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Community Crime Prevention Summit Scheduled for Saturday, June 6

June 4, 2015

mpdc-logoThe first of three crime prevention summits has been schedule for this Saturday, June 6, from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm at the Cardozo Education Campus. The event was organized by ANC 1B Commissioner John Green (1B12) and is co-sponsored by ANCs 1B, 1A, 2B and Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau. The details are below:

WHEN:   June 6, 11:30am – 2:30pm

WHERE:  Cardozo Education Campus (light refreshments and snacks will be provided)


  • Intended for all DC residents and business (particularly in Wards 1 & 2)
  • Meet others interested in reducing crime in their communities
  • Discuss ways to help DC neighborhoods be more vigilant and more secure
  • Discuss ways in which MPD and residents can be helpful to one another through community policing

SPECIAL GUESTS:  (subject to change)

  • Presentation by Samantha Nolan, DC Citywide Neighborhood Watch Trainer (12pm)
  • Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)
  • Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department (FEMS)
  • And other DC public safety agencies

About the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) Community Crime Prevention Summit:

Co-sponsored by ANCs 1B, 1A, 2B and Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau.  The summit is a great opportunity for residents of Wards 1 & 2 to discuss crime prevention, while meeting interested neighbors, business leaders, police officials and D.C. agencies that focus on public safety.

Most crimes in DC are preventable.  Being aware of your surroundings and watching where you leave personal belongings can help you from not becoming a victim.  Please join us to learn more tips on how to protect yourself and about criminal behaviors that can help you and your neighborhood be safe this summer.

Ms. Nolan is DC’s foremost crime prevention expert and a certified Neighborhood Watch Trainer.  Her presentation is approximately 1.5 hours and open discussions will be encouraged before, during, and after.

For more information, please contact John Green, ANC 1B12 Commissioner at johngreenanc(at)

Striving to Make Government Better at the Advisory Neighborhood Commission Level

May 29, 2015

ANC1A logoOver the past 4 1/2 years as I’ve served on ANC 1A, I’ve been looking for ways to improve the Commission’s operations in addition to weighing in of the various business that requires ANC review — such as liquor licenses and zoning variances. One small change I recently identified and which could easily be solved is giving the Board of Elections clearer instruction to declare a seat vacant when a  Commissioner stops attending meetings. While many ANCs do not have a problem with absenteeism, others do (especially in the second half of a term).

Not only does an absentee Commission fail to represent the people who elected them, but it has resulted in instances where a Commission has failed to achieve quorum which results in the entire Commission being unable to officially vote on the issues at hand. In 2014 ANC1A had two absentee Commissioners — one ceasing to attend meetings after January 2014 and another ceasing to attend after the June 2014 meeting — which did contributed to a failure of quorum at the July meeting and fragile quorums for the last quarter of the term.

Understanding that few people — even the most dedicated — are able to attend every meeting, it struck me that there should be a reasonable solution, so I drafted a resolution which passed with eight in favor, one against, and one abstaining with the following resolve:

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A urges members of the Council of the District of Columbia and the Mayor to introduce and pass legislation adding the following language to D.C. Code § 1-309.06 to address ANC absenteeism and assist in keeping Commissions functional:

  • § 1-309.06(i) Any member of an Advisory Neighborhood Commission who ceases to attend the Commission’s official public meeting for three consecutive months shall be considered to have resigned, and the office shall be declared vacant.

The full resolution (read here) was sent to Councilmembers Bonds and Nadeau, and in speaking with a member of Councilmember Bonds’ office, has been received favorably. There is a good chance this simple change will move forward and help keep Commissions operating.

Wrap Up from Saturday’s MPD Meet and Greet

April 27, 2015
4D Commander

4D Commander Wilfredo Manlapaz and Councilmember Anita Bonds

Saturday’s MPD Meet and Greet, organized by Councilmember Anita Bonds, was well attended. In addition to a room full of residents, many ANC Commissioners from 1A and 4C were there, and Councilmember Elissa Silverman showed up during the latter half of the meeting.

Representing the police were 4D Commander Wilfredo Manlapaz and Captain Vendette Parker. The event was originally organized as a meet and greet so that residents could better know the officers patrolling their communities. However, with only two representatives from MPD there, the format changed into a question and answer session.

Drew Schneider posted a fairly detailed overview of the meeting at this Petworth News page which is worth a read as well.

Commander Manlapaz(A packed room engaged with Commander Manlapaz.)

Unofficial Results of ANC 1A Election

November 14, 2014
Map of ANC 1A showing borders and locations of Single Member Districts (SMDs).

Map of ANC 1A showing borders and locations of Single Member Districts (SMDs).

It’s been a week since the general election, and I finally know who all the commissioners will be for ANC 1A in the 2015-2016 term. While the DC Board of Elections is still counting  absentee and special ballots and official results have not yet been released, the races for ANC 1A had wide enough margins where any changes to the vote count will not change the outcome. This wasn’t true for all ANC races this year, where five races ended with a vote difference no  greater than 3 votes making them too close to call and pending the outcome of the official results.

In addition, there were two Single Member Districts in ANC 1A where no candidate appeared on the ballot, but where there were successful write-in candidates. I’ve recently learned who won in both of these races, meaning I now know the full list of who will be on the Commission come January.

The list of ANC 1A Commissioners for the 2015-1016 term is below. Those in bold are returning from the current term.

  • Marvin L. Johnson (1A01)
  • Josue Salmeron (1A02) – unopposed
  • Tom Gordon (1A03) – write in
  • Matthew Goldschmidt (1A04)
  • Thu-Huong Nguyen (1A05) – write in
  • Patrick W. Flynn (1A06) – unopposed
  • Darwain Frost (1A07) – unopposed
  • Kent Boese (1A08) – unopposed
  • Bobby Holmes (1A09)
  • Rashida Brown (1A10) – unopposed
  • Dotti Love Wade (1A11) – unopposed
  • Margaret Hundley (1A12)

I’ll do my best too get some biographical information on all of the incoming commissioners soon.

Below are the unofficial results from the general election.

ANC 1A unofficial results

Planning & Zoning Workshop This Saturday, September 27th

September 22, 2014

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion regarding planning and zoning as it pertains to our older residential neighborhoods — particularly in Ward 1. In Lanier Heights, there has been discussion to down zone the rowhouse areas currently zoned R-5-B to R-4. One of the significant differences between the two is that R-5-B allows apartment dwellings whereas R-4 is primarly for single-family rowdwellings which “can” be converted to apartment dwellings under certain conditions.

In much of Columbia Heights and nearly all of Park View, our rowhouses are currently located within the R-4 Zone. Even here, there is a proposal to make changes to the R-4 zone to reduce building height from 40 ft. to 35 ft. and to limit conversions to no more than two dwelling units (unless the owner gets a special exception). The Office of Planning’s proposal to make these changes is in response to the ever increasing occurrence of developers flipping rowhouses in the R-4 zone, converting them to multi-family dwellings, and “popping-up” the houses with another level.

Often times, the result of these flips has been less than attractive, resulting in many reaching out to the Office of Planning seeking help in controlling this trend. Additionally, this has had a direct and negative impact on the number of available living units with three or more bedrooms, thus increasing the cost for family sized housing in the city.

On Saturday, September 27th, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions 1A and 1B will be co-hosting a community workshop with members of the Office of Planning to foster open discussion on the current stresses within the District’s  rowhouse neighborhoods. The workshop will discuss the process behind their current proposals as well as the pros and cons related to adopting them.

See the flyer below for full details:


Here’s How the ANC 1A Races Are Shaping Up

August 19, 2014
Map of ANC 1A showing borders and locations of Single Member Districts (SMDs).

Map of ANC 1A showing borders and locations of Single Member Districts (SMDs).

I’m sure most folks aren’t really focused on the November 4th elections — and then if they are, they are probably more aware of the races for Mayor or Council. That said, there are other races that voters should be aware of an which I’ll write more about as we get closer to November.

For now, I wanted to let residents living in the area represented by Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A know what to expect in the next election.

The deadline for turning in nominating petitions has past, and the period in which to challenge those nominating petitions ended at the close of business yesterday, August 18, 2014. Presuming that all the candidates who turned in their petitions survived the challenge period (and I have no reason to believe anyone didn’t), the people running to represent their Single Member District’s (SMD) this fall will be the following. You can refer to the map above for an idea of where the SMDs are located, and I have listed the incumbents.

For SMD 1A01

  • 1A01 Lester Cuffie
  • 1A01 Marvin L. Johnson

For SMD 1A02

  • 1A02 Josue Salmeron

For SMD 1A03

  • No candidates stepped up. But, anyone interested in this seat can still run as a write-in candidate.

For SMD 1A04

  • 1A04 Lakew Alemu
  • 1A04 Matthew Goldschmidt
  • 1A04 Mark Ranneberger

For SMD 1A05

  • No candidates stepped up. But, anyone interested in this seat can still run as a write-in candidate.

For SMD 1A06

For SMD 1A07

  • 1A07 Darwain Frost

For SMD 1A08

For SMD 1A09

  • 1A09 Keith Dokho
  • 1A09 Bobby Holmes (Incumbent)

For SMD 1A10

For SMD 1A11

  • 1A11 Dotti Love Wade (Incumbent)

For SMD 1A12

  • 1A12 Colleen Costello
  • 1A12 Margaret Hundley

Among the aspects of this election cycle I find interesting are that the 2015-2016 Commission will be composed of 8- 9 new Commissioners which is a high percentage of turn over. I understand the ANC 1B races are similarly situated. I also find it interesting that the Single Member Districts where no one has shown interest so far are west of 14th Street and include the large apartment building over the Metro and DC USA. It is also good to see that several of the races are competitive this year, which should give voters an opportunity to choose from among the candidates.

I’ll post more about these candidates as we get close to November.



Candidates Still Needed in Many Advisory Neighborhood Commission Races

July 21, 2014

As of today, Monday July 21st, there are 16 days left for those interested in picking up and returning nominating petitions to run for Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs). The deadline to turn in petitions is Wednesday, August 6th.

After the first 10 days, 240 candidates had picked up petitions to put their names on the November Advisory Neighborhood Commission ballot.  Of those picking up petitions so far, the number is split almost equally between incumbents (121) and “non-incumbents” (119).  Four ANCs (2C, 5B, 7C, and 8A) have candidates for all of their Single Member District (SMD) races.  However, a little more than one-third of all the SMDs (109) do not yet have a candidate. If you have ever considered being involved in your community by serving on an ANC, this is a good time to check with the Board of Elections to see if  your community needs a candidate come November.

Thus far, within Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A, 9 potential candidates have picked up petitions to run for seats in 7 of the 12 SMD races. This leaves 5 SMDs with no potential candidates thus far. You can see the names of potential candidates and the SMDs they are interested in as of close of business on Thursday, July 17th, below:

ANC 1A candidates as of July 17

In reviewing the list of interested candidates for ANC 1A, I noticed that the areas in most need of candidates are largely west of 14th Street and/or in the southwest section of the Commission area (see map below). Two of the races — SMD 1A08 and SMD 1A09 — show multiple potential candidates. However, until nominating petitions have been successfully circulated and turned in to the Board of Elections we won’t know who the final list of candidates will be.

If you know of anyone who has ever expressed an interest in serving on the ANC — especially someone living in the areas shaded in blue below — this would be a great time to encourage them to pull petitions and get on the ballot for the November elections.
ANC 1A map July 20 election(As of close of business on July 17th, no candidates had expressed interest in running for the Single Member Districts shaded in light blue).


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