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Sweet Mango Issue Takes Lion’s Share of ANC 4C Meeting

January 13, 2010

While the ANC 4C meeting last night had a full agenda of new items ranging from speed bumps on the 1200 block of Emerson Street, NW, to a presentation by DC Cares and DC Hoops Basketball League for a grant to support a youth basketball program, it was Sweet Mango’s suspended liquor license that was the main event.

Last month’s ANC 4C meeting occurred on the heels of the December 5th shooting and before the ABRA summary hearing, not giving the commissioners a chance to gather facts and act. At last night’s meeting, Martha Jenkins and Cynthia Simms from ABRA were on hand to answer questions about ABRA, voluntary agreements, and general questions pertinent to the Sweet Mango case. After fielding questions on how liquor licenses become suspended, what causes a license to get revoked, and who is responsible for enforcing voluntary agreements (its ABRA), the focus moved more to the Sweet Mango case in particular.

One item that was shared by ABRA is that in addition to the status hearing scheduled for January 20th, there is also a show cause hearing on Sweet Mango schedule for February 17, 2010, at 3:00 p.m. In the Notice of Status Hearing and Show Cause Hearing document, it lists six charges against Sweet Mango that could lead to a fine, suspension, or revocation of their liquor license. There were:

  1. Charge I: [Sweet Mango] failed to allow an ABRA investigator immediate access to the establishment and otherwise interfered with an investigation, in violation of D.C. Official Code § 25-823 (5) (2009), for which the Board may take the proposed action.
  2. Charge II: [Sweet Mango] allowed the licensed establishment to be used for an illegal or disorderly purpose § 25-823 (2) (2009), for which the Board may take the proposed action pursuant to D.C. Official Code § 25-823 (2) (2009).
  3. Charge III: [Sweet Mango] failed to obtain an entertainment endorsement prior to offering entertainment at the licensed establishment, in violation of D.C. Official Code § 25-113a (2009), for which the Board may take the proposed action pursuant to D.C. Official Code § 25-823 (1) (2009).
  4. Charge IV: [Sweet Mango] violated the terms of [its] voluntary agreement, in violation of D.C. Official Code § 25-823 (6) (2009), for which the Board may take the proposed action pursuant to D.C. Official Code § 25-823 (6) (2009).
  5. Charge V: [Sweet Mango] made a substantial change in the operation of the establishment without first obtaining approval of the Board, in violation of D.C. Official Code § 25-762 (a) (2), (3), (4), (6), (8), (9), (13) and (14) (2009), for which the Board may take the proposed action pursuant to D.C. Official Code § 25-823 (1) (2009).
  6. Charge VI: [Sweet Mango] failed to make a copy of [its] voluntary agreement (VA) immediately accessible to an Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) investigator during an inspection, in violation of D.C. Code § 25-711 (a), for which the Board may take the proposed  action pursuant to D.C. Code § 25-823.


ANC 4C January Newsletter Now Available

January 8, 2010

The ANC4C newsletter is now available and has a few items that will be of interest to Park View residents (click on image for PDF of newsletter). While the entire newsletter is worth the read, the items of most interest are:

  • News of the E.L. Haynes expansion at the site of the former Clark Elementary School between 7th Street and Kansas Avenue, NW (p.2);
  • Two new DPW Publications focusing on recycling opportunities and information for those considering getting a dog or cat  (p.2);
  • Information on interim library services while the Petworth Library is closed for renovations (p.2); and,
  • Announcement for a planned farmer’s market to be located on 9th Street between Taylor and Upshur, NW (p.4).

Notes From ANC 4C Meeting (12/8/09)

December 10, 2009

In addition to the news about Sweet Mango that I posted about yesterday, there were a few other items at Tuesday’s ANC 4C meeting that were relevant for Park View residents.

  • Spencer Maguire, Muriel Bowser’s Legislative Director, represented CM Bowser and spoke to the assembly about the status of several things in Ward 4, as well as providing details about the Ward 4 holiday party. One attendee took the opportunity to ask Maguire about the Georgia Avenue “Green Team’s” and emphasized that they are focused on upper Georgia Avenue. He urged Maguire to express the need of the “Green Team’s” to be expanded south of Webster and go as far south as Otis Place.
  • E.L. Haynes Public Charter School made a presentation about  the new facility they will be getting at the former Clark Elementary School (4501 Kansas Ave., NW). Haynes will use the former Clark site for pre-K through 2nd Grade students in addition to High School students. They hope to begin work renovating and adding on to the former Clark school around February 2010, with a completion allowing them to begin using the facility at their August 2010 term. This will impact their Park View facility at 3600 Georgia Avenue by reserving it for 3rd through 8th grade students. Jennifer C. Niles, Founder and Head of the E.L. Haynes school, stated that one of the major disadvantages of their current site is that the only real green space students have access to is across Georgia Avenue at the Park View Recreation Center.
  • Lastly, a representative of the 2010 Census spoke emphasizing the importance of being counted in the forthcoming census. The form is one of the shortest in history, composed of only 10 questions. What is at stake is $400 billion which will be allocated to communities across the country based on the data collected. Census answers are confidential and cannot be shared with law enforcement, INS, the IRS, or any other agency. The 2010 Census will be distributed in March and must be returned by April 1, 2010.

Foresee: ANC4C Newsletter Now Available

December 8, 2009

ANC 4C’s montly newsletter is now available (click image for readable PDF).

Useful information conatained in the newsletter includes:

  • Safety tips for the holidays;
  • Information on MPD’s All Hands on Deck Initiative; and,
  • How to avoid becoming a carjacking victim.

New FORESEE Newsletter Provides 4C News

October 19, 2009

FORESEE, the newsletter of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4C, started this month with its premier issue, which was distributed at last week’s ANC 4C meeting. The 4C Commissioners voted for this newsletter to inform constituents of news, meetings and information about the neighborhoods within the ten, single-member districts making up 4C.

I have included it here and will attempt to include future issues since much of the news is relevant beyond the 4C borders. In the first issue, you will find information about the Petworth Library renovation, development on Georgia Ave., and other items of note.

My appreciation goes out to the ANC 4C commissioners for making the digital copy available.

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