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Notes From March ANC 1C Meeting

March 5, 2015

ANC1C(ANC1C preparing to get started before a packed house.)

Last night’s meeting of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C was well attended, primarily due to the Commission’s consideration of the proposed development at Meridian International  (more below). In addition, the Commission also voted to approve a letter of support for the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon, unanimously supported a resolution calling for a Moratorium on Pop-Up Development (noting that ANC 1A passed an identical resolution in February), voted to join residents on a BZA Appeal for 2305-2307 Ontario Road, NW, and unanimously approved a resolution calling upon  DCRA to stop using the perimeter wall method when calculating Gross Floor Area/Floor Area Ratio and calling for an administrative review of DCRA operations.

Site plan of proposed development (from ANC 1C Web site).

Site plan of proposed development (from ANC 1C Website).

The agenda item of most interest to the community was the proposed development at Meridian International. Attendance was high at the meeting with attendees — many from Beekman Place and Crescent Place — overflowing into the hallway. The development  in question would face 16th Street between Belmont Street and Crescent Place, include approximately 130 units of residential housing, and include a conference center for Meridian International (connecting to the White Meyer House beneath a terrace). The development team gave a brief overview of the plans and spoke about how the building’s design is compatible with other apartment buildings on 16th Street.

After their presentation, members of the community spoke. There was acknowledgment that the development team has been responsive during the process and that Meridian International has been a good neighbor. But with regards to the proposal thus far, there was board consensus that the plan isn’t there yet. The chief concerns were:

  • The building is too high, especially in relationship to Beekman Place to the south, where the grade of 16th Street results in the building towering over the residential community;
  • The building’s massing;
  • How the development will impact traffic;
  • How the conference center will impact local parking, and what the impact will be due to catering and delivery services;
  • Architectural compatibility — a spokesperson from Crescent place described how each structure on that short street was an architectural “jewel”, with nearly all of them being on the National Register of Historic Places. When adding a new building to this “jewel box”, they argued that it should also be a “jewel” and a noteworthy architectural endeavor. Following up on this, another resident noted that the design for the addition to the former Italian Embassy successfully integrated with the historic character of its surroundings illustrating that a more compatible design at Meridian International was possible.

Added to the list of community concerns, Chairman Billy Simpson introduced an amendment to the resolution under consideration that the design relate better to 16th Street. It was noted that other large apartment buildings on 16th Street have central entrances but that the design for this building did not, disconnecting it from the thoroughfare.

After hearing from the community, the Commission voted in support of the recommendations of its Planning, Zoning, and Transportation Committee — the recommendations being that the Commission call on the Historic Preservation Review Board to:

  1. Require that the height of the building be reduced;
  2. Require that the scale and massing be reduced;
  3. Require that the materials be revised and enhanced; and,
  4. Require a central entrance on 16th Street.

Meridian International proposal 16th Street(Rendering showing current design’s relationship to 16th Street (from ANC 1C Website).)

Here’s How the ANC 1A Races Are Shaping Up

August 19, 2014
Map of ANC 1A showing borders and locations of Single Member Districts (SMDs).

Map of ANC 1A showing borders and locations of Single Member Districts (SMDs).

I’m sure most folks aren’t really focused on the November 4th elections — and then if they are, they are probably more aware of the races for Mayor or Council. That said, there are other races that voters should be aware of an which I’ll write more about as we get closer to November.

For now, I wanted to let residents living in the area represented by Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A know what to expect in the next election.

The deadline for turning in nominating petitions has past, and the period in which to challenge those nominating petitions ended at the close of business yesterday, August 18, 2014. Presuming that all the candidates who turned in their petitions survived the challenge period (and I have no reason to believe anyone didn’t), the people running to represent their Single Member District’s (SMD) this fall will be the following. You can refer to the map above for an idea of where the SMDs are located, and I have listed the incumbents.

For SMD 1A01

  • 1A01 Lester Cuffie
  • 1A01 Marvin L. Johnson

For SMD 1A02

  • 1A02 Josue Salmeron

For SMD 1A03

  • No candidates stepped up. But, anyone interested in this seat can still run as a write-in candidate.

For SMD 1A04

  • 1A04 Lakew Alemu
  • 1A04 Matthew Goldschmidt
  • 1A04 Mark Ranneberger

For SMD 1A05

  • No candidates stepped up. But, anyone interested in this seat can still run as a write-in candidate.

For SMD 1A06

For SMD 1A07

  • 1A07 Darwain Frost

For SMD 1A08

For SMD 1A09

  • 1A09 Keith Dokho
  • 1A09 Bobby Holmes (Incumbent)

For SMD 1A10

For SMD 1A11

  • 1A11 Dotti Love Wade (Incumbent)

For SMD 1A12

  • 1A12 Colleen Costello
  • 1A12 Margaret Hundley

Among the aspects of this election cycle I find interesting are that the 2015-2016 Commission will be composed of 8- 9 new Commissioners which is a high percentage of turn over. I understand the ANC 1B races are similarly situated. I also find it interesting that the Single Member Districts where no one has shown interest so far are west of 14th Street and include the large apartment building over the Metro and DC USA. It is also good to see that several of the races are competitive this year, which should give voters an opportunity to choose from among the candidates.

I’ll post more about these candidates as we get close to November.



Candidates Still Needed in Many Advisory Neighborhood Commission Races

July 21, 2014

As of today, Monday July 21st, there are 16 days left for those interested in picking up and returning nominating petitions to run for Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs). The deadline to turn in petitions is Wednesday, August 6th.

After the first 10 days, 240 candidates had picked up petitions to put their names on the November Advisory Neighborhood Commission ballot.  Of those picking up petitions so far, the number is split almost equally between incumbents (121) and “non-incumbents” (119).  Four ANCs (2C, 5B, 7C, and 8A) have candidates for all of their Single Member District (SMD) races.  However, a little more than one-third of all the SMDs (109) do not yet have a candidate. If you have ever considered being involved in your community by serving on an ANC, this is a good time to check with the Board of Elections to see if  your community needs a candidate come November.

Thus far, within Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A, 9 potential candidates have picked up petitions to run for seats in 7 of the 12 SMD races. This leaves 5 SMDs with no potential candidates thus far. You can see the names of potential candidates and the SMDs they are interested in as of close of business on Thursday, July 17th, below:

ANC 1A candidates as of July 17

In reviewing the list of interested candidates for ANC 1A, I noticed that the areas in most need of candidates are largely west of 14th Street and/or in the southwest section of the Commission area (see map below). Two of the races — SMD 1A08 and SMD 1A09 — show multiple potential candidates. However, until nominating petitions have been successfully circulated and turned in to the Board of Elections we won’t know who the final list of candidates will be.

If you know of anyone who has ever expressed an interest in serving on the ANC — especially someone living in the areas shaded in blue below — this would be a great time to encourage them to pull petitions and get on the ballot for the November elections.
ANC 1A map July 20 election(As of close of business on July 17th, no candidates had expressed interest in running for the Single Member Districts shaded in light blue).


Boese Will Run for Reelection to Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A08 Seat

July 3, 2014

BoeseforDCOver the past few months, I’ve been asked on a number of occasions if I would be running for reelection to the ANC this fall. The short answer is yes, I will run for reelection and hope to be fortunate enough to continue serving the community if elected (campaign website here). Nominating petitions for candidates interested in running for ANC seats will be available on July 7th, and I’m sure I’ll be picking up my petitions on Monday.

In making this decision, I reflected upon what has been accomplished in the past 3 1/2 years and thought ahead to the many challenges that are ahead of the commuity in the coming 2 years. These issues include the affordability of housing, redevelopment of the former Hebrew Home, balancing new development with the historic character of the neighborhood, and finding permanent solutions that will move the redevelopment of Park Morton and the Bruce-Monroe site forward. I’m also interested in finding ways to bring more trees to the community and supporting the arts and humanities.

There are also projects in process that I would like to see through — namely the renovation of the Park View Recreation Center’s field house and the continued modernization of the Park View School building. I’ve been extremely involved in both and expect to see progress on each of them before the year is out.

With this declaration, I officially join Rashida Brown as a candidate for ANC1A. Brown openly declared her intention to run for the ANC1A10 seat in May of this year.

I’ll keep the community informed about others running for ANC1A as candidates declare their candidacy or pick up nominating petitions.



Rashida Brown Kicks off Run for ANC 1A10 Tonight!

May 19, 2014

Rashida Brown Kick off

Park View resident Rashida Brown is officially beginning the campaign season for Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A with her kick-off event at Bravo Bar tonight. Tonight’s event is open to the public and will run from 6:30-8:30 pm. Brown is running for the ANC 1A10 seat (ANC 1A map here).

I’ve already had an opportunity to sit down with her and have been impressed by her dedication, civic engagement, and strong work ethic. While its still too early to tell if others will be tossing their hats into the ring, I have no doubt that Brown is an excellent candidate and will be a solid choice in November.

Consider coming out tonight to meet the candidate if you can. Below is a press release that was forwarded to me:

May 15, 2014

Contact: Sabrina Parker Colwell
Phone: (202) 386-6441
Email: naturalink (at) gmail (dot) com


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Rashida Brown, a Park View resident and community activist, will announce her run for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC) 1A10 at Bravo Bar located at 2719 Georgia Ave, NW Washington, DC 20001 on Monday, May 19, 2014.

Brown’s motto is “respect the past, plan the present, build the future.” A native South Carolinian, Ms. Brown is a 7-year Park View resident. Brown is known for her work coordinating with several city agencies to combat crime, reduce illegal dumping and increase rat abatement in her neighborhood. She made this a multi-block effort. Brown states, “I am committed to expanding these efforts throughout my Single Member District (SMD).” Streets within 1A10’s SMD include Columbia Rd., Irving St., Warder St., Park Pl., Lamont St. and Georgia Ave.

A social worker and longtime advocate for children’s issues, Ms. Brown decided to run for ANC due to her commitment to make change and improve her community’s conditions. “I’ve lived in the District since 2000,” Brown states. She adds, “I came here to attend Howard University’s School of Social Work where I majored in direct services and community organizing.” Brown believes she is well positioned to use these skills when working to improve her community and advocate for those within her SMD. (more…)

Get Out and Vote!

November 6, 2012

The Campaign for Anthony Cimino has signs posted around Irving Street and other areas within 1A10

If you didn’t take advantage of early voting, today’s the day. Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. To find your polling location, click here.

While voters tend to focus on the bigger races, you also have the opportunity to vote for Advisory Neighborhood  Commissioners, who serve 2 year terms and can be a community’s strongest advocates. In the surrounding Park View area, the ANC candidates that will be on the ballot are:

  • 1A08 – Kent Boese
  • 1A09 – Bobby Holmes
  • 1A10 – Anthony Cimino
  • 1A10 – Lenwood Johnson

Front and back of flyer distributed around Irving Street in support of Commissioner Johnson’s re-election campaign

The 1A10 race has become particularly interesting and hard fought. Incumbent Lenwood Johnson was featured in several less than flattering media posts last Friday. In one article, Johnson was quoted as saying about the home he considers his primary residence that: “I’m not very happy there [on Irving Street], so I don’t spend a whole lot of time there except for sleeping there and whatever. I do spend a lot of time in Gaithersburg.”

Challenger Anthony Cimino and his supporters have also been actively distributing flyers, posting on Facebook, and distributing election signs throughout the neighborhood.

It will all be over soon and by tomorrow we should know who’ll be serving the new 12 member Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A come 2013.


ANC 1A10 Race Just Got More Interesting

November 2, 2012

With less than 5 days before the November 6th election, I was surprised to see an unflattering article in the Washington Post about ANC 1A10 Commissioner Lenwood Johnson. According to the article, Johnson has misused his government issued cell phone to make calls for political and personal purposes, including frequent calls to adults-only chat lines.

This news certainly isn’t going to help Johnson in his re-election bid for the 1A10 seat … especially with him having a strong challenger this in candidate Anthony Cimino.


ANC1A10 Candidate Anthony Cimino Comes Out Strong

September 18, 2012

Residents in ANC 1A10 were introduced to candidate Cimino via door hangers on Saturday

ANC 1A10 candidate Anthony Cimino officially opened the ANC campaign season in Park View on Saturday by canvasing his Single Member District with a door hanger distribution. The door hangers not only help to get his name out there, they sum up his platform and outline what he hopes to accomplish should he be elected.

In Park View, 1A10 is the race that will have the most impact to the community (full ANC1A map here). Originally, three candidates picked up and filed nominating petitions for this Single Member District. I’ve since learned that candidate Craig Isakow has withdrawn from the race and will be supporting Anthony Cimino.

The other candidate is incumbent Lenwood Johnson. Johnson has served as an ANC commissioner for roughly a decade, and in the course of that service he has attracted his share of critics. It will be up to voters to decide in November on whether or not Johnson’s past performance merits change.

Candidate Anthony Cimino organizing door hanger distribution. Volunteers included ANC 1A Commissioner Betty Pair (right)

After meeting with Cimino and reading over his door hanger (below), I believe he would make an excellent commissioner, serve the community well, and provide valuable leadership as the ANC1A addresses increasing issues impacting Lower Georgia Avenue.


Deadline for Filing ANC Nominating Petitions Passes — Who Will Be on the November Ballot

August 9, 2012

The deadline to file ANC petitions for the November election came and went last night giving us an idea of what the election will look like.

The list below shows the candidates that filed their petitions by the deadline. Click on the above map to view a larger version of the new ANC 1A Single Member District borders that will take effect on January 1st, 2013, and to see which candidates you’ll need to consider voting for. The full list is available at the Board of Elections & Ethics Web Site.

There will next be a period where signatures could be challenged. But, I’ll presume (for now) that all filed petitions hold are valid.

One thing that is clear in looking over the list is that half of the 12 races this year will be just that, races. 6 races have a sole candidate running. Those candidates are:

  • Lisa Kralovic (1A01)
  • Steve Swank (1A03)
  • Kevin Holmes (1A05)
  • Thomas Boisvert (1A07)
  • Kent Boese (1A08)
  • Bobby Holmes (1A09)

The race that will be of most interest to residents in Park View will be the 1A10 race. That race has three candidates. They are:

  • Anthony Cimino
  • Lenwood “Lenny” Johnson (incumbent)
  • Craig John Isakow

I’ll try to get more information on these candidates in the next week or so to better inform voters prior to the election.


How Are Things Shaping Up in the ANC 1A Race?

July 20, 2012

Two weeks into the of nominating period for the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner 2012 general election candidates still shows some Single Member Districts (SMD) wide open and others with races that may be hotly contested. With two and a half weeks to go for candidates to pick up their petitions and file, it is too early to tell who will end up on the ballot in any of the ANC 1A races. Still, I find it troubling that there are still three SMDs where no one has shown interest to date.

Below is the list of potential candidates as of July 19th according to the DC Board of Elections and Ethics.

All three of the currently open SMDs are along the western edge of Columbia Heights. I have faith that a candidate will come forward in SMD 1A01, a seat currently held by Commissioner Lisa Kralovic. SMDs 1A05 and 1A12 are more problematic.

Due to redistricting, residents in 1A05 may not realize that their current Commissioner, Laina Aquiline, no longer lives in that district. That means that someone new will need to step up.

Similarly, SMD 1A12 is a complete wildcard and could start 2013 open. It is a completely new SMD that was created by uniting some parts of ANC 1A and ANC 1B together as part of the redistricting process. As with SMD 1A05, residents living in the new 1A12 may not realize that those currently serving as their commissioner may live outside their district.

I’ll definitely revisit the ANC 1A races after the August 8th filing deadline. At that time I also hope to provide some information on the candidates that will be on the ballot.


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