Bruce Monroe Park to Get Water

January 12, 2011

Bruce Monroe Park (July 29, 2010)

A status update of the development of the interim Bruce Monroe Park was given at the January 10, 1011, Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force Meeting. According to the information shared to attendees, there was an issue with one of the retention walls that has been repaired and drainage issues have been resolved.

The biggest news was that a water source will be added to the park in the next couple of months. A water spigot will be installed for the community garden area and a drinking fountain will be added for park visitors.

The temporary structure supporting educational programming is still in limbo. Funding of the structure has not yet been secured.


Eye See It … Bruce Monroe

October 6, 2010

Envisioning how buildings used to look can be fun. Now thanks to Google, we can see satellite views of recent redevelopment. See below for before (2009) & after (9/2010) overhead shots of the Bruce Monroe site.


September 2010:

Reminder: Solicitation of Proposals for the Redevelopment of the Former Bruce Monroe School Site  – DUE 10/14 @ 3pm EDT.


Mural @ Bruce Monroe Park Looks Good

September 20, 2010

Mural @ Bruce Monroe Park

The new mural on the Columbia Road side of Bruce Monroe Park appears to be finished. For those that haven’t had the opportunity to see it close up, I’ve posted photos by section after the jump. (more…)

Bruce Monroe Park Mural Well Underway

August 27, 2010

The new mural at the Bruce Monroe Park is well underway. It is located on the south side of the park along Columbia Road and the goal is to be finished on or around September 15th.

The design is closer in concept to the first of the two options originally proposed, but has changed in response to sought after public comments.

One thing I like about this mural is the inclusion of mosaic elements. You can see a detail of one of these mosaics here, which is a face in the middle of the central tree.

You can get a better sense of how this design has evolved from its original concept by comparing it to the drawing below.

One preliminary design for the new mural at the Bruce-Monroe Park


Further Bruce Monroe Park News & Georgia Avenue Community Wrap-Up

August 26, 2010

At last night’s Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force meeting, the subject of Bruce Monroe Park arose. Three issues that still remain before the first phase can be completed are the ball courts, mulch, and water runoff.

The basketball courts still have playing surface issues, and are due to get resurfaced which will take them out of service for about a week. Apparently, the mulch at the park has been causing problems and will be removed so that sod can be put down in its place. Lastly, some of the neighboring properties have experience water runoff from the park, which needs to be addressed.

Questions remain concerning the second phase of the park which has yet to begin. The chief question has to do with money. While no one from DMPED was there, it was mentioned that $200,000 has been identified for programming and a future farmers’ market, but there was no information on how much of the original $2M is still available for the second phase of the project or where money for the planned structure will come from. The structure was described as being a solar, green building with an estimated cost of $750,000.

The only thing that is certain is that exact facts and figures still need to be obtained. I’ll provide updates and revised estimates as details unfold.

And on to Georgia Avenue — For those who want to know more about how the Georgia Avenue Community Review went on August 7th, The August issue of the Pleasant Plains Neighborhood Network News (click image to right) devoted most of the issue to a summary of that event.

Each of the six topics tackled by the focus groups are included with bullets of many of the ideas and suggestions that were raised by attendees. It’s definitely worth a read for anyone that wasn’t able to attend who is interested in knowing more.


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