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New Capital Bikeshare Station at Columbia Rd & Georgia Avenue

December 9, 2011

The new Bikeshare station at Georgia and Columbia Rd

Earlier this week, the greater Park View/Pleasant Plains communities got another Capital Bikeshare station.  The latest expansion of the program included a new station located on the northwest corner of Georgia Avenue and Columbia Road. It is located just west of the intersection along the southern border of Bruce Monroe Park.

Prior to this station, the Park View community was primarily served by the Bikeshare stations at Georgia & Fairmont, 11th & Kenyon, and Georgia & Rock Creek Church Road. There is also strong community interest for a station at Georgia & Park Rd. Readers and suggest future Bikeshare stations directly to the program at this Web site.


Georgia Avenue/Petworth Bikeshare Station Open

September 21, 2010

The Bikeshare station on Rock Creek Church Road

The new Bikeshare station on the northeast corner of Rock Creek Church Road and New Hampshire Avenue became fully operational yesterday when bikes arrived ready for use. Readers may recall that expansion of the Bikeshare program was announced on July 20th and that this is one of three stations in the area that will benefit Park View residents.

One think I particularly like about the program, which costs as little as $5 for a 24-hour period, is the interactive map on DDOT’s Web site (see below). By going to the map, you not only can find nearby Bikeshare stations, but you can click on the station to find out how many bikes and empty spaces are at that station. This is a great feature since it saves a trip if the station is empty. The example below is from the evening of September 20th.

Status of Bikeshare map on the evening of September 20, 2010

The complete DDOT announcement with further details and links is after the jump. (more…)

Georgia Ave/Petworth Bikeshare Installation Begins

September 13, 2010

New bikeshare equipment on Rock Creek Church Rd.

Installation of the new DDOT Bikeshare service at the Georgia Avenue/Petworth location began today. Due to the name, I originally thought this would be located closer to the Metro station. Instead, it’s located on the northeast corner of New Hampshire Avenue and Rock Creek Church Road.

This bikeshare station is one of three that will be available to Park View residents. The other two are scheduled for the corner of 11th Street & Lamont in Columbia Heights, and Georgia Avenue between Euclid and Fairmont at Howard University.


DDOT Releases Proposed Bikeshare Map

July 20, 2010

Earlier today, GreaterGreaterWashington had a post focused on DDOT’s proposed locations for their expanded Bikeshare program. At that time, the map of proposed locations still wasn’t quite finished.

This afternoon, DDOT released their final map of proposed Bikeshare locations, which takes into account population density and transit routes as part of the site selection process.

In looking at what this means for Park View residents, all I can say is not much. The three closest proposed sites will be at the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro (makes sense),  the corner of 11th St. & Lamont in Columbia Heights, and Georgia Avenue between Euclid and Fairmont at Howard University.

You can read the full DDOT email alert after the jump: (more…)

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